Friday, January 31, 2014

Say What?

They wanted me to work tomorrow despite my class.  I told them it wouldn't be worth it because of how late my class goes.  It's like they expect me to come in anyway.
Was foggy this morning when I left for committee meeting, though it was clear on the highway and at school.  Cloudy all day, but we didn't get more snow.  Windy and cold again, but I manged to stay outside til after 5:30.  Not much fun.  More clouds were moving in as the sun went down, so we might get some tonight.
Turned in my Japanese and took two quizzes today.  One was prepared for in Japanese, the other was a pop quiz in World Lit.  I think I got two out of three on that one...
Have three journals to write for Critical approaches to lit.  More Japanese homework-big surprise, when hasn't the teacher given us homework?-and an upcoming test or quiz in linguistics.  Getting to be that time anyway...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cold, For Sure.

Snowed again today, but like yesterday stopped by the time I got to work.  Didn't clear out the clouds, so I was running inside every 55 minutes trying to regain the feeling in my hands and face.  My boss didn't seem to mind, though I was little miffed that when I asked about what to do if it started snowing they said to just make sure to spread ice melt so it wouldn't get slick.  They care about me falling and hurting myself more than if I catch hypothermia from getting soaked?
Turned in my ad for art, and I got a laugh from the teacher for it.  Hope that's a good sign.  My best friend's ad made me laugh, and she was a bit startled by that.  I guess being tired-woke up very tired this morning-made it seem funnier to me.  Got over half my Japanese homework done before linguistics class started, but didn't finish because I couldn't concentrate. Have the two online quizzes and four problems left.  Was going to go to a basketball game at the university but I'm not feeling well-thanks to the cold and being tired-and I've got plenty of homework to fill the time with.  Sigh...
Truck's making a kind of squeal when I get it up around 30 mph...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Thanks to my dad I got that art assignment done just now.  He had to import the scanner for our printer so I could copy it and then save it(twice, stupid me saved it as a pdf and couldn't alter it until I rescanned and then saved it as a jpeg) before I could play with it.  I think I got a fun idea for it, so we'll see what my teacher thinks.
I need to call that one place back about a job interview-my hands are not keeping up with the strain of my job.  Had to stretch them out after work and they still felt stiff and swollen.  Haven't had a chance yet today.
We got snow this morning and rain after that.  Figures that it would stop before I got to work.  Told my dad it was his fault anyway.  He said we needed it.  Not arguing there, but I'd rather not find out I have to work in it.
Three quizzes in japanese, two online that we have to take and send the results to her, the other in class.  Only two bits of homework and the one is half done already.  Behind on this weeks journals, so I'll do that next.
About caught up with reading Crime and Punishment, just got to page 450 today.  Supposed to be on 600 by next week.  And then we've only got about 67 pages left.  Can't say I'll be sad to read the end.  This book just seems to drag on...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Took a shower last night and noticed that I still have the tan line from my landscaping job last summer.  My tan usually lasts until about the first snow fall, so that's why I was surprised.
We got Just Dance 2014-my sister did actually-and tried it out then, and we played it more today.  I joined in after work because my shoulder's were stiff from it.
Tried to get another 4 GB flash drive for my photography class because just the pictures I've taken so far are chewing up the majority of the empty space I had on my old one.  The smallest they had was a 8 GB for a little bit more than I got my old 4 GB for.  The best deal was a 64 GB for about $45, but I don't have that kind of money.  Haven't got paid yet.
I have homework still, and I found time to get started on my story for the contest.  Might not get anywhere, but I'd still like to try.

Monday, January 27, 2014


It was at work, right before the sun went down-of course-so i freezing the last few minutes of standing around waving a sign.  A friend from school just asked me to join Linkedin or whatever it's called so they can add me to their pro profile(no, that is not a typo, I did it on purpose) or something.  So I did. Not sure what it's for, but I doubt it'll hurt.
Amazon is doing a cool contest next month for writers that i really would like to try, but I'd either have to totally revamp and finish one of the two stories I did for Nanowrimo or restart a old one I never got down on paper.  Then I have the usual school work and work work.  But the grand prize is $50,000 with three smaller prizes of $15,000.  would be cool, so I'll try for it when I can squeeze it in.
Lover's Feast thing is coming up, and it's cheaper to buy two tickets this time. Figures.  I think everyone's doing that these days.
Went to the ice skating thing on saturday and wound up helping a woman who took a bad spill-the fall wasn't so bad, but her phone made it worse, as it didn't break but dug rather badly into her thigh-and had to be carried off the ice.  She was okay, and even tried teaching me some basic dance moves while we were talking.  I bet she got a really colorful bruise from it.
Well, I have a picture redo for art 1040 thursday, two 'papers' for english 3080, the usual amount of Japanese, and reading for everything else-you'd think there'd be more writing in those classes...

