Monday, April 16, 2018

One Down, two to go and two days of Observations...

Finally got one of the recommendation letters!  And it was really sweet too!  Down to just needing two days of observing too, which is nice as I'm really tired.  Was actually nodding off in the third period today, to the amusement of the students.  Had to get up and move to finally stop it.  At least the last period was better.
Got a new(to me, it's barely a year younger than my truck) car. Really nice too.  Honda Civil LX that's in really good shape despite having 235,000 miles on it.  Still trying to sell my truck though.  Someone's made a bid but haven't paid up yet.  Gets 30-35 MPG so far, which is awesome.
Very windy today, which is better(I think) than the snow/rain/sleet we got last week. Just makes things a bit dusty.
Work was crazy saturday with it being one school's prom and a coworker quitting on thursday.  Than two called in saturday and we had a typical(though rather drawn out) pastry night. But the GM came in as a 'regular employee' which they said was fun.  And they did seem to have fun with it.  And we had a day shift sandwich maker come in too, so we managed.  But I was there right up to 11 cleaning up as it was just me.  My poor manager(not the GM, just night shift) was there after me along with the closing sandwich maker. So it was not the best night but it could have gone much worse.
Had the interview for being an ALT in Japan, which I hope went well.  Now I'm just waiting to see when the second interview(the first was testing my English as well as the usual interview stuff)is going to be.
So things are getting better, just have to hold on a bit longer with the very long day thing....

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring Break

For the school district anyway.  Makes for a slow and boring week at work so far.  Not that I mind too much as my allergies kicked in this week too.  Been rather nice(though monday night was very cold and windy)this week weather wise.
My brother was driving the car we've been sharing last sunday morning and threw a piston rod into the oil pan, meaning said car is now more useless than my truck.  As my dad put it, we now have two cars out and my sister's was going the same way.  But she got her's back to normal(not working the best, but still running) for now.
So I'm back to being a little desperate for transportation. Fun...
On the plus side, I applied for a job being a english language tutor in Japan(I think my dad's nervous about it, even though they haven't offered me a job yet)and they want an interview next week.  through skype, which should be interesting.  Supposed to plan a 5-6 minute lesson where I don't use Japanese and am pretending the interviewer is a 2nd grade classroom.  Can't use too many english words either....
So that's the 'week off' from observations(up to 65-6 hours now)and having my parents home all day. Next week should be entertaining if we can't find another spare car(finally listed my truck for sale)for my brother and I to use.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Week 3 Down...

Ugh....Last week was soooo long thanks to working full time while trying to get 30 hours of my appeal observation(have to get 100 of them by April 1, not happening sadly, if I want to get in the fall cohort) in.  Managed it but was rather on autopilot by the end of Friday.  Crashed saturday, but didn't sleep in as well as I wanted to.  This week's not looking much better, even with the day off yesterday(from observations, teacher work days don't count sadly) as I did not get much sleep last night.
Then a coworker came in with a doctor's note saying they can't work for a full seven days, which means my manager spent an hour trying to get the days that that employee worked during that time frame covered by other employees.  Glad it was a very slow monday for the most part(rush after all that happened and we were beyond bored) so not too big of a deal.
Turns out the final I submitted two weeks ago and emailed my mentor about(as it was sitting in the 'evaluation in progress' state for three days) was something I misunderstood.  Thought it was just research with a question but it needed to be a full paper. Sigh...So I get to redo that sometime in this weeks(probably not though) to do list.
My sister has a post she thinks matches the weather: "winter is throwing a tantrum and storming out of the room only to stomp back in with 'and another thing..'"  Whereas a friend at church says it's more like winter procrastinated and is realizing it only has a few days to finish before spring shows up.  Be fun to see which is the more agreed with one....

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

First Week of March....

