Monday, December 31, 2012


It is a very dark sign to see one homeless person standing on the streets asking for help in any way.  But it is even worse to see more than one.  I saw no less than three people in that situation just today.  And it was snowing too.  Temperatures seemed to drop last night.  I think it got below ten, or at least close to it.
These people stand there in any weather hoping for a helping hand.  I've heard a few say they are to lazy or addicted to take care of themselves so they don't deserve a handout.  That's the meanest thing I think you could say.  Maybe they did, maybe they didn't.  All I know is that if I can help a little then I will.  It's not my place to judge them about their circumstances.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


If you ever watched the movie 2012, you heard about the theory that the world was going to end-or something like that-on the 21 of this month.  This stems from the fact that the mayan calendar we use from year to year ended on that day.  But a friend told me that the Mayans would simply say it was the end of a cycle, not the end of the world.
Given they lived what, 3,000 years ago, do you really think they were predicting the end?
We're all still here in any case.  Nearly to the year 2013 in point of fact.  We did get more snow yesterday, but clear skies today.  Very cold though, thanks to clear skies last night too.
i've got one more week of break before school starts again.  Hoping to get a job in that time, but so far haven't had any luck.  But I'm not giving up.  I hope that employers are looking at me, and not dismissing me because I'm in college.  I had a friend who kept getting turned down for jobs for that reason-and they told them so.  That's just rude in my opinion.
That seems really stupid too, with the way things are going.   Gas prices are finally dropping, but everything else is still going up as far as I can tell.   If you don't have employees, how will you sell stuff?  And if they don't have jobs, where will they get the money to buy stuff and keep others in buisness?
Their choice, but I think it might come bite them later.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


That's the most snow we've gotten in a while.  Still bitter cold though.  We might get even more.  Far too many accidents on the roads so far.  Mostly slid off's, but that's scary enough.
It's really fun trying to shovel the driveway.  The snow is powder so it's not heavy-though the buildup from snowplows in the gutter is a real pain to take care of.  If we don't it freezes in a thick bank that makes getting into the driveway a nightmare.  But the snow melts slightly with the snowblower, and leaves just enough to turn it into something akin to a ice rink.  Try to get enough purchase on that surface to shovel.  I nearly pulled a muscle trying not to fall-or do the splits-while clearing our driveway.
I bet those who go skiing or snowboarding are really happy now.  They just bundle up and head out for a long crazy day wherever they like to go.  I've never done either-would like to though-but it seems the perfect kind for that stuff.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Not What I Meant...

I said I wanted a white christmas, and I got one.  Now we are having a two day storm that leaves the driveway covered about five minutes after we clear it.  As my Dad puts it 'screaming at a whote driveway you'd just shoveled five minutes before'.  While having enough to sled in is nice, I have to note all the traffic accidents-especially on the freeway- that happen as a result of unprepared drivers.
Plus most of this is powder, meaning it's great for skiing and stuff, and erasy to shovel.  But it also promotes things like black ice.  Having fallen more than once on that surface I know it's not fun.  The scene in While You Were Sleeping is fun, but that's not a common occurence.
This light snow does mean that tree limbs are safe from breaking, as it's not heavy enough to do so.  Just bitter cold-I read in a book that trees can explode if it getws too cold, something about the sap expanding?-which encourages the use of scarves and gloves and really warm coats.
I'd like a good old fashioned snowball fight though.  Maybe with forts if there's time.  And this kind of snow is good because it's less likely to hurt.  Too bad my neice is a little too young for that....

Monday, December 24, 2012


A lot of the pranks you hear about occur around halloween, or a big school event.  Many of those are not fun to the recipient, and often leave hours of cleanup behind.  Toilet papering someone's yard, spray painting a school field bleachers or their symbol are signs of dislike or school rivalry.  But that often leaves the janitors a big mess, or the home owners.
Pranks around this time of year are hopefully more pleasant.  Things like leaving a bag of gifts for a needy family, a plate of cookies for a lonely person in the neiborhood(I know I spelled that wrong).
Secret Santa is one of my favorites, and it has many variations.  The point is to be annoymous.  And that's the best part.  Door bell ditching is fun when leaving a surprise because you won't get in trouble for it.
My family once had a group of people come by with quite the pile of gifts for all of us.  They claimed to be 'Santa's Elves'.  That is one of my best childhood memories.  And I still don't know who any of them were.