Friday, January 24, 2014


Certainly not as cold today, but the sun went down at 5:30, and I'm not quite up to that yet.  just my back and shoulders are sore though, as is becoming typical.
Second quiz in Japanese, and I nearly forgot to study for it.  I think I did a lot better on this one though.  We didn't have to conjugate any words this time, but we did have to change katakana words to hiragana-which was an interesting exercise.
Was supposed to change the marque again, but one of my fellow committee members beat me to it.  I won't complain, given how tired I was at the time and how sore I am now.  I just had to let the teacher know.  I get to change it monday instead. Fun...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

That's Better...

Not as windy today, though there was the occasional breeze mixed in.  I made it to 5:30 anyway.  Taking care of the flags and folding sign I'm supposed to put out then take back in took til 5:50-I had to warm up too-so that's the longest I've spent on the job so far.
Got my paper in and my journal done last night.  Started my Japanese homework before class today, but only finished a third of it.  We're supposed to take an ad and 'revise it' so it sends a different message in art 1040 for next week.
My newest niece rolled over today!  My sister called to tell my mom.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Now THAT'S Cold!

Rather windy today at work.  At first it was enough to try and steal the 'hat' I'm supposed to wear, but as the sun went down I was fighting to keep my hands warm enough to hold the sign up.  Didn't help that the sun went behind the clouds a good fifteen minutes before it actually set so that made it even colder.  Barely made it to 5:20 before having to quit and go warm up.  My manager/supervisor joked about my needing to 'thaw out'.  Then they saw my hands and realized that's a pretty good description of what they needed.
Still didn't have hot water this morning, so my dad very nicely heated up water so my mom and I could bathe before going to work(for her) and school(for me).  I believe he got it working after that though.  He's still worried about a gas leak.  He found a dead mouse on the old dryer vent last night while checking something.  And we have cats why?
Still need my paper for that class tomorrow, and have a quiz in japanese again.  On top of our homework...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not good...

I got home from work to find out our hot water heater died during the day.  Meaning no hot water until the new one is installed-we recycled the old one-and I need to shower tonight...
Woke up tired this morning, and had to rush in trying to get the dishes done-wound up with one still dirty but it still had food in it too-before school.  Not sure what my brother plans to do for a ride home from work-or to school from work.
We saw The Saratov Approach last night.  I like it.
Got most of my japanese homework done before my intro to linguistics class, but still have one part left.  My sister is still not feeling so good, which does not bold well if she got me sick.
I have a paper for another class I need to find an ad for...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin Luther King Day!

Is this the day he was assassinated or the day of his speech?  Not sure, which may be stupid of me.  No school, but I still have work-I am thinking of going in early though.
My pants have fake pockets-as in they have the outline for the front pockets but no 'depth' in them.  Basically they are decoration.  Interesting...
My brother had to work today too.  My family is hinting that they might come 'heckle' me while I'm waving the sign for a few hours.  I told them I'd find a few hard blunt objects if they tried it.  I doubt they'll do it either way, they just like to torment me.
Got to see my niece-the youngest one-on saturday.  My older one was with my aunt at the time.  Sigh...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Not so Cold...

At work, that is.  At school I was changing the institute marquee this morning and it was very cold.  I was very grateful for the man who helped me get it done. We had a little to take down-I dropped a letter and it broke on the cement in the fall, but they told me to just throw it away-but a lot of stuff to put up.  I'm still sore from work, but the soreness is less.  Plus I'm recovering a bit faster.
My feet don't hurt as much, but they still don't like hard floors at the moment.
School was otherwise slow.  Had time to read more of Crime and Punishment before Japanese class, and then met up with a friend from 3080 and intro to linguistics while I was eating my lunch.  They were with a group who had what seemed like several conversations-I was tired and having a bit of trouble following the conversation-during the half hour I sat there.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Drove my brother to work this morning and was almost late for intro to visual studies.  Grabbed some leftovers to eat between my two classes today so I wasn't rushing to eat lunch before work.  Got a lot colder today after the sun went down, but I got in early today anyway.
Had a man compliment me by saying 'Lady Liberty is beautiful!'  I told him I probably wasn't a match for the real thing.
Funny, this sign waving seems to be helping my shoulder, by a lot.  Both hurt now, but my bad one didn't hurt when I got up this morning.
I've still got homework though...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Well, things started today, and one is less fun than the other.  Turned in yet another set of homework for japanese-and we had our first quiz today.
The job is fine, until it got darker and the temp dropped very fast.  My shoulder informed me it did not like the cold-plus holding a five pound sign for nearly four hours-but thankfully they told me to go inside once the sun went down.  They'd rather not have me court frostbite-or get hit by a car in the dark.
Got a possible job lined up for after, as one of my coworker's mentioned a possibility at their other job they'd keep me in mind for.  Be nice to have one that won't end in a few months.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Got a Job.

