Thursday, June 15, 2017

Little Voices

Is it strange that I feel I'm on the right track when I get these pathetic(though they didn't used to be)voices in my head telling me its too scary to try and do what I'm heading to.  For instance in my teacher training classes I learned about writing my own tests, which hadn't occurred to me that I'd have to do and I kept getting this wimpy voice saying I don't know how to do that and its too scary.  Strange that those voices used to be a lot stronger and had an easier time getting me to give up on something.  I guess that's the effect of pushing through on what I was trying to do.  Now they just seem to be these tiny whispers that I try not to laugh at because they are so useless on convincing me.  Not that I'm not scared, but it's just not stopping me anymore.
Wish I could say the same for dating, though that is more trying to get men to at least talk to me, much less be interested. Sigh.
Got to harvest some stuff from my garden this morning, mostly snow peas and kale.  I did get a handful of spinach leaves a week or so ago but the plants are either very small, going to seed, or dying. Sigh.  And the grasshoppers are after the kale and spinach again.  Got my sunflower oil put out and it already has earwigs in it where the old stuff never got more than ants and boxelder bugs.  Plus it got water in it which ruins the effects.
May need to pick some of the onions as the old ones from last year are showing above the ground and looking rather large.  The seedling ones are as well, so this should be interesting.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Not Expecting that...

I got an email from my online university that I was getting a 'student success package' in the mail this week.  No payment or bill type deal, just a bit of information saying I'd be getting it soon.  Heard nothing about it prior to the email and so figured it was just a little 'welcome to the university' cheap thing that might have some good pens or other small office supplies.  It did come with a cheap plastic 'liquid motivation' mug, a magnetic white 'board'(it's more paper) and marker, a decal with the school logo on it, a 'do not disturb I'm studying' doorknob cover, and the big surprise: a web cam.
Like I said, not expecting that.  My dad went to this same school(graduated before they got so far into the online stuff you needed a web cam) and hadn't needed one that I knew of.  But since they've now made it possible to take tests and do other stuff online rather than having to go to another school site they figured I'd need one so I could do it from home.  The funny part was the rather detailed instructions about how to hook up the web cam to my computer(granted, this is a teachers college so I guess they don't expect too many of them to know too much about a computer.  Given my dad's in IT I think I know more than most.  But it was still funny to think they'd have to tell a teacher where the USB port is on a computer.
I seem to recall having classes in junior high and high school that covered basic computer skills but they still make you take either a competency exam or a 'refresher' class in college. Granted the college class on WORD, POWERPOINT, and EXCEL were far more comprehensive and I learned a few tricks about each that I didn't know other wise.  The fourth part of the 'refresher' was not as much fun as it was more research and library stuff.  The only real new thing was how many different ways to cite sources there are now.  And we only used three of them in my other classes.
Back to the web cam, I haven't hooked it up partly due to that one Scorpion episode where they use a man's webcam to watch him and turn off the light so that he doesn't know they're watching.  Makes me nervous to think someone might do that with mine, though they'd probably be bored watching me study or do research.  And I haven't had a lot of time anyway, only got the thing yesterday.
Getting hot around here so makes people crave salads and ice cream.  My mom told me its chocolate ice cream day.  Too bad we don't have any....

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


My school has assigned mentors for individual students and then one for each class to help get through the experience.  I finally got assigned one today, even though I've been registered to start for over a week.  The real annoyance about it is that the mentor person has to approve the classes I've set up for my degree and allow me to start them when the semester starts.  Plus they'll be able to give me some insight into how I can arrange them and what shortcuts I can take.  And what classes have to be taken first, yada yada yada. You get the idea.  Been waiting for it all week so I can be ready for thursday(when classes start) and all set to go.
Winter is being slow to let go here, so I replanted the rest of the snow peas to see if it was cold enough for them to grow.  Set out the earwig traps but I used olive oil.  I think the sunflower weed oil worked better so I may have to get some as we're out of it.  Olive oil got a pile of ants and some box-elder bugs though.  Birds aren't as interested either.
So back to waiting for things to happen....

