Thursday, July 20, 2017


Had a someone  call me that yesterday and while I'm betting they were trying to give me a compliment, for some reason it bugged me to have them keep saying it every time I spoke to them. Sigh.  Probably because they are most likely ten years younger than me and don't know it(I don't call this 'teenage looking college student' for nothing after all).  Pity that they might flirt with me but they aren't interested beyond that.
Got my class up to 60% yesterday and took the first pretest(didn't pass, but I wasn't expecting to)to see what I'm solid on and what I need to focus on. Hope I can get this one done early rather than late like the first one.  The annoying thing is that so far it's kind of a repeat(I may have mentioned this before)with the only difference being the videos they want me to watch.  But it makes it rather boring and I have to force myself to do the 'assignments' otherwise I'd just skim through it and most likely miss something that will help me pass the final test the first time as I did with the other class.
My work put me on full time now, which means I'll be keeping the 32+ hours a week.  While it cuts into my free time it still gives me plenty of time for school and other stuff.  Might make it tricky to get sub jobs, but as I'm approaching my observation and student teaching stuff I won't really have time for it anyway.
Got weeds in the garden but no further sign of deer.  I have discovered another invader that I'm not sure how to deal with: mushrooms.  I didn't think we watered the garden enough to support them but they're in there, especially around the tomatoes.  Corn's getting big and I need to thin it as I didn't get to it earlier.
So on to studying....

Monday, July 10, 2017

One Thing

Some things that bother me about common phrases:
1. Still "stupidly" in love.  Why is love stupid?  If you can maintain a healthy partnership with your spouse for over 30 years(my parents just hit 31) and still be attracted to each other, why is that stupid?  I personally think its awesome.
2. Pick one thing about whatever. How do you pick just one thing out of a criteria?  There is so much to see and do that settling for one thing seems silly and boring.  Unless you hate everything to do with that criteria.:)
3. Name your favorite-bank-. Similar to pick one thing, who has just one favorite thing?  Everyone I've known and met has multiple hobbies and interests, and asking them to pick their all time favorite just doesn't work.  They shouldn't have just one.
4. What is your perfect 'blank'? How are you going to know? You can dream about it but until it happens you'll never know what would be the prefect 'blank' for you.  It's what makes it so perfect. Its unpredictable and spontaneous.
I might find more of these but so far these are the ones that have been bothering me lately.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tests and Trials...

Well, I guess I can't say my work scheduling me for full time hours(say 35-36 hours per week) is a trial or a test, but the timing isn't the best.  Mainly because of the roof thing.  Means I'm tired and sore and I still haven't gotten started on my next class.  I did manage to look at the introduction page but the progress is still at zero.
We're having fun figuring out what not do do on the roof(still) while I'm trying to keep an eye on the garden-sprinkler system is giving my dad an extra headache, sigh-as the weeds do not take breaks.  My mom used a good part of the lettuce-which so far the deer have stopped eating-for a large salad for everyone. Sadly my earwigs traps are not perfect, as there was still earwigs in the lettuce but not nearly as many as there could have been.  Can't say if the marigolds are keeping the grasshoppers down as they do't get watered as much as the garden so I need to check them too.
Had to renew my food handlers yesterday-thankfully got called in later so I had time-as it expires tomorrow.  Driver's licence next week, as I don't get paid until then.  At least that doesn't require a test, just a long wait.  Of course both cost money.
Had a wind storm yesterday that so far shows the shingles we've already laid out and nailed down are holding.  My dad says getting rain wouldn't be a bad thing as it would show us where the water flows so we know what to watch for.

Friday, June 30, 2017


It's amazing how fast a person can get heat exhaustion or heat stroke without realizing it.  Got heat exhaustion  while planting the squash and tomatoes before the YSA activity and that made going to work fun.  Today my dad's trying to replace the shingles on our roof(they got damaged during the last few big wind storms and are very worn so we're putting new ones on) as quickly as possible.  I'm trying to take my test  for my online class(got up to 91% yesterday) and the mentor's site is wigging out.  Mine works jsut fine but they can't approve me taking the test due to IT issues.  So I was helping for a good 45-50 minutes and drinking bits of water as I'm told drinking too much causes just as many problems.  Not drinking enough it seems as I found myself dumping my breakfast into the bushes off the side of the roof.
I did get a bit on the roof where we haven't shingled yet but not very much.  So now I'm banished from the roof for a bit and waiting to see on my test.  Aggravating thing is my dad and sister have been up there much longer but I guess they're tougher or drinking more water than me.  Plus my parent's new Home Teacher was here to help with math and such and is now taking my spot on the roof laying singles for my sister to nail down.  So yeah, I gave myself heat stroke I bet. Sigh.  None of the other symptoms, just throwing up.  Spent five minutes with that part as every time I moved more came up.  Didn't think I ate that much for breakfast....
Oh well, hopefully I can get them to come down soon because staying up there much longer will probably land them in a worse state than me no matter how much water they drink.  Plus its lunch time anyway when my mom and I get something figured out.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Too Much Iron in Your Blood