Another temporary one, but better than none at all.  Just tired of having to job hunt every few months...
Still have my japanese homework, but this new job actually allows us to listen to music-hey, how else is one to keep a beat while dancing with a sign on a street corner?-so I can listen to Japanese while working.
My brother had to get a ride from my dad this morning.  My poor dad was late to work, but not from that.  He was late before he gave my brother a ride.
Check engine light is off in my truck again-not burned out, I saw this morning, just no longer on-but I have to be slow in starting it.  Grr...
Otherwise a normal start to a long semester...

Monday, January 13, 2014


My brother woke me up-granted I was about to get up anyway-around 7:30(My alarm was supposed to go off ten minutes earlier and didn't) to drive him to his first day at his new job.  Then he calls me at 5:30 needing a ride to school-which is a 20 minute drive from our house and his job is a good 10-15 minutes away from that-so I have to go all the way back up to school with him after spending time trying to find him on the street five minutes away from where he works.
Then he calls me up asking for a ride home!  As if he just can't bring himself to ride the bus...I know, it's cold and dark right now, but really?  I've got homework to do.  Sigh...
Barely got my Japanese done before class this morning too.  Did not want to do that, but not much choice.   Got the reading done for my 1040 art class.  Snowed twice over the shoveling needed today though.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Yes, this is a word I may have made up.  I had a weird dream last night where I was watching a movie trailer for a movie with this title.  Basic story is a group of scientists get funding to study a egg sac filled with Wolf spider eggs as they hatch and grow.  One of the male interns comes in very sick and starts playing with one of the newly hatched babies-despite being told to leave them alone several times, and not because he was sick-and due to his illness causes the poor spider to mutate as it matures.  The spider grows to nearly four feet in length, but it's head is shaped like that of a crocodile.  The spider lashes out in pain while the team tries desperately to fix the damage without causing further harm.
I think I had spiders on the brain last night, but I don't know where it came from.  Plus the story deals with Wolf spiders, yet the title refers to Hobo spiders.  Not to mention the spider using it's web to directly link it's mind to the head scientist's and try to find out why this is happening to it...
Photography class today, and I can use my mom's camera-teacher has the same type, just newer-for the assignments.  They just want me to get some stuff for the camera.  Got out early, so i was able to get home by 11:30.
Still have homework though...

Friday, January 10, 2014


Tried to get to bed at ten, but the rest of the family-save my already in bed sister-were watching a movie long past that so it didn't work.  Then had a weird dream involving a church, then breakfast at home where I splashed a mug I'd just filled with hot water and coco mix and then my brother somehow-I didn't see this part-knocking off the table.  Then I woke to my 6 a.m. alarm.  Had to drag my brother out of bed because he wanted to go up with me.  Had snowed but just a light layer and no ice that I found.  Truck's having difficulty starting again, but the battery is lower on power than usual.  May have part of the problem, may not.  Cloudy but no further snow.
School felt long due to being tired.  Got homework turned in-forgot a reading assignment for world lit!  But no big deal there.  It was discussed in class anyway.
Have a class at 9 a.m. tomorrow...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not. Cool.

Nearly a blizzard when I was driving home from school today.  Was mildly snowing when I left home, which made my truck slide a bit, but not the fishtailing I did on the way home-my second oldest brother was driving due to the issue from yesterday and his having an interview today(He got the job too!) so he dropped me off.   Then we had the fun drive home that ended in yet another Lost World moment getting in the driveway.  We waited until after 3 to shovel our driveway-it'd stopped snowing by then-and there was the fun layer of icy slush under the 3-4 inches of snow.
Got my assignment for intro to linguistics turned in.  Just reading until next week.  Japanese for tomorrow is done, still have a journal for critical approaches to literature to do and more reading of Crime and Punishment...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Snow again...

Wasn't so bad getting to school despite a inch or so of it already covering stuff.  Turned in my homework fine, though I realized I'd forgotten my wallet after shoveling the driveway this morning.  Asked my brother to bring it up with him as he was coming up sometime, only he never made it to school.  The clutch went out on his car on a long hill five minutes away and he couldn't go any further.
I wound up towing him home behind my truck-a police man kindly stopped behind us with his lights going so people would slow down and give us room to attach the two vehicles-and having a Lost World moment-the scene where the guy with the jeep is trying to pull the trailer back up off the ledge and sliding back and forth-getting in the driveway.  We then had to shovel it to get them back in a out of the way spot as it was too slick otherwise.
Stopped snowing though, which means that unlike when I shoveled this morning it melted the rest off instead of getting covered again.
Supposed to snow worse tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