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


So I can start on time but I have to pay for the first semester out of pocket as they can't get the financial aid set up in time.  But once it kicks in I'll get reimbursed for whatever I'd get from it.  So now I'm trying to set up the payment stuff but it takes a bit for that to kick in as well. Sigh...At least the intake interview thing is done so only the payment and the orientation thing left before class starts June 1(in other words next week).
Feels like such a long week and it's only wednesday. Sigh.  Monday was work and gardening before going with my mom to a school district 5k run. My dad came too but it was a bit more for kids than adults.  Fun to watch them though.  Yesterday was subbing for a sixth grade teacher who had a handful of good students, the rest made it clear that it was way too close for summer.  I hope the teacher didn't have a hard time as I was only there until lunch.  Then work after that, which was downright boring by comparison.  Today was an early day for work but ended an hour early given both yesterday's slowness and today's.  Though today wasn't as slow but slow enough it seems.  Gave me time to grab lunch, run to the store, pick up my youngest brother from school, then come home and have dinner ready by 6:30(aiming for earlier but that didn't happen as my sister came over with her three kids in the middle of it-not that I mind, but it made things tricky as I tried to keep them out of harms way).
Passing through the tail end of a micro-burst at the moment.  Rain's gone but plenty of wind and a bit of lightning to make up for it.  Snow last week killed all but four of my pepper plants! Good thing all the others were cold weather anyway, they're fine.  Corn's popping up this week and the romaine's going a bit crazy.  Almost the entire row came up.  Got some spinach as well, but so far the only kale is the sprout my mom got with the other seeds.  It's something though.  Have to get out there soon and get the earwig traps up before they infest the romaine and corn.  And need to plant the anti bug flowers to prevent the grasshoppers.  Not going to happen today though. Also have to reset my deer scarers before they go after the greens.  Haven't seen them yet either, but no sense waiting until they do.  Like to get more than one batch of the lettuce this year.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Things I love About Old Cars

1. Stable, Dependable, Durable.  And yes I mean all three.  Take a new car verses and old and most time the old will drive away with little to no damage while the new car gets totaled(example, my sister's new car clipped the bumper of the car in  front of her last year and wound up totaled with her car towed away from the scene, I was rear ended a few years back and spend a little over a thousand-insurance called it totaled because the car was old, not because it was too damaged-fixing it and I drove away from the accident.  I was very late for work though.
2. 9 out of ten times the old parts last for years while new parts are designed to only last so long rather than to see how long they can last.  Example: the new parking brake cable had a clamp part that when the brake was fully engaged had the small problem of popping off and therefore allowing the truck to roll.  The old clamp was still fine and in fact is now back on without any signs of popping off.
3. I can reach almost everything in my engine through the hood, and what I can't reach I just have to get under the car for-that's what jacks and garage pits are for.  New cars have this stupid cover that takes fifteen to 30 minutes to get off and then you can fix stuff.
4. Computer components. Old cars have sensors and lights, with radio and that's about it on electronics.  Locks are manual as are windows so if you forget-or lock them in-your keys its not too complicated to get the door open again.  New cars have power locks, alarms should someone try to touch them, and auto windows.  And hackers aren't a concern here...?
5. Transmission.  I've always wondered if anyone would bother trying to steal my boring standard truck.  It's old, worn and not very impressive looking.  Probably not worth much either.  But with the manual locks there's no alarms.  There is the small factor of wondering if a person stealing it can get it out of the driveway or parking lot without stalling.  New cars you just override the alarm system and locks and drive off in the automatic transmission.  Have to say I'm not a fan of automatics.  Would be fun to see someone trying to steal my truck.  Saw a article a few years ago about someone trying to steal a manual transmission car and not making it out of the parking lot.  I'd just be sitting there laughing while waiting for the cops to show up.
6. Quirks.  Yes old cars tend to have these, but in my mind that means you've had the car long enough to know what works and how.  My truck has a few that are very easy to cope with.  The electronic wiring has a few bugs but to deal with those I just have to whack the dashboard.  New car quirks aren't nearly as fun. Generally they interfere with the car's ability to drive.
So in most cases old cars can take a hit and keep running while new cars crumple and get totaled.  Forget the quirks, it seems the car manufacturers are so focused on avoiding passenger injuries they forgot the making the car crumble and the smallest impact can have worse implications than if the car could take it.  So I'll keep my boring old standard as long as I can.  I know it works and mostly how it works.  Can they say that about the new cars? I wonder.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day!

