Thursday, September 21, 2017


Sheesh.  Now my truck's gone and decided to stop working, meaning it won't start.  So far my dad's helped me rule out the fuel filter and we think the fuel pump relay, so we're down to checking the fuel pump screen(basically a filter attached to the end of the pump in the tank) which I guess involves a air pump, and the fuel pump itself.  Both require jacking up the bed of my truck to access the tank(better than having to drop the tank, and doesn't require moving it from where it is)but neither is easy to get a hold of. Sigh.
Doesn't help that I have work all the rest of this week and our spare vehicle while working doesn't have plates or insurance.  Thinking of getting a permit for it, but I don't know where the title is.  And need a car to get to the DMV(don't like to think of how much THAT will cost)to get said permit.
And I thought things were looking up for school and stuff, now this puts a bit of a dent in saving for school and makes it tricky for work. And I have to get my truck inspected next month.  Sigh......
Still no word on my last praxis test scores too.  At least the weather's cooled off enough that I have to wear a jacket to weed the garden instead of sweating through my shirt.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Finally passed the practical exam for that last class! Good thing too, as I just got all the paperwork stuff for my preclinical experience and demonstration teaching out of the way so they can set me up with a teacher for the demo part.  I had to set up the preclinical, but that wasn't too hard.  The annoying thing was that even though I'm aiming for junior high I have to do the preclinical at a high school just because it's secondary stuff. Whatever...
No word on my content exam, but I have to send that to the state when I get them.  We'll see how that takes.  At least I know where and who to send it to now...
A day off! yeah!  Meaning that I wanted to sleep in but didn't really.  Did lots of weeding, homework(class up to 57% now) ran to the store, now I'm killing some time before going to work on the spigot in the garden that won't shut off all the way.  It's just a trickle, but that still can cause problems and get the water company mad at us.  And it bugs me too, as I have to keep moving the hose to avoid a sink hole or quicksand spot developing. Sigh....

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Kind of missed it as I had work, but I watched World Trade Center tuesday to make up for it.  Nobody at my work seemed to think anything of it. Sigh.
Had another praxis test(the content exam) tuesday, so it was a bit of a rough day.  Hope I did well, but this one didn't even give me the 'unofficial' scores after the test.  And no word yet(usually takes a week just for the multiple choice stuff)on how I did. But I did my best and can't hope for more than that.  Little behind on class stuff, only two modules done(there's only fourteen, but two chapters, several videos and a practice lesson plan for each one so it can take me two days to get one done) so far.
Work was a bit hairy yesterday, as I woke up with a headache that left me queasy and unsteady.  Meant that concentrating on work was not fun and there were times were I don't think I was thinking at all.  Not really a bad thing, but not a good one when I'm earning a living.  At least my boss says I still did my usual good job.
Stupid cat will not leave me alone when I'm weeding! At least this time they didn't jump on my back, but I made sure to avoid giving them the opportunity.  Hard enough trying to work with them twirling around my legs and feet without being able to stand up straight.
Had rain and lightning last night, so that helped with pulling the weeds out, got more of the roots than I usually do.  The main hose valve seems to have broken or jammed as it won't shut all the way off.  Barely a trickle coming out, but it makes me nervous.
Then I got off work early yesterday, first time in a long time so even the assistant manger who told me to go home commented on it.  Then of course my truck wouldn't start so I was stuck there for another hour and a half anyway.  Had dreams last night of my boss and another part time manager telling me to just come work.  My dad got it started(using carb cleaner sprayed into the air line, a trick we've used on other cars before)so I finally got it home in time to make dinner.  Tried it later when the car was 'cold' as my dad put it and it started up fine again.  He still wants me to carry the carb cleaner tonight just in case.  So now I need to check into why it was having issues...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


It seems a canyon not too far north of where I live is or was on fire most of the day, meaning there is smoke everywhere.  Being on drive for just 3 hours today has left me feeling like I'm having an asthma attack and I don't have those otherwise.  Doesn't help my allergies, that's for sure. Sigh.
Was weeding this morning and my brother's(or my dad's, I'm not sure which) cat would not leave me alone, to the point of climbing on my back and staying there despite my having to stand up and move around.  Just glad they didn't make me bleed with the  way they kept digging in their claws. Annoying cat....
Trying to finish up my last class' final and get started on the next one and the teacher keeps sending it back(lesson plan plus essay explanation) saying I need to fix stuff.  First it was citation stuff, which I fixed and now they say that's good but now there's a problem with the 'assessment' I included in the plan.  And I have to talk to the course mentor before I can resubmit it anyway. Sigh.  So I got started on the new class as the course mentor was gone by the time I got the teacher's email. And tomorrow's a long day where I won't get to it until late.
September 11 is coming up, and I wonder just how many people will remember what it is and try to celebrate it somehow.  Too bad I'm working....