I had a strange dream a while ago.  I was following a large yet widely scattered group of people towards a tall mountain.  There was a road going around that I watched many people go along.  But the gorup I followed went to the mountain and began climbing up a sttep slope.  The 'wall' was made of a very thick mud like substance.  It was thick enough to provide hand and foot holds, yet soft enough I could dig my hands into it.  The previous climbers hand and foot holds would fade to nothing by the time I reached where they had been.  So each climber had to create their own.  There were several points where i slipped, but I didn't fall.  Finally I reached a ledge about midway up the mountain.  A girl was hauling herself onto this ledge as I reached it.  I woke up before I could see what was on the ledge, or even get on it.  But I remember feeling determined to get there.
Around this time of year people have many dreams.  Children want that special toy or set.  Adults want family time or vacation time.  Children are waiting for Santa to arrive, while those who are religious prepare to celebrate the birth of our lord and savior.
My dream is to see my family together, happy and safe.  I also dream of giving my father a reason to be as proud of me when I graduate from college as he was when my younger brother graduated from high school.  I dream of seeing snow on christmas morning, and watching my two year old neice play in it.
Everyone has dreams.  The question is, when and where we plan to achieve them.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the highest paid job I've found right now is a socail media manager, and they work from home?  This 'postition' pays around $25 per hour and all they are doing is updating stuff on facebook and/or twitter, or commenting in youtube videos.  While I can see the point of these jobs, it seems a little ridiculous to pay them that much.  You get paid to be on the web a lot.
Granted, my parents earn spare cash 'shopping' so to speak.  They are asked to got to certain stores/restaurants/theaters and do stuff.  If they have to buy or watch something they get reimbursed for it.  Some times it's setting up displays or making sure the right one is there, so they get paid for that.  Not all of the jobs they've gotten are that easy-one had them run all over the stat getting gasoline samples from a certain gas station.  But most of the time it's fun.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Majors and Minors

They say that choosing one should be easy,  but then they make you take a bunch of tests to determine what you should go for.  And those are not easy.  Plus they cost money, and take time.
I recently had to take said tests, and it took me over two hours to get them done.  There was a series of online tests, and then two written ones.  One of those you had to print off.
And if you don't finish in one sitting, you have to pay for it all over again.
The results give you a list of things you can try, but you still have to pick one and hope it works for you.  At least once you go with one, declaring it is easy.  Takes a lot less time too.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not so Fun Being a Girl

There is about one day per month were I don't want to do anything.  I have to force myself to eat, to exercise, to even get out of bed sometimes.
To explain, I feel like someone sucked all my energy out through my gut and then slugged me with it.  Trying to exercise sometimes helps, but other times it eases the pain for a few hours.  Then it comes back with a vengence.  Instead of a punch it feels like I was kicked in the gut.
Men can say I'm a wimp, but I'd like to see them try it.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Testing Weather Conditions

Taking finals is a pain during the last week of the semester.  I had two today and while the first wasn't a big deal, I had to wait in line for the second.  A good fifteen to twenty minutes.  At least they gave us soft chairs to wait in.  And additional study time.
We had fog last week.  For almost two days.  Kinda cool in my opinion, though I didn't have to drive in it.  Walking the crazy canines living in the same house is not fun though.  They try to take off after the next door neighbor's dog.  Doesn't help that said dog love coming into our yard to do his buisness.
Finally got snow! Not much though, and now it is really cold.  I believe we got below 25 degrees last night, so anytime I went outside my hands froze.  So the snow is powder, and we had ice on the windshields.  Makes me so glad to have a car that has a working heater.  Forget the a/c, I just want to be warm.  I can drive in heat.  Can't drive if my fingers won't move-or shake so much I'm driving all over the road.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


They're after me!!  Yes, that is an overreaction.  But getting stuff from various colleges can get really old.  They come in droves when you are a senior in high school and they may continue in college.  I am junior and I still get stuff from colleges wanting me to go there, or at least transfer.
Then there's the army, navy, air force that also send stuff during high school.  And I've started getting stuff from them agian.  My brother is enlisted, but I'm not sure I'm up to the level they want physically.
I have been going to personal trainers for a while, so I'm stronger than I look, but not that strong.  Plus the military doesn't really appeal to me.  Shooting guns at targets is scary for me (why carrying a knife doesn't I'm not sure).  Imagine me shooting at human shaped targets or real people? No thanks.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things to Look Forward to...

The End
Of a long hard workout, especially one with a personal trainer.  Results from this are usually positive, but the effort and training is exhausting.
A chic flic your wife/girlfriend/daughