Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Had a cough for the last two weeks that's gotten worse over the weekend and is finally feeling better today.  Didn't help that I think my allergies kicked in at the same time I think I got a cold.  So I tried the nasal rinse thing and felt stuffed the rest of the day sunday and runny/stuffy nose with coughs so bad it hurt my chest and was starting to hurt my head.  Today though I can breathe through my nose  and the cough's less than it has been.  Still lingering though. Sigh.
Last week was not fun, as both thursday and friday I was on little sleep.  Thursday was an early morning(after a bit of a late night) for PCE stuff, followed by my usual 3 pm to close shift at work.  And I had to shower after so I didn't get to bed until after midnight.  And had to be up just as early friday for the same reason, with the same shift at work to follow(and I didn't sleep well).  So by the end of friday I was sooo tired it wasn't funny.
Then saturday I tried but didn't really get to sleep in.  Sunday we now have 9 am church so no sleeping in there.  Couldn't nap after though.  Had fun at the linger longer(soup, how appropriate) before we went home.  That's when I tried the nasal rinse, which seemed to help the way it usually does for about an hour, then it felt like stuff came back and got stuck for the rest of the day.  Monday woke up to the logjam somewhat clearing but I had more PCE and had to try not to sound horrible while doing that.  Took a long hot shower last night and so woke up better today.  Other than what my coworker's and I like to call 'choking on air' where you just breathe in and suddenly you're coughing.  Partly due to the leftover cold allergy stuff, but also just because.  Work was fine other than fighting off that little issue so I have hope that tomorrow I'll feel even better.  Maybe not normal, but getting there.
School's the PCE thing, though I got in touch with my mentor one last time about that final I've been working on and jsut have one more fix before they say I should be able to submit it without it returning for revision.  Just did not feel like doing that yesterday.
So that's my crazy week.....

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Watch Me

Reminds me of a quote from a movie but that's not what I'm going for.  My siblings and I were commenting sunday that we'd had all four seasons in one day due to the weather: sunny, rainy, sleeting, and snowing.  My brother made the comment that there shouldn't be all four in one day to which it seemed came the response: Watch Me.
Started my PCE stuff, which it turns out I have to spend 15 hours doing more than observing as part of it, but exactly what is up to the teacher.  Could be teaching, aiding in teaching, or just helping students during an activity.  But it looks like it will take more than the two weeks I'd planned on given the way things are working out.  Today is late start, next week they have fall break so no school for two days(and I have work one of the other three days) so I have to extend the time in order to get all the hours.
Certainly got frost, so I started picking apples.  Saturday I made a batch of apple juice with my second youngest brother.  Only got two quarts bottled, the rest we drank.  But there's enough apples to do a lot more and sauce too.  Finally got the salsa done on Friday that my mom and I started monday.
Leaves are getting brighter so the morning light is too.  Still waiting for other stuff though.  Passed part two of my last final, but still need part one.
Canadian Thanksgiving!  We celebrated that yesterday, so I get turkey sandwiches for lunch today.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


For my praxis scores, my last class final exam scores(these are part of the 'competent' area, so it's not really a grade, just a pass/fail type deal) for the weather to warm up now that it's killed everything in the garden that was kind of already dead or dying with frost, for work to calm down a little, for just a little time to breathe.
Kind of have that last one today, until I have to go to work this afternoon.  Got my new phone mostly set up, still need the screen protector and the case, but I'm waiting on the case until my mom has time to paint the back(my case is clear so this way she can paint on there without it rubbing off or wearing away).  Wanted her to try painting a teddy bear but she's nervous about trying that.
School stuff should be today, but we'll see.  Praxis may not be until next week, have to wait for an email from them.  Just hope I passed because at this rate I won't have time for a retake.
Garden was down to tomatoes that the deer were slowly munching on despite my efforts to keep them away, cauliflower plants that only one of which actually produced something, lettuce that's gone to seed but I need a shovel to get them out, and the onions that almost seem to be thriving in the cold. Figures.
Work's been nuts, given conference weekend, rain, and cold. Just trying to do my best with the new dishes(did I mention that corporate gave us actual plates, bowls, and silverware now?) and the same cleaning schedule.  At least customers are giving tips when they leave a mess for us to clear up.  My manager mentioned that if they were going to leave a mess they may as well leave a tip, so it seems a few people are understanding that we don't have time or people to clear up messes without difficulty.
Had a rather fun sub job yesterday, junior high english teacher who had a weekly article for their students which meant I was more of a supervisor than a teacher.  And they had the smart idea of telling the students that the best class got cookies when they returned from whatever they had to do.  The only downside was they asked me to judge which class behaved the best and all of them were better than any other I'd been in before(subs get all the attitude when the teacher's not there) so I  just narrowed it down to 3 out of 6.  Not that the teacher was surprised, that was the goal.