If you remember that line from X-Men 2 where Magneto escapes from prison.  In my case though I have the opposite problem.  I mentioned that my doctor wanted to check my iron levels but never got back to me on it.  Went to see them thursday and found out the paperwork got misplaced and my iron's really low.  So now I'm on an iron supplement and strict orders to not donate blood or anything until they say otherwise.  Thing is, I have to take it on an empty stomach like the thyroid stuff unless is makes me nauseous.  And if it does they recommend drinking orange juice as it helps my body absorb it.  Anything else actually hinders that it seems.  So yet another pill to take...
Stupid deer killed off the celery and may have killed the honey dew-they ate all the leaves off it-along with two tomatoes and one of the zucchini.  Then a power outage over the weekend messed up the sprinkler system so they didn't get watered all weekend save when I did it by hand saturday afternoon. So I watered them manually yesterday so they'd be okay until my dad got the control box reprogrammed.
Down to four days to finish my current class, and I have 40% left to do along with the second pretest(took the first yesterday, and I'm not too bad, but still have 4% to work on to pass) before the final.  And I'm working everyday this week. Sigh.  We lost another night shift manager, which is part of the reason why.
Spent four days out of town with my YSA group so you'd think I'd be feeling better.  Thing is we were camping and I just don't sleep well outside of my bed.  Camping is worse too, so I spent four days with late nights and early mornings.  Then I get home and have to get up just as early for the GRE test friday.  Didn't sleep too bad, though it was not easy getting out of bed.  And saturday was early to work so no sleeping in then.  Tried to sleep in sunday but my youngest brother was home(he's still trying to fix his car)and he was up at 9 messing with lego's or something similar so that didn't work. Sigh.....

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Little Voices

Is it strange that I feel I'm on the right track when I get these pathetic(though they didn't used to be)voices in my head telling me its too scary to try and do what I'm heading to.  For instance in my teacher training classes I learned about writing my own tests, which hadn't occurred to me that I'd have to do and I kept getting this wimpy voice saying I don't know how to do that and its too scary.  Strange that those voices used to be a lot stronger and had an easier time getting me to give up on something.  I guess that's the effect of pushing through on what I was trying to do.  Now they just seem to be these tiny whispers that I try not to laugh at because they are so useless on convincing me.  Not that I'm not scared, but it's just not stopping me anymore.
Wish I could say the same for dating, though that is more trying to get men to at least talk to me, much less be interested. Sigh.
Got to harvest some stuff from my garden this morning, mostly snow peas and kale.  I did get a handful of spinach leaves a week or so ago but the plants are either very small, going to seed, or dying. Sigh.  And the grasshoppers are after the kale and spinach again.  Got my sunflower oil put out and it already has earwigs in it where the old stuff never got more than ants and boxelder bugs.  Plus it got water in it which ruins the effects.
May need to pick some of the onions as the old ones from last year are showing above the ground and looking rather large.  The seedling ones are as well, so this should be interesting.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Not Expecting that...

I got an email from my online university that I was getting a 'student success package' in the mail this week.  No payment or bill type deal, just a bit of information saying I'd be getting it soon.  Heard nothing about it prior to the email and so figured it was just a little 'welcome to the university' cheap thing that might have some good pens or other small office supplies.  It did come with a cheap plastic 'liquid motivation' mug, a magnetic white 'board'(it's more paper) and marker, a decal with the school logo on it, a 'do not disturb I'm studying' doorknob cover, and the big surprise: a web cam.
Like I said, not expecting that.  My dad went to this same school(graduated before they got so far into the online stuff you needed a web cam) and hadn't needed one that I knew of.  But since they've now made it possible to take tests and do other stuff online rather than having to go to another school site they figured I'd need one so I could do it from home.  The funny part was the rather detailed instructions about how to hook up the web cam to my computer(granted, this is a teachers college so I guess they don't expect too many of them to know too much about a computer.  Given my dad's in IT I think I know more than most.  But it was still funny to think they'd have to tell a teacher where the USB port is on a computer.
I seem to recall having classes in junior high and high school that covered basic computer skills but they still make you take either a competency exam or a 'refresher' class in college. Granted the college class on WORD, POWERPOINT, and EXCEL were far more comprehensive and I learned a few tricks about each that I didn't know other wise.  The fourth part of the 'refresher' was not as much fun as it was more research and library stuff.  The only real new thing was how many different ways to cite sources there are now.  And we only used three of them in my other classes.
Back to the web cam, I haven't hooked it up partly due to that one Scorpion episode where they use a man's webcam to watch him and turn off the light so that he doesn't know they're watching.  Makes me nervous to think someone might do that with mine, though they'd probably be bored watching me study or do research.  And I haven't had a lot of time anyway, only got the thing yesterday.
Getting hot around here so makes people crave salads and ice cream.  My mom told me its chocolate ice cream day.  Too bad we don't have any....