Monday, August 28, 2017


Sigh, been over a week and the only scores I got were the same 'unofficial' ones they gave me on the day of.  They included a page with what was supposed to be the pass fail stuff, but it just gave me the scores again, no actual pass fail stuff.  Though my mentor and I both think the scores are a pass, they just won't come out and say so.  No word on the writing still. Sigh....
Work was crazy with a few new employees making things interesting.  Meant that the back to school week was crazier than usual. At least I hope it's over now.
Trying to take my third final today but our breaker box was being changed out which meant no power and certainly no internet so no such luck.  Sigh.  Also wanted to do some cleaning but the person changing the breaker box was in the area I wanted to clean.
Still hearing a lot of people talking about the eclipse.  Not sure how many pictures got taken, but I wouldn't be surprised to find quite a few.
Clock is ticking to the 1st of September, which is the deadline for when I need to have stuff set up for the student teaching in January.  At least I got this latest class up to 90%....

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Test Day...

Well, had to take the Praxis test today, and while waiting this list occurred to me(though part occurred during the test).
Things you don't want on test day:
1. Tired.  Woke up feeling like my eyelids were glued together.  I guess fatigue would work better, but I'm not that tired. Still makes it tricky to concentrate.
2. Sore.  Try writing in cursive(part of the pre test stuff that I can't quite figure out) when your arm is shaky and you have to use a pen attached to the clipboard you're also trying to hold steady(a fellow tester suggested it was to test handwriting for aspiring teachers). There were quite a few others there taking a version of the Praxis test and I heard at least two others mention the same problems even though they probably weren't as sore.  But we had chairs without tables so it wasn't fun.
3. Hungry. Had a breakfast shake this morning and it ran out right before the test started.  So my stomach kept getting more insistent(at least it didn't growl or gurgle during the test, just made me aware of it) for the whole test.
4. Anxious.  Having not taken a test like this before I was rather nervous as I wasn't sure what to expect and the practice tests were around $20 each.  So I was trying not to crumple up the 'admission ticket' paper they tell you to print out and then tell you you don't actually need but you should bring on the test day anyway and feeling my hand get sweaty while waiting.  Why they have you get there 30 minutes early for check in when you'll spend at least 20 waiting is beyond me.
I will admit that the sore and hungry actually helped, as I tend to be far too easily distracted when I'm tired and taking a test, but my attention was so caught up in the test and the other two that I was more focused than I thought I'd be. Go figure.
5. Unprepared.  Which isn't really my fault as they don't charge for the GRE practice ones but they do for the Praxis.  But it didn't help the nerves.  Talking with my fellow testers did though.
6. Needing the bathroom. Try starting the test and 10 minutes in having to need the bathroom sooooo bad.  And this test you don't get breaks(they mention the possibility but I never saw an option) and you certainly can't leave the room.  So I spent over two hours trying to ignore that as well(it also helped the attention thing, but I can't say I enjoy having that to keep me focused) and do my best on the test.  Didn't help that the room was cool, which only increased the urge.
There's probably a lot more, but these were the ones that came to mind.  Made for an interesting test experience.  I just hope I passed.  Rather not have to retake any part of that.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Well, last week was hard despite the fact hat nothing really changed from my job to school and home stuff. It was just hard emotionally for some reason.  So I asked my dad for a blessing sunday and so far this week is much better. Once again nothing has changed, just I feel a bit more support it seems.  And I can go to the temple with my parents this afternoon, first time in several weeks.
I now have my second class up to 50% and am trying to find a time to take the basic skills test before September.  All the times in August are noon, in September they get more variations (like 10 am and 4 pm) so it's not easy when I work almost every day.  My cousin told me it was around $300-$400 for it, but when I looked it up they only charged $150.  Much more manageable.
My manager suggested I try eye drops for the watery eyes after a long shift on drive so I got some yesterday.  Haven't made the grainy feeling go away, but it's much better and they don't feel nearly as tired.  Aiming the drops while holding my eye open has been entertaining though.  My mom had to help me the first time and gave me a tip so at least I kind of got the next set(put more in this morning and they felt gritty when I woke up)in my eye instead of on my face.
Good news is we got some rain yesterday which cooled the morning off. But when I got to work the sun had come out and we hit over 80 degrees before the sun went down.  Plus work was rather busy for a tuesday, but compared to the very boring shift monday I prefer it.  Even though I barely got off before 11 trying to clean up after we closed.
Sunny today, but I don't have work. So not really a lazy day(dishes, rent work, homework, then dinner) but certainly a slower one.