Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Things I love About Old Cars

1. Stable, Dependable, Durable.  And yes I mean all three.  Take a new car verses and old and most time the old will drive away with little to no damage while the new car gets totaled(example, my sister's new car clipped the bumper of the car in  front of her last year and wound up totaled with her car towed away from the scene, I was rear ended a few years back and spend a little over a thousand-insurance called it totaled because the car was old, not because it was too damaged-fixing it and I drove away from the accident.  I was very late for work though.
2. 9 out of ten times the old parts last for years while new parts are designed to only last so long rather than to see how long they can last.  Example: the new parking brake cable had a clamp part that when the brake was fully engaged had the small problem of popping off and therefore allowing the truck to roll.  The old clamp was still fine and in fact is now back on without any signs of popping off.
3. I can reach almost everything in my engine through the hood, and what I can't reach I just have to get under the car for-that's what jacks and garage pits are for.  New cars have this stupid cover that takes fifteen to 30 minutes to get off and then you can fix stuff.
4. Computer components. Old cars have sensors and lights, with radio and that's about it on electronics.  Locks are manual as are windows so if you forget-or lock them in-your keys its not too complicated to get the door open again.  New cars have power locks, alarms should someone try to touch them, and auto windows.  And hackers aren't a concern here...?
5. Transmission.  I've always wondered if anyone would bother trying to steal my boring standard truck.  It's old, worn and not very impressive looking.  Probably not worth much either.  But with the manual locks there's no alarms.  There is the small factor of wondering if a person stealing it can get it out of the driveway or parking lot without stalling.  New cars you just override the alarm system and locks and drive off in the automatic transmission.  Have to say I'm not a fan of automatics.  Would be fun to see someone trying to steal my truck.  Saw a article a few years ago about someone trying to steal a manual transmission car and not making it out of the parking lot.  I'd just be sitting there laughing while waiting for the cops to show up.
6. Quirks.  Yes old cars tend to have these, but in my mind that means you've had the car long enough to know what works and how.  My truck has a few that are very easy to cope with.  The electronic wiring has a few bugs but to deal with those I just have to whack the dashboard.  New car quirks aren't nearly as fun. Generally they interfere with the car's ability to drive.
So in most cases old cars can take a hit and keep running while new cars crumple and get totaled.  Forget the quirks, it seems the car manufacturers are so focused on avoiding passenger injuries they forgot the making the car crumble and the smallest impact can have worse implications than if the car could take it.  So I'll keep my boring old standard as long as I can.  I know it works and mostly how it works.  Can they say that about the new cars? I wonder.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mothers Day!

Which I hope was fun for my mom, sadly I was tired enough that I can't say for sure.  Had a late night saturday due to getting my truck back together(stupid clamp wouldn't hold when the parking brake was engaged, kept popping out of place) then got up before 7:30 to make breakfast for her before she had church.  Managed to get some of the poached(she wanted eggs benedict)eggs to have liquid yolks but not all of them.  So that was a plus.  Sadly her present didn't get here in time so I'll have to give it to her when it comes-if it didn't get sent to my brother and sister in law's house somehow.
Saturday was a crazy day at work-big surprise, free french toast for mom's during breakfast and then half off pastry night?  I'm not too surprised at the crush of people.  Though it meant that instead of getting off at 7 as planned I had to run out the door after 8 even though there was a line out the door.  My manager had to ensure I didn't get stuck working for another hour(if that's when the rush ended, it was still going strong at 8:30) as I'd been there since 11 a.m.  But it was good for sales and such.  and made me very glad today was much better.
Hit a snag on starting to enroll for school: the FAFSA I'd sent in had the wrong year or was missing part of it. So I had to go back in and finish it.  So I can't enroll just yet. Great...
Then the cable we'd been wrestling with saturday(the clamp connector I mentioned earlier actually) popped loose when I was parking in the driveway at home.  Small mercy there that it was at home and not at work, though work I could deal with.  Home doesn't have a curb to stop the car.  My brother had to come out with a brick so I could stop stomping on the regular brake and get out.  Thinking of getting out the old part that's still good and using that. Sigh.......

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Running Out of Time...

I received an email about the transcripts I sent to the online school saying they had them but still no word from my enrollment counselor about what else I needed to do to get going on June 1st.  So getting a little annoyed I sent them an email asking about it.  Usually that gets my counselor to call me within 20-30 minutes to answer the question rather than waiting for them to email me back.  I don't think it was even ten minutes before they called me about it.  Now I have an entrance type interview scheduled for monday after work.  That didn't quite answer all my questions but it got the ball rolling.
Of course I also have my truck in the garage at the moment, meaning that yesterday was and today is a bit tricky in getting to work.  I think I mentioned the parking brake cable was rusty and fraying back in February, and needed replacement. I got the parts just had to clear off the pit so I could work on it.  I should know by now that my truck is never as quick an easy as the videos and stuff online say it should be.   The cable is in two parts: the front line that runs from the pedal to the back of the truck where there's a splitter.  That connect to two other cables, each running to one of the back drum brakes.  I have the front main cable out and the new one in, and the driver's side rear one ready(just have to get the old one out)but somehow when I got the other two cables I didn't get the passenger side one.  And that's the worst of the two.  So while I could go without changing the drivers side rear, I need the passenger side which I have to get through Ford, not through a parts place(though my sister can get them at her work but not until tomorrow).
Got corn and cilantro planted.  Trying to empty out the second load of mulch so we can get the trailer off the lawn.
Caught a nasty stomach bug on sunday that I really wish I could have thrown up but never did-I think that's why the nausea lingered until yesterday-and was not really doing much.  Also think I gave it to my dad.....Oooppps....
Just a few things this weekend...