My university is now 125 years old.  They celebrated today with a party in the union atrium starting at 7:30a.m. and culminating with a massive balloon drop from the ceiling at 1:25p.m. after which Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band music group played 'happy birthday' so we could all sing along.  Then they began a cool concert while everyone went to get a piece of the cool cake Vintage Cupcakes made that was basically a model of the whole campus-the icing formed the coloring, the cake made the shapes-and someone even brought them a piece while they took a quick pause between songs.
My best friend is in my intro to visual studies class!  I ran into her while trying to find the back corner classroom-literally, as it was in an office area and we suspect it's a conference room-and that's how we found out.
My intro to linguistics class was right before the balloon drop, so the teacher let us out nearly a half hour early so we could go.  Plus the president had sent out an email asking them too.
The funny part was that the mascot kept 'stealing the show' from the announcer by jumping on stage as they prepared to introduce another speaker.  I was there when the mascot did it right as the President was about to come up.  The announcer gave a kind of helpless gesture and said that the mascot must supersede even the university president and there wasn't much to be done about it.
Check engine light in my truck either turned off or burned out again...
Sent in another application today while getting lunch at Subway with my sister.  Here's hoping...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Here we go again...

Today start yet another semester in college.  And I'm doing 18 credit hours for now. Sigh.  My dad suggested my migraine on saturday was a stress response.  Not a bad theory, bad it's never done that before.
Celebrated my brother's 20th birthday yesterday with quite a crowd.  My sister came down with her two girls, my brother made it with his girlfriend.  We had lasagna-after breaking our fast-and garlic bread plus green beans.  We played Apples to Apples before dessert, then switched to Nerts.  My barely two month old niece fell asleep twice and then drooled on me before they left.  My shirt smelled like baby after that.  Not a bad smell, but certainly not one I'm used to.
So I've got Japanese and two english classes-one a repeat from last summer-today, and then job hunting.  Want to get one this week...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

And a Migraine.

Of course I wake up with a headache still, and as we head to my sister's for my second youngest brother's 20th birthday breakfast-she couldn't come to dinner tonight, so she offered to do a breakfast for him-it blossoms(is that the right term?)into a full migraine.    Thankfully I've found that drinking water lowers the pain level, but I still couldn't play with my niece the way I'd hoped.  And she wanted me to play tickle monster with her too...
As soon as my sister found out she went into mother mode and gave me some specific migraine medication.  It has Acetaminophen, Asprin, and caffeine in some form-that usually doesn't help me with a headache, either makes me dizzy or makes it worse-and while it took a good half hour to kick in, it did help.  Finally went away around 5p.m.
Did not help with my needing to do laundry today.  All my shirts were dirty.  Found a darker red skirt and a black one that are full length on sale at a mall near my sister's house.  That should cover things for a while.
We took my brother to Golden Corral for dinner-tradition that once you hit 18 you get a dinner instead of presents, but the siblings can only come if we pay for ourselves-figures he'd want a buffet instead of a fancy restaurant.  But we had fun.
Snowed last night, but it's cold enough that it was all powder my dad could blow off the driveway with a leaf blower.  Made getting out this morning a bit simpler I think.
My mom and I did a kind of sit up challenge yesterday and today.  250 varying sit ups yesterday, and 100 also varying situps today before dinner.  We did it with weights to add to the effectiveness.  My abs are sore...

Friday, January 3, 2014


Woke up this morning with one. grr. Not helping my mood though.  Didn't have to go anywhere, so it's no big deal.
Grabbed an application for a assistant manager job at a local outdoor type store less than ten minutes away.  Got it filled out, but not turned in yet.  And I wanted to find out what was up with the check engine light in my truck.
We got the free t.v. home safely, and it works just fine.  Right now it's sitting on the floor of the sunroom, and we're having to keep the dogs away.  But working out space for it is going to take some time and a lot of moving things around.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Ney Year 2014!

Yep, it's a new year yet again.  The rose parade said it's on it's 125 year.  Meaning its a very long word to describe the occasion.  I don't think I can spell it.
Stayed up til 1:05 a.m. last night.  woke up at 8 though, so I'm tired.  I did get some waffles made before my sister had to go to work-lame-so she was able to eat some.
She talked me into getting some heeled dance-like shoes at a store yesterday.  they're fun, and were rather cheap.  Finally found her a coat, which she liked better and better as she wore it.  Also got some new gloves so I have a decent pair for both of my coats.
Didn't go to the YSA new years eve party because my back started having issues.  No idea why, and only on the right side.  Tried several exercises to work it out, and finally my dad had to roll a tennis ball around the area before it would ease up.  Still iffy this morning though...
We lit off fireworks too, and I got a nose full of the smoke/gas from a match while lighting the thing.  But we had fun for a while.