Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 3

Well, I mentioned that I start really teaching this week, though there's only three out of five days for that, so I'm working on the lesson plans to show my teachers so I can see what they think.  Still really only have enough for this week and next, but I have ideas for after and I'm going in tomorrow(teacher prep day so I'm supposed to anyway and they suggested I bring in the plans to go over) to get more.  Plus got the first official observation nailed down(think I mentioned that last time).
My poor sister had an accident involving a screwdriver while trying to fix her car problems so she didn't have a good weekend.  Could have been worse though.  I'm still relying on spare cars to get to work and such.
Helped my mom out by scanning in a bunch of recipes she had in a binder(there are two more just like it) so I could clear out duplicates and organize them.  That took almost four hours and I'm only done with the bulk stuff, still have the stuff that I either have to type up or scan in by hand(the other stuff I just put on a tray).  But  It put a large dent in it and I still have stuff to do later.
Wish we had more shingles, it's a nice day to work on the roof...

Monday, January 8, 2018

Student Teaching

is not what I expected.  I was nervous and excited up until I walked into the high school and suddenly I'm just plain calm.  Been that way ever since.  Other than some rather common swearing among teachers and students it's been very comfortable.  Rather strange for me, but I take it as a small miracle for me.
Downside is that I'm still doing 20 hours at work, which makes for some almost 15 hour days.  Afraid that resulted in a unpleasant interaction with a customer(they were calm while I was being sarcastic and came off as mean) due to a late night Thursday with an early Friday and a longish shift at work.    Slept in saturday(of course) but still had plenty of time to get stuff done before work.  Sunday was nice too.  Save the very thick fog rolling in after dark...
School's the same, though I'm only two modules away from finishing one of the research classes and given I have two days off next week I should get pretty far on the second I hope after taking the final for the first.
Still no car, but my brother got the spare one working so the driving situation isn't as bad(despite my sister's car refusing to start on her last thursday-hence the late night) for now.
Both teachers I'm with are planning to have me take over next week, so I'm spending this week getting the students more familiar with me and planning lessons.  Seems I'm going to be there for all of 3rd term and three days into 4th(not to mention these two weeks of 2nd)so I get to teach them about argument writing.  This should be fun...

Friday, December 29, 2017

Almost 2018....

And not much done here. still haven't finished either of the research classes I was supposed to finish before Christmas despite my best efforts.  Over halfway through one of them though, but only started the other. Sigh.  And they told me it would only take 3 weeks?
No go on the car too, had one I was seriously looking at and it got sold.  So back to looking again.  But I'm getting the impression to not rush(which is what my dad always tells me to do when looking for cars, so both my father's are telling me the same thing)so despite student teaching starting next week I don't feel any urgency to find one.
Work got the usual insanity(though my boss said we were barely over half what we were expected to do on the 23rd) but right after went back to more typical busy.  So enough for 3-4 cashiers and 2-3 sandwich(plus manager or two)to stay busy for lunch, but not enough for the 5-6 we needed saturday.  One of my coworkers is sick, another is getting sick(and poor thing managed to slam their finger really badly in the fridge door yesterday-probably because they were sick-at the start of their shift.) and the rest of us are recovering from the week(s) leading up to the holidays.
Had a great Christmas(hope everyone did)as all my siblings and spouses and kids made it over for almost the whole day.  We got to play games together, talk, and just hang out between meals.  Makes for a great day.
Didn't get to do our usual after Christmas movie on the 26th, mainly because we wanted to see Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and it was booked all day.  So we shifted to this monday(January 1st) and plan to buy the tickets beforehand(like today or tomorrow).
On to the New Year!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Fog, Smog, and Haze

Somehow we got all three today, which made getting to a substitute teaching job very interesting.  In part of the area I passed, we got freezing fog(which is kind of a cloudless snow that I've mentioned before, I just didn't know it had a name) so there was a layer of snow on the ground.  So I got to said job 15 minutes after I was supposed to  but still early for the first class.  They're doing a full scale remodel so half the school is inaccessible and the rest tends to be cold outside of classrooms.  But it was a good experience this time.
Got the final confirmation for student teaching in january, so that for sure is all set and I'm waiting on the 'final call' with my placement specialist to ensure I know what I'm getting into.  Gives me a chance to ask about the whole 'can't have a job for 12-15 weeks' thing.  Pity I'm working all the rest of this week during their availability so I had to set it for next week.
Had the chance to test drive a 2007 ford Mustang GT last week, which was fun though quite the change from my truck.  Still looking for a car though.  Getting the feeling that I should look but wait to buy for right now.  Frustrating to get to work and such, but I can't really ignore it without risking future problems.  Don't ask for advice if you're going to ignore it.
Still haven't got any Christmas shopping done, but I haven't gotten paid yet.  And I have no idea what to get.
Tried to print some of the instructions for my sub job and the printer wouldn't cooperate.  Very glad I didn't actually need them, as the teacher left a copy on their desk for me to use.  Plus plenty of blank pages to write notes on about the students.
Work's busy and getting busier, which is nice on the idea of getting more hours, but with the car issue makes things tricky too.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Good and Bad....