Monday, May 1, 2017


Aced the final just like I aced the midterm so I got a C+ if my math is right.  Either way I passed, now I just have to wait for the official transcript to come out so I can send it to the school I'm working on getting into for my masters.  They always do the unofficial transcripts first(that's why their 'unofficial')and then you wait a while to get the ones colleges or universities accept for transfers.
Supposed to have a conference call with the enrollment counselor assigned to me before work tomorrow.  Might make it interesting getting to work as it's right before.
Got more rain over the weekend which is fine.  Still coughing from cleaning out the garage-or I caught something from my dad that just makes me cough-and I haven't finished it yet either.  Have more time this week though so I should get to working on my truck especially since I no longer have to worry about my online class.  Will be starting that stuff up again in June though, as long as all goes well...
Trying to figure out what to get my mom for mother's day as I can afford to do more than buy the bread she likes for french toast from my work for once.  But I'm drawing a blank as to what. Sigh.  Got part of a gift for fathers day at least.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

And Done...

Just got the final exam in for my prerequisite so I'm down to waiting for the final grade and then I can get stuff going for my master's.  Final assignment was done on tuesday and it was more rushed than I wanted to be.  Got called in to work early half way through so I had to rush to get done-one time shot once you start you have to finish type deal-before I left.
Getting plenty of rain which is nice for the garden though a bit irritating as it makes it hard to weed.  Good thing is that I'm cleaning out my dad's garage this week anyway(trying to, taking a lot longer than I expected, 3.5 hour in and still plenty to do and loads of dust-spent the last two days coughing trying to get it back out of my lungs before going back to finish from the first 3 hours-in there)so I'm not too worried about the rain.  Makes it cool in there so I don't over heat and I think it's keeping the bugs-mainly spiders-down.
Work's been getting a bit crazy, had a lot more hours lately.  Means I can save more for school and have a little extra breathing room for other concerns with my budget.  Have to remind myself not to go on a spending spree with the extra's.  Today was the closest I get to a day off this week, as I don't work until later.  Tomorrow's another all day type thing-tuesday was too, 9.5 hours straight-with a morning sub job and work in the evening.  And saturday's a 10 hour workday.
Started my thyroid medication, which so far means that I'm less tired but get really weird dreams almost every night.  One was of my brother being mad about an article I wrote as a newspaper journalist(I wish).  Well, he was mad about me being a journalist anyway.  Never found out in the dream why he was mad and he was rather confused when  I mentioned it to him.  The only person who said they would be upset was my dad with the way the media's been behaving lately.  But it took most of a week to get them to send it to the right place so I could pick it up.
No word on my iron test, which I hope is a good thing as I like to donate blood and if I'm on an iron supplement I can't donate.  Low blood means very bad if you take more out on top of it.  Oh well.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Finally got a trailer full of it to cover the garden and diminish the weeds.  Downside is it takes almost an hour to cover a row-small one about a foot wide-with an inch or so of it as that's the most effective.  Plus doing it by hand with shovels and rakes when said trailer has a shell on it so getting the mulch out means lifting the shovel up to shoulder height to get through the window.  And two hours of that is very draining.
Saw a doctor today about being tired all the time.  They agreed to check my thyroid-my mom and sister's thought though I don't have any other symptoms-but also wanted to check my blood count.  Doesn't help my dad's joke yesterday about me being a vampire as I don't like my drinks cold...He thinks I'm anemic.  Guess we'll find out...
Down to the last two weeks of the online class and two assignments left to go.  Then the lovely two part final-just like the midterm of course-and I'm ready to start my master's program.  Should be doing one today but after trying to get the mulch on the garden I'm just not up for sitting in front of the computer trying to read the textbook and answer questions at the same time.  Probably do it thursday after the temple.  It's the only other day when I might have time.
Supposed to rain, and the watering system now has water running to it, but the valves need cleaning which I don't know how to do.   More waiting.....

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Means for one thing General Conference!  I've noticed lately that it seems to pass by so fast that its over just as I'm getting the feeling down.  And it's very hard to keep track of the talks until I can get a copy of the ensign with the talks so I can study them.  But I got to listen to all four sessions for once. No such luck on the Women's conference as I had work.  Same for Men's though that would have most likely been just a girls night out-had a few customers come in saying they can only go out like they were while their husbands were at conference, not sure why they feel that way-for my mom and older sister.
Oh well, back to waiting until May for the printed copy so I can remember the talks better and catch the ones I didn't hear.  Trying to see if I can finish the Book of Mormon by that point.  Page 265 so far(I think) and just read Ammon's success with King Lamoni again.  Never fails to excite me, though it is dampened by the treatment Aaron and his other brethren receive thanks to the dissenters in the land of Jerusalem.  But then Ammon gets to have a strong impact on Lamoni's father to make up for it.
Planted two more rows of onions-one red and one sweet-yesterday where my brothers and I cleared weeds on monday.  Almost halfway done clearing and planting now.  Most of it is cold weather stuff, and given that we had frost last night its a good thing.  But it may have affected the already growing onions in the first row I planted.  There were only three for sure, though I found what might be a fourth yesterday while setting up the watering pipes for the next two onion rows.
Past the halfway point on my class, and I need to ask the adviser person at the school I want to get my degree from if I can finish getting registered before I complete the class so I can start in May rather than having to wait for June.....We'll see what they say.
Send that batch of photos I took on an outing with my grandma to her monday as she wanted copies.  Guess what she sent back? Nice, now can I get a CD of them? (not her exact words but close) My dad's joking that we ought to give her a set on a encrypted flash drive just to mess with her.  I doubt she'd be amused. I was though, as I know my dad can do that sort of thing.