Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Things about the first day(s)

Of a semester I forgot: Parking, especially for fall semester, is insane. Spent a half hour yesterday trying to find a spot. Today wasn't so bad, but I got there a lot earlier than yesterday. Felt bad for those who were looking when I went by between classes.
Bookstore has a line that winds through the whole store and nearly back out the door just for textbooks. At least they gave us candy for the wait(sounded like someone ran off with two of the cashiers).
Remember that are nice: 90% of classes on the first day and sometimes the first week end early. Ones that don't are either 50 min(mon, wed, friday types) or institute(really don't mind that one). Art classes usually end early for the first week. 'Academic' classes are usually first day only. not very early, but a good 15-20 minutes. Art was an hour.
Lot of businesses come in with free stuff and contests. Like a credit union doing a 'guess how much' thing for free stuff.
For fall its the blood battle with another university!  Today went rather well, considering last time I tried I couldn't give a full one.  The worker commented that my veins wanted to bleed, as the finger they stuck for iron testing bled through the band aid and was threatening to go through the second one they put over it.  Then the main site bled through the gauze I held over it so they rolled up another one and put that down with a band aid and then the wrap.
Not so nice things that shouldn't happen on the first week: Alarm failing to go off so you wake up at 6:50 for a 7:30 class.
Failure to secure needed textbooks before class starts. So I had to buy some today. Sigh....
And finding out your vehicle has a broken power steering reservoir cap and that's why it keeps running out. I can afford a new one though.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Even in Refreshers

you can still learn something.  The teacher taught us a trick for solving quadratic equations without doing trial and error on the rather hard ones.  Still takes work, but its much better than trying to guess multiple times. And I only needed a few tries at it to get the hang of it.  I did write it down in my notes to ensure I'll remember it for the semester.
Got my first substitute teaching offer, though it's for a fifth grade class and only half a day.  But it'll be my first time unless something sooner comes up-its not until the 20th of september-and I can be nervous about that.
My parents helped me out with this semester's tuition, and gave me more than I'd hoped for.  So now I've got breathing room regarding textbooks-really only for math so far-should I need to get them.  And the teacher responded about my textbook and says I really need the latest edition.  I think I can get it used online for less than $20. Would be nice.
Would really like to get my truck to stop leaking power steering fluid.  Having to crank it may be a good workout but it's a little scary on the highways and such.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Had a story idea I want to do for nanowrimo this year.  Just have to remember to write it down-can't type it yet or I can't count what I've typed for nano-so I can remember the details I've worked out. Need to find a notebook I haven't already written in the back of.  Need it for the prerequisite math class thing anyway.
Got the last interview for my endowments done yesterday-took a lot longer than the usual interview I've done before, so I was late to class as a result(they don't schedule before 6 and the class starts at 6:30)not that the teacher seems to mind. Plus my grandma paid for all the clothing stuff and my dad got me a suitcase/bag for me to carry it in(have no idea how you're supposed to carry it all otherwise) so I'm ready for saturday material wise but can't get rid of the butterflies so far. Sigh.
The class is fairly simple.  No homework, but a lot of in class review and work.  Was late monday because of picking out my clothing stuff, but yesterday was later.  The teacher has a sheet that we put our names on so they know we are there. Had five of us monday, went up to six yesterday.  The lower level one had more, but I bet it's mostly just out of high school kids,
Set up the grasshopper trap, now I get to see if it actually works.  Wonder why they want a glass jar? I used a plastic mayo container per my mom's request-can't blame her for not wanting to give up a good mason jar, we use those for other stuff-and I don't know if that makes a difference.  Plus I didn't have time to bury it either.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Kind of hard to not wince when you hear about people not getting great customer service at work-though not at your location-and hoping to clear up the bad feelings.  Happened with be connected to the new store that opened a few months ago, and I got one of those disgruntled customers yesterday.  We were able to help them and hopefully give them a better view of the store.
Today we got a 2 to 3 p.m. rush which left a bunch of customers upset as we were a bit short on employees-manager had to meet with an inspector(we passed that part thankfully)-and so it was taking a lot longer than usual. Got through that and then someone managed to freeze the computer screen I was using for orders so I couldn't log out or clock out.  And I wound up staying an hour later to help out.
Got tomatoes!  Mostly cherry right now.  Got far enough into the weeds that it takes nearly an hour to get a full bucket as they are so small. Cantelope is getting close and I'm keeping an eye on the corn-going to be small even if I can harvest them-they have a lot of cobs showing up. Butternut is still not ready, but we're going to get a bunch when I can finally harvest it.
My mom got me a cute shirt yesterday after she dropped my brother off at job corps-apparently a 'soggy' moment according to my dad-which I'm saving for school.