Well, finally got the PCE stuff passed so I can start student teaching in January as planned.  Took several conversations with mentors and two visits back to the high school.  But its done so I'm good there.  Just have to work on two research classes for the next three weeks.
Bad is that during the lovely problems with my truck(clutch master cylinder was going out and kept sucking air into the line so it couldn't shift) either a Crankshaft or a rod bearing in my engine snapped, which one means the engine can't run right or well(barely at all in fact), and two that there's a loose piece rattling around making things worse every time I drive it.  So currently I'm dependent on others to get to work.
However, all this has given me a list of things to be thankful for for Thanksgiving(I know it's late, but last week was kind of crazy) So here it is:
1. My heavenly father, his son and my savior Jesus Christ, and the love (not to mention the giant guardian angel-or multiple ones who protect me) they give me.
2.My parents who are incredibly helpful and understanding when I fall short on my rent work and chores due to school and other stuff, and help me with getting to work because my car is falling apart.
3. My mentor for my master's degree, who helped me so much with all that PCE stuff and getting a hold of the course mentor(yeah, there's a difference) so I could get it passed off in time.  And the first one was good as well....
4. The course mentor who put up with having to help me on very short notice with the stuff. Not to mention a few past ones who had to help me with failed final assignments.
5. My cute and funny coworkers who catch on when I'm having a rough day and try to give me a reason to laugh or at least smile once I get to work so I can do my job without dwelling on what's going on too much.
6. My managers who are willing to work with my schedule and difficulties when they can despite having their own problems and other employees to cover.
7. My siblings, who usually try to help with the laughter part, when they're not trying to help with the transportation issues I keep having(and school when it comes up).
8. My ward members, who are always there with a smile and talk to me when I may not want them too but I do need them too.
9. Having a job that never gets more stressful than the holiday craziness(which my manager gave me a compliment about the pre-Thanksgiving pie and roll pick up, where they told me the only reason for a long shift that day was that I was the only night shift cashier who'd gone through a holiday before so I could help them get a feel for it)and the only changes I have to watch for are new pastries and new faces.
10. Having a brain that works the way I need it to for my goals.  Which ties into having a body that works well too.
11.  A roof over my head, good food to eat, and clothes that fit me well.
Might be more than that, but that's the big stuff for now.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Sigh, missed the 15th deadline that I thought was a bad thing but so far it seems like it might not be but still a dangerous thing.  And my PCE stuff got sent back with two 'minimally competent' things to fix. Really?  You're going to make me go through all that AGAIN for two things I'm so close on? Sheesh. And I can't get a hold of the class mentor until monday.  Do I really need to talk to them about those two things anyway?  Trying to contact my placement specialist about it to make sure I don't get dropped but no luck so far.
My truck went out on me again, which suggests my clutch master cylinder is going bad.  Made for a very scary driving day wednesday as it went out on my way to a sub job that morning and stayed out for going from there to work and home.  At least I made it in one piece and wasn't late to work.  But now I'm back to borrowing other vehicles until I can get it fixed, also on monday. Sigh.
Otherwise not a bad week, tuesday was slow, and so was wednesday.  Yesterday was steady with a rush after 9:30 meaning instead of getting ahead like I was trying to I was behind and barely got done before 11.
Haven't been sleeping well, though this morning I did with some rather weird dreams.  Getting plenty of rain, which we need though I'm worried its too much too fast.  Guess I'm also worried about how it affects my transportation.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Well, this week didn't start off the greatest.  I haven't gotten much writing done for Nano, which means I'm way behind when I should be almost half way.  Instead I'm barely over 14,000 words. Sigh.  I did have some rather fun sub jobs thursday, friday, and yesterday that made things a bit better.  Plus my mom and I got to hang out a bit for lunch yesterday-seems the only time we can is when I've got a job at one of her schools or close to her work-so that was nice.
Trying to get my PCE stuff in in time to get it graded by tomorrow night-I hope I have until midnight otherwise I'm in trouble-but it seems plenty of people are trying to do the same thing so I've got quite a wait for mine. Sigh.  Sent it in last wednesday and got it back yesterday morning for revision again.  Had another chat with the mentor over it, got their approval, then resubmitted it-after triple checking myself to ensure I'd included everything, I nearly forgot to add a few things that didn't need revision but did need to be part of the resubmission-but I'm still worried it won't be done on time.  So a little miracle would be nice there, but we'll see.  I'm so close right now...
Work's gotten the full crazy holiday start as of saturday.  First we had free breakfast french toast for veterans and active military, and even then we made way more than usual for a saturday morning.  then half off pastry night just built on it.  So nobody got off before 9:30, and it took two of us to get the store cleaned before 11(barely).  Sunday was a break as usual.
So yeah, nothing new here. Sigh.....