Monday, December 11, 2017

Fog, Smog, and Haze

Somehow we got all three today, which made getting to a substitute teaching job very interesting.  In part of the area I passed, we got freezing fog(which is kind of a cloudless snow that I've mentioned before, I just didn't know it had a name) so there was a layer of snow on the ground.  So I got to said job 15 minutes after I was supposed to  but still early for the first class.  They're doing a full scale remodel so half the school is inaccessible and the rest tends to be cold outside of classrooms.  But it was a good experience this time.
Got the final confirmation for student teaching in january, so that for sure is all set and I'm waiting on the 'final call' with my placement specialist to ensure I know what I'm getting into.  Gives me a chance to ask about the whole 'can't have a job for 12-15 weeks' thing.  Pity I'm working all the rest of this week during their availability so I had to set it for next week.
Had the chance to test drive a 2007 ford Mustang GT last week, which was fun though quite the change from my truck.  Still looking for a car though.  Getting the feeling that I should look but wait to buy for right now.  Frustrating to get to work and such, but I can't really ignore it without risking future problems.  Don't ask for advice if you're going to ignore it.
Still haven't got any Christmas shopping done, but I haven't gotten paid yet.  And I have no idea what to get.
Tried to print some of the instructions for my sub job and the printer wouldn't cooperate.  Very glad I didn't actually need them, as the teacher left a copy on their desk for me to use.  Plus plenty of blank pages to write notes on about the students.
Work's busy and getting busier, which is nice on the idea of getting more hours, but with the car issue makes things tricky too.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Good and Bad....

Well, finally got the PCE stuff passed so I can start student teaching in January as planned.  Took several conversations with mentors and two visits back to the high school.  But its done so I'm good there.  Just have to work on two research classes for the next three weeks.
Bad is that during the lovely problems with my truck(clutch master cylinder was going out and kept sucking air into the line so it couldn't shift) either a Crankshaft or a rod bearing in my engine snapped, which one means the engine can't run right or well(barely at all in fact), and two that there's a loose piece rattling around making things worse every time I drive it.  So currently I'm dependent on others to get to work.
However, all this has given me a list of things to be thankful for for Thanksgiving(I know it's late, but last week was kind of crazy) So here it is:
1. My heavenly father, his son and my savior Jesus Christ, and the love (not to mention the giant guardian angel-or multiple ones who protect me) they give me.
2.My parents who are incredibly helpful and understanding when I fall short on my rent work and chores due to school and other stuff, and help me with getting to work because my car is falling apart.
3. My mentor for my master's degree, who helped me so much with all that PCE stuff and getting a hold of the course mentor(yeah, there's a difference) so I could get it passed off in time.  And the first one was good as well....
4. The course mentor who put up with having to help me on very short notice with the stuff. Not to mention a few past ones who had to help me with failed final assignments.
5. My cute and funny coworkers who catch on when I'm having a rough day and try to give me a reason to laugh or at least smile once I get to work so I can do my job without dwelling on what's going on too much.
6. My managers who are willing to work with my schedule and difficulties when they can despite having their own problems and other employees to cover.
7. My siblings, who usually try to help with the laughter part, when they're not trying to help with the transportation issues I keep having(and school when it comes up).
8. My ward members, who are always there with a smile and talk to me when I may not want them too but I do need them too.
9. Having a job that never gets more stressful than the holiday craziness(which my manager gave me a compliment about the pre-Thanksgiving pie and roll pick up, where they told me the only reason for a long shift that day was that I was the only night shift cashier who'd gone through a holiday before so I could help them get a feel for it)and the only changes I have to watch for are new pastries and new faces.
10. Having a brain that works the way I need it to for my goals.  Which ties into having a body that works well too.
11.  A roof over my head, good food to eat, and clothes that fit me well.
Might be more than that, but that's the big stuff for now.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Sigh, missed the 15th deadline that I thought was a bad thing but so far it seems like it might not be but still a dangerous thing.  And my PCE stuff got sent back with two 'minimally competent' things to fix. Really?  You're going to make me go through all that AGAIN for two things I'm so close on? Sheesh. And I can't get a hold of the class mentor until monday.  Do I really need to talk to them about those two things anyway?  Trying to contact my placement specialist about it to make sure I don't get dropped but no luck so far.
My truck went out on me again, which suggests my clutch master cylinder is going bad.  Made for a very scary driving day wednesday as it went out on my way to a sub job that morning and stayed out for going from there to work and home.  At least I made it in one piece and wasn't late to work.  But now I'm back to borrowing other vehicles until I can get it fixed, also on monday. Sigh.
Otherwise not a bad week, tuesday was slow, and so was wednesday.  Yesterday was steady with a rush after 9:30 meaning instead of getting ahead like I was trying to I was behind and barely got done before 11.
Haven't been sleeping well, though this morning I did with some rather weird dreams.  Getting plenty of rain, which we need though I'm worried its too much too fast.  Guess I'm also worried about how it affects my transportation.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Well, this week didn't start off the greatest.  I haven't gotten much writing done for Nano, which means I'm way behind when I should be almost half way.  Instead I'm barely over 14,000 words. Sigh.  I did have some rather fun sub jobs thursday, friday, and yesterday that made things a bit better.  Plus my mom and I got to hang out a bit for lunch yesterday-seems the only time we can is when I've got a job at one of her schools or close to her work-so that was nice.
Trying to get my PCE stuff in in time to get it graded by tomorrow night-I hope I have until midnight otherwise I'm in trouble-but it seems plenty of people are trying to do the same thing so I've got quite a wait for mine. Sigh.  Sent it in last wednesday and got it back yesterday morning for revision again.  Had another chat with the mentor over it, got their approval, then resubmitted it-after triple checking myself to ensure I'd included everything, I nearly forgot to add a few things that didn't need revision but did need to be part of the resubmission-but I'm still worried it won't be done on time.  So a little miracle would be nice there, but we'll see.  I'm so close right now...
Work's gotten the full crazy holiday start as of saturday.  First we had free breakfast french toast for veterans and active military, and even then we made way more than usual for a saturday morning.  then half off pastry night just built on it.  So nobody got off before 9:30, and it took two of us to get the store cleaned before 11(barely).  Sunday was a break as usual.
So yeah, nothing new here. Sigh.....

