Thursday, March 31, 2016

Not Good

It seems there's a bug going through my professors this week.  The early morning one is starting to feel sick, the other has been sick and is getting worse so monday's late class ended early and yesterday's late class was cancelled.  At least I've got my project done for crit so no worries there.  But hopefully it won't spread much more.  I'd rather not have anyone else get it.
My classmates think I've finally got a specific thing going for seminar-which I don't object too, just a little worried that the teacher wants me to have more by monday when my next crit isn't until the next week-and my experimental project went well.  Lots for stairs involved in all of them though.
Got to plant seeds yesterday-double checked them today to ensure they'd set properly-inside the greenhouse so they'll be ready for when the weather finally warms up and stays that way.  Hopefully can get the garden ready today or tomorrow.  Cloudy but not much rain today so there's hope for tomorrow at least.
Trying for an after school art teaching job nearby, but they want my portfolio...which means I've got to make one up.  Have plenty of stuff, just put it together-and find it-for them.  Would be fun though...

Monday, March 28, 2016

Ever Notice?

I've found that every time I log into my email or school site I get a note from that site mentioning that I'm not on the same computer as last time.  When I'm at school I can't use the same computer every time as there really is no need to and I can't ensure that given how many other students could be using it. At home is different, but its just interesting.
Rain, sleet and mainly snow all day today so far, which means I'm delaying going outside so my coat has more time to dry. The snow stuck to everything except the sidewalk and roads, so everything so wet and very cold. My classmates are a little mad, but what can they do about it?  I almost wish it would stay til dark as I wanted to see if it would affect my night shots, but at the same time getting wet for it is asking to get sick.
Easter! Missed Women's Conference-we talked about it last night which was nice-due to work, it actually made work crazy(that and Easter) so getting the store clean was a bit of a struggle.  We ran out of just about everything though, so it made it a good night in that regard.
My boss collaborated with another store owner to give all their employees a free viewing of Batman vs. Superman that night, which was kind of 3 days of late night early morning counting today.  Not bad though.  Not sure I like that idea of Batman, but I think it was good.  Lex was definitely insane, which is his role from what I understand.
My parents were baby sitting my nieces over friday night so we got to take them to the family Easter Egg Hunt-just a local one at my aunt's house-so that was fun.  Had to convince the oldest not to eat all of her candy afterwards.  Youngest had fun finding and opening eggs, not so into eating stuff that day.
One more shot for my studio class project that I need to do today. Have the stuff for my other two already done for wednesday.
I really wanted to stay in bed this morning, but it has been fun catching snowflakes on my tongue between classes to try and wake myself up.

Monday, March 21, 2016


My dad made a comment about the current political delegates reminding him of a story in the Book of Mormon.  If you can guess, you feel the same way(probably). I'd rather not mention it as it was a rather uncanny thought.
Got my book done, though not as well as I'd like.  The front cover is larger than the back, and the pages somehow got misaligned after I put the cover on so the top and side are not straight.  Figures that the bottom is.  But the spare pages glued well and its not that bad.  The teacher noted that we all did a different cover.  Not just color but overall design.
Seminar was more photoshop then lab time-I was looking into solo dance moves to try for my project-so not much to do there.  Got to talk to my classmate about the homeless shelter thing.  Lots of cute pictures and we had fun doing it.  They are going to send me some as a memento.  And we got extra credit for it-hey, it was fun and we got to do service.  Extra credit is a bonus-which is good.
Now I've got to try and get time for the light as meaning project-due next week thankfully, but I need 6 shots of different stuff-today and hopefully wednesday.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


The weather from sunday through today is most certainly.  We got rain through monday morning, snow after that, a very short sprinkle in the afternoon, and hail before my last class.  Kind of been snow since.  Not really sticking, and if it is it's melting very fast-ground's too warm for it to stay-but makes driving fun.
Did a costume check for the class project yesterday, which was fun but some of those costumes are really itchy for long wear.  A few members were missing, so they will either not be in it or have to get some later.  The performing arts department-figures that the photography department wouldn't have much of a selection of that stuff-set them aside for us so we don't have to store them until the shoot.
Today was normal, though the presentators seemed rather nervous-I totally understand, can be very unsettling for those who are not used to it(spent 3 years of college getting used to the idea, and I'm still very nervous beforehand)-but they managed to pull it off.
Now for lunch....

Monday, March 14, 2016


My mom and I had a rather interesting conversation about these new lights they put up along the highway where we live.  They are about 100 feet from the traffic lights and flash when the lights are about to change and stop when it turns green.  We were debating as to whether it was for accident prevention or to stop people from running red lights.
In institute we got a bit off the lesson plan-not really off subject though-when a classmate asked about the difference between doing something because your hearts in it and doing it because you believe you're supposed to.  Went a bit over time talking about it, and it related to the lesson so no one complained.  I for one have no problems spending a little extra time in that class.  They felt bad as the teacher had to do a kind of 'summary in 60' to get the last of the lesson in.
Got paper from my teacher for experimental so I have the prints for my book and I've got them folded.  Now I need to 'stitch' them together, and glue it all up.
Had fun messing around with a bunch of flashlights, my sister's extra origami paper, and the stairs in my house.  Made for a bit of a 'rave' series according to a classmate.
Supposed to be getting fitted for the class project in studio, so this should be interesting.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Got to love having to clean up after dogs when they don't wait to get outside.  At least the liquid is somewhat easier to take care of compared to the solid stuff.  And that's most of the problem too.  Scrubbed every area I could with bleach wipes to see if it'll discourage some of it.  Might be a while before I can tell.
Got to go to a stake women's conference with my mom this morning, which was fun.  Had a cool talk about staying strong and finding happiness in the hard times. Made me think about what I hope for: a good man who is not perfect, just that he tries, as well as children of my own to hold.  But I don't know how long I have to wait for that.
I did get my elementary visit done on thursday, which I felt bad as it was the secretary who had to help me with that given the principal never seemed to be there.  But it was fun.  Got to help this time, with a bunch of 2nd graders learning basic poetry.  Rather entertaining I will admit.
Yesterday I helped my brother take on the messy circle in our front yard-he was just cutting stuff down, not trying to trim anything-and then I moved to the 2 apple trees and the pollinator: the plum tree.  They had quite a few suckers that I took care of.  Didn't do more than that and clearing the smaller dead branches in hopes of boosting the tree's production.
Even that gave me a few scrapes. Fun.

Monday, March 7, 2016


We got some yesterday and it stuck, which means its still melting today.  Rather cold, but we do need some moisture.  But at least it wasn't bad enough to cancel visiting my second cousin-who's in town for training on their new job, not sure what's its supposed to be called so I'm leaving it at that-which was fun as we saw Music and the Spoken Word then went around town.
Spring Break!  Means I got to sleep in after the late night+early morning yesterday, and I was way tired after that.  Of course I still have plenty to do, and I don't know if I've got the time to do all of it. Sigh.  As a classmate says, the teachers at school seem to think of it as the week we either catch up or get ahead, not actually take a break.  Not that they gave us tons of homework, but they don't give us any slack for the week.
Hopefully I can get new shoes this week, and maybe pillows-waking up all last week with a stiff neck does not help with paying attention in class-while I have time.  And get most of the school visits taken care of.  Would help a lot if that happened.