So far it's coming in like a lion everywhere.  Got plenty of snow sunday, but it's all melting today.  At least we got it in the mountains where we need it for summer.  Cool sunset tonight, just like last night.
Been busy the last week, so I don't get to appreciate them much.
My work's been doing their own version of the Olympics, with shifts competing against themselves and each other.  Think I might have to stop competing as I'm way ahead of not just my shift but the other as well and it just doesn't feel fair given I have so much more experience than most of them.  And a few only work 2-3 days a week as well. Sigh...Got a raise, but I don't know more than that about it.
Plenty of sub jobs though, which breaks up what can be boring at home, but makes for the busy week I mentioned earlier.  And so I'm still trying to finish the one final so I can get to the other and get both classes out of the way this week.  But I have time now to work on it at least.
My mom's better, which is good as she can go back to work.  She does have to take it easy though, given her lungs are still weak.  Hope that's the end of the sick people for a while...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


We got a (sort of) big storm.  Granted, it's been so warm that nothing stuck until it had been snowing for well over two (possibly double that) hours.  And took at least another hour or two before it stuck to the roads. but we got plenty on the grass and cars.  Then it cleared up after snowing for two days so the temperature is closer to 30.  Not more than 4 inches I think, but plenty in the mountains.
Winter Olympics are cool, just wish they wouldn't build up certain people so much and then get so upset when those people don't do as well as they built them up to.  Examples: Nathan Chan and the Shibutani Siblings.  The siblings got bronze, which is awesome for their first olympics, and Nathan got 5th(and made a very impressive jump from 17th to get there from the short to the long program) in his.  But because neither got gold "its disappointing".   We watched Cool Runnings, which in my mind is a true show of what it means to compete.  Winning the medal is secondary, just making it there and giving it your best should be first.
Got a nasty cold last week(my sister got it first, then both my parents-theirs lasted over a week-then two of my brothers) that the sore throat is lingering.  Worried that my room's dry and aggravating it, so I need to sleep with a humidifier and see if that helps.  For right now I can talk but not for long and certainly not very loudly.  Made yesterday's sub job tricky, had to really focus on student names and wander the room more.  Otherwise it was fun.
My sister took her car into the shop as she's tired of not being able to get her car working right in a timely manner and wanted to make sure this time.  She suspects they did a lot more than they said they did(brakes and shifting are much better, and they were 'only' fixing a bad part of the steering system)and charged her for.  But at least her car's more reliable now.
Working on appealing to repeat DT in the fall, and my mentor thinks I have a strong chance of getting it.  But I have to hurry and get it in to be safe.

Friday, February 9, 2018

2018 Winter Olympics!

They're here!  Sad part is I have to work tonight during the Opening Ceremonies.  But my mom says she'll record them for both my sister(who has to work too) and I to see after.  So I'll see them later.
My mom and I were watching some of the competitor's pre-videos about what got them there and how people look up to them.  Reminds me of my coworkers, who have spent a great deal of time this week telling me how much they enjoy working with me(especially the newest, who says they are glad they always work with me) and the soon to be new night manager told me they want me there because I can advise them on what to have coworkers do before leaving.  Given the current one asked me for similar stuff it's not too surprising.  They keep mentioning how well I know the job and so on.  I have to remind them that I've been there for 3.5 years.  So it shows, I guess.
Kind of made up for getting kicked out of DT after barely four weeks with no warning.  Granted, I'm still working through that for more info an such.  Returned the keys and parking pass today.  Been looking at transferring or changing majors, but both would still cost me another semester at least. Sigh...
Nice day out, as has been most of this week.  Too bad I still want one more big snow before spring 'officially' hits...

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Week 5?

So this week started out kind of weird and now my student teaching's been put on hold.  They won't tell me why and it's my university's policy that I not contact the school during this for my protection.  Not sure how that protects me, but it's what they told me.  And I thought I was finally getting a handle on this...
Then I went to the bank to ask about a charge on my debit card that I don't remember anything about(as in, I didn't go buy anything on that day-when the charge was made-, I've never been to the store it came from, and I don't have a receipt for it) and so now they're doing a fraud report about it. Sigh....
At least work is still the same, and I can sleep in for now.  Plus I have time to finish those two research classes that I was supposed to before starting student teaching...
Still having car issues, as my sister got hers working for less than a week and now it's not again.  Really makes me want my truck back, just wish it didn't cost so much...though my dad's suggesting I go to a salvage yard to see if I can get a good engine to replace the one not working.  Still probably take me a lot longer to get the old one out and the new on in than the professionals...