Monday, October 30, 2017


Third times the charm! This time at least.  Finally passed that last final for English Pedagogy!  Now all I have to worry about is the last pre DT call(basically an overview of what to expect from DT with a few pointers) and finishing my 60 hour observation(done Wednesday) so I can get that checked off by November 15.
Talked to my boss about DT(where they expect trainee teachers to work for at least three months without pay or another job that does pay) and adjusting my hours so I still have an income for january through march.  Their primary comment was that whoever decided that was crazy, and  when I find out where I'm going for it I should talk to them again so they could work out how to give me enough hours without getting in the way of DT.
Leaves are really on fire right now, and that means there's plenty of raking to do.  And now I have more time to get stuff like that done.  Plus my dad got a hold of fertilizer(fresh from the farm)for the garden that we need to spread out with leaves over the garden.  And deal with the advancing blackberry bushes that are really getting large.
Kind of have a day off today, with nothing to do aside from those around the house things and help my mom find a birthday present for my youngest niece.  Lazy day otherwise....

Monday, October 23, 2017

And Again....

Redid that final and submitted it with help from the course mentor as requested, and still got it back saying 'needs revision'.  Getting a little tired of that phrase.  Set a time to talk to said mentor(teacher told me to this time as well, and this was only the second try!)and never heard from them.  So I tried my best to make the recommended changes to the plan and explanation and then emailed it to the mentor for their input.
On the plus side, I'm over halfway through my PCE hours, only 25 more to go if my math's right.  And had two teachers planning to let me do the 'more than observe' hours thursday and friday this week.  Good thing is I only need those two days with the 2.5 I got last week with a different teacher.  But with no school monday(end of term break) that makes it tricky to get all 60.  Even if I go in before work one day this week(work one morning and the rest evening as usual) for 1.5 hours. Sigh....

We got two batches of apples done over friday and saturday, total of seven 1 quart jars full of juice.  Need to do some sause too, but today is about clearing the garden so we can mulch it.   Have to get the very dead(save the cauliflower, it got another head while I was busy)plants out of there, plus the watering pipes.  Then get the very annoying blackberry vines up on my dad's trellis thing so they're out of the way too.
Leaves are finally turning! Looks awesome, but means raking starts soon.  Not that that's hard, mind.  Just another thing to find time for.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Had a cough for the last two weeks that's gotten worse over the weekend and is finally feeling better today.  Didn't help that I think my allergies kicked in at the same time I think I got a cold.  So I tried the nasal rinse thing and felt stuffed the rest of the day sunday and runny/stuffy nose with coughs so bad it hurt my chest and was starting to hurt my head.  Today though I can breathe through my nose  and the cough's less than it has been.  Still lingering though. Sigh.
Last week was not fun, as both thursday and friday I was on little sleep.  Thursday was an early morning(after a bit of a late night) for PCE stuff, followed by my usual 3 pm to close shift at work.  And I had to shower after so I didn't get to bed until after midnight.  And had to be up just as early friday for the same reason, with the same shift at work to follow(and I didn't sleep well).  So by the end of friday I was sooo tired it wasn't funny.
Then saturday I tried but didn't really get to sleep in.  Sunday we now have 9 am church so no sleeping in there.  Couldn't nap after though.  Had fun at the linger longer(soup, how appropriate) before we went home.  That's when I tried the nasal rinse, which seemed to help the way it usually does for about an hour, then it felt like stuff came back and got stuck for the rest of the day.  Monday woke up to the logjam somewhat clearing but I had more PCE and had to try not to sound horrible while doing that.  Took a long hot shower last night and so woke up better today.  Other than what my coworker's and I like to call 'choking on air' where you just breathe in and suddenly you're coughing.  Partly due to the leftover cold allergy stuff, but also just because.  Work was fine other than fighting off that little issue so I have hope that tomorrow I'll feel even better.  Maybe not normal, but getting there.
School's the PCE thing, though I got in touch with my mentor one last time about that final I've been working on and jsut have one more fix before they say I should be able to submit it without it returning for revision.  Just did not feel like doing that yesterday.
So that's my crazy week.....