Monday, September 25, 2017


Well, managed to figure out that my truck's problem is the gas pump. Sigh.  Might as well change the filter(turns out the one on there was the wrong size, amazing it hasn't caused problems before now) and needed one new relay(kind of like a fuse, though different.  I'm not sure what the difference is, though I imagine its like the difference between a fuse and a breaker)as one was no longer working. Spent the morning making sure said filter would work in the same spot(it fit just fine) and getting the torque bolts(they have a star in the center instead of the outside hex or whatever shape to get them off)loose in the bad of my truck so when I get a helping hand I can lift it out of the way so I can access the gas tank without having to drop it.
Work was crazy Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Thursday was mainly rain, meaning we ran out of all the soups we had when I got to work by six so the manager had to find time during the never ending rush to get more made and we still ran through those.  Friday was more cold but we still ran out of soups by nine.  Lot more sandwiches so it wasn't as big a deal.  Plus quite a few more hot drinks(which I got to train a coworker on how to make those)to mix things up.  Saturday was Women's Conference(sad to think I haven't gone to one since I started this job, and that's over 3 years) mixed with half off pastry night and cold.  Bit of rain too.  So that one had all the cashiers stay until ten(good news is I wasn't on drive for once as another experienced cashier was there to take it) and took two of us to finish closing.
School's about the same.  Having to buy the truck parts put a bit of a dent in saving for next semester but I've still got through November to get all of it.  Just worried about the 13 week(according to the placement person I talked to about making sure I was on track and ready for it)bit where they don't expect you to have a job at all or any sort of life at all.  I can understand that a job during the week would interfere with school stuff that the student teacher needs to do, but three months without an income isn't an exciting prospect.  I'm hoping I can get away with just weekends at my job so I can keep up with bills and saving.  Really wish I could work in Institute but my work schedule isn't allowing that. Downside of full time.  Don't seem to have time for anything that has a set meeting time save sunday.
Ah well.  At least it's cold so I'm not dying of heatstroke trying to work on my truck.  Might kill what's left in the garden though.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Sheesh.  Now my truck's gone and decided to stop working, meaning it won't start.  So far my dad's helped me rule out the fuel filter and we think the fuel pump relay, so we're down to checking the fuel pump screen(basically a filter attached to the end of the pump in the tank) which I guess involves a air pump, and the fuel pump itself.  Both require jacking up the bed of my truck to access the tank(better than having to drop the tank, and doesn't require moving it from where it is)but neither is easy to get a hold of. Sigh.
Doesn't help that I have work all the rest of this week and our spare vehicle while working doesn't have plates or insurance.  Thinking of getting a permit for it, but I don't know where the title is.  And need a car to get to the DMV(don't like to think of how much THAT will cost)to get said permit.
And I thought things were looking up for school and stuff, now this puts a bit of a dent in saving for school and makes it tricky for work. And I have to get my truck inspected next month.  Sigh......
Still no word on my last praxis test scores too.  At least the weather's cooled off enough that I have to wear a jacket to weed the garden instead of sweating through my shirt.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Finally passed the practical exam for that last class! Good thing too, as I just got all the paperwork stuff for my preclinical experience and demonstration teaching out of the way so they can set me up with a teacher for the demo part.  I had to set up the preclinical, but that wasn't too hard.  The annoying thing was that even though I'm aiming for junior high I have to do the preclinical at a high school just because it's secondary stuff. Whatever...
No word on my content exam, but I have to send that to the state when I get them.  We'll see how that takes.  At least I know where and who to send it to now...
A day off! yeah!  Meaning that I wanted to sleep in but didn't really.  Did lots of weeding, homework(class up to 57% now) ran to the store, now I'm killing some time before going to work on the spigot in the garden that won't shut off all the way.  It's just a trickle, but that still can cause problems and get the water company mad at us.  And it bugs me too, as I have to keep moving the hose to avoid a sink hole or quicksand spot developing. Sigh....

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Kind of missed it as I had work, but I watched World Trade Center tuesday to make up for it.  Nobody at my work seemed to think anything of it. Sigh.
Had another praxis test(the content exam) tuesday, so it was a bit of a rough day.  Hope I did well, but this one didn't even give me the 'unofficial' scores after the test.  And no word yet(usually takes a week just for the multiple choice stuff)on how I did. But I did my best and can't hope for more than that.  Little behind on class stuff, only two modules done(there's only fourteen, but two chapters, several videos and a practice lesson plan for each one so it can take me two days to get one done) so far.
Work was a bit hairy yesterday, as I woke up with a headache that left me queasy and unsteady.  Meant that concentrating on work was not fun and there were times were I don't think I was thinking at all.  Not really a bad thing, but not a good one when I'm earning a living.  At least my boss says I still did my usual good job.
Stupid cat will not leave me alone when I'm weeding! At least this time they didn't jump on my back, but I made sure to avoid giving them the opportunity.  Hard enough trying to work with them twirling around my legs and feet without being able to stand up straight.
Had rain and lightning last night, so that helped with pulling the weeds out, got more of the roots than I usually do.  The main hose valve seems to have broken or jammed as it won't shut all the way off.  Barely a trickle coming out, but it makes me nervous.
Then I got off work early yesterday, first time in a long time so even the assistant manger who told me to go home commented on it.  Then of course my truck wouldn't start so I was stuck there for another hour and a half anyway.  Had dreams last night of my boss and another part time manager telling me to just come work.  My dad got it started(using carb cleaner sprayed into the air line, a trick we've used on other cars before)so I finally got it home in time to make dinner.  Tried it later when the car was 'cold' as my dad put it and it started up fine again.  He still wants me to carry the carb cleaner tonight just in case.  So now I need to check into why it was having issues...