Monday, August 8, 2016


They ate my lettuce! gah.  So worried about them eating my cantelope and watermelon I never thought they'd go for the lettuce.  And it was almost ready to harvest. At least those two are still safe, though I may have to redo my deer scarer as it doesn't seem to be working. And I need to set up a grasshopper trap-as even if I get rid of the deer they may still go after that stuff-as I now have a bottle I can try with.
Guess I shocked my dad yesterday by snagging his dark chocolate pomegranate treats while they were sitting right next to me.  I didn't ask but I did tell him.  I guess I let a rather frustrating week and a lousy day get the better of me.  So I gave them back and apologized, but I'm not sure he's forgiven me. He did give me some later, but hasn't said anything other than he's lost faith in me. Sigh...
May have to reschedule my endowments-part of the frustration, as well as having issues communicating with the bishop and my boss-so that I can do the prerequisite class for math.  Rather not, but I may not have any other option.
My mom wants me to go shopping with her, though I don't have money at the moment.  Oh well.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I wish it would rain! Sheesh.  So humid I rather miss the hot dry days.  At least a little anyway.  Both have their own reasons for not being fun.
Trying to figure out a deer deterrent for my melons, not big enough to attract them yet, but they will be soon enough.  Very frustrating to come out to a huge chomp in a water melon or bits left of a cantelope.  Not sure why they don't ever eat the whole watermelon, though my mom thinks it may be a not quite what they wanted thing.  But it ruins the whole melon as it rots after that.  I suppose its good they eat the whole cantelope, but they tend to stomp on the plant a bit which can ruin other melons.  Funny they don't like butternut or zucchini.
Getting nervous about endowments, though I had to call the temple 3 times-first time the scheduling desk hung up on me(or my phone did, I'm not sure which)second time went to messaging and then hung up(grr) third time I got them.  Same poor lady on the phone had to help me each time.  She was very patient though.  My grandma's very excited.
School's coming up, and they started a new thing that means I won't have to take a test to get into my math class!  just take a new refresher course thing they just started doing.  Costs more than the test, but is a better guarantee about getting in. Plus I'm not good at testing in math...
Just have to work with my boss to ensure I can do both my endowment and the class(same week in the evenings-go figure) which I'm trying to do now.

Monday, August 1, 2016


I noticed the other day that sunday is like my hair brush.  Throughout the week I collect dirt and stuff from the world that can weight me down and build up until I'm worn out.  But if I clean the 'brush' out once a week it never gets that far.  Like going to church on sunday and spending time with family after.  It cleans out all the junk in my head and heart and lets me carry on for another week.  May not feel that way for everyone, but it does for me.
The garden's finally kicking off on production.  Harvested 2 zucchini on friday and another today.  Also picked a butternut but it may have been too early.  Got a whole bag full of kale-which I thought was long gone-and we've been using that for green shakes.  Even two cantelope growing, and a watermelon.  May need to re-harvest the lettuce soon.  And I've still got one onion.  The other two have vanished.
My brothers are supposedly weeding the garden before I get out there, but I'm seeing loads of weeds trying to choke the plants so I don't know where they are pulling. Sigh.
Pulled three 7 hour minimum shifts thursday, friday, and saturday.  Not that I mind too much, as I need the hours.  But my feet hated me after.  Had to ice my heels-hate bursitis-before they calmed down a bit.