Which I hope was fun for my mom, sadly I was tired enough that I can't say for sure.  Had a late night saturday due to getting my truck back together(stupid clamp wouldn't hold when the parking brake was engaged, kept popping out of place) then got up before 7:30 to make breakfast for her before she had church.  Managed to get some of the poached(she wanted eggs benedict)eggs to have liquid yolks but not all of them.  So that was a plus.  Sadly her present didn't get here in time so I'll have to give it to her when it comes-if it didn't get sent to my brother and sister in law's house somehow.
Saturday was a crazy day at work-big surprise, free french toast for mom's during breakfast and then half off pastry night?  I'm not too surprised at the crush of people.  Though it meant that instead of getting off at 7 as planned I had to run out the door after 8 even though there was a line out the door.  My manager had to ensure I didn't get stuck working for another hour(if that's when the rush ended, it was still going strong at 8:30) as I'd been there since 11 a.m.  But it was good for sales and such.  and made me very glad today was much better.
Hit a snag on starting to enroll for school: the FAFSA I'd sent in had the wrong year or was missing part of it. So I had to go back in and finish it.  So I can't enroll just yet. Great...
Then the cable we'd been wrestling with saturday(the clamp connector I mentioned earlier actually) popped loose when I was parking in the driveway at home.  Small mercy there that it was at home and not at work, though work I could deal with.  Home doesn't have a curb to stop the car.  My brother had to come out with a brick so I could stop stomping on the regular brake and get out.  Thinking of getting out the old part that's still good and using that. Sigh.......

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Running Out of Time...

I received an email about the transcripts I sent to the online school saying they had them but still no word from my enrollment counselor about what else I needed to do to get going on June 1st.  So getting a little annoyed I sent them an email asking about it.  Usually that gets my counselor to call me within 20-30 minutes to answer the question rather than waiting for them to email me back.  I don't think it was even ten minutes before they called me about it.  Now I have an entrance type interview scheduled for monday after work.  That didn't quite answer all my questions but it got the ball rolling.
Of course I also have my truck in the garage at the moment, meaning that yesterday was and today is a bit tricky in getting to work.  I think I mentioned the parking brake cable was rusty and fraying back in February, and needed replacement. I got the parts just had to clear off the pit so I could work on it.  I should know by now that my truck is never as quick an easy as the videos and stuff online say it should be.   The cable is in two parts: the front line that runs from the pedal to the back of the truck where there's a splitter.  That connect to two other cables, each running to one of the back drum brakes.  I have the front main cable out and the new one in, and the driver's side rear one ready(just have to get the old one out)but somehow when I got the other two cables I didn't get the passenger side one.  And that's the worst of the two.  So while I could go without changing the drivers side rear, I need the passenger side which I have to get through Ford, not through a parts place(though my sister can get them at her work but not until tomorrow).
Got corn and cilantro planted.  Trying to empty out the second load of mulch so we can get the trailer off the lawn.
Caught a nasty stomach bug on sunday that I really wish I could have thrown up but never did-I think that's why the nausea lingered until yesterday-and was not really doing much.  Also think I gave it to my dad.....Oooppps....
Just a few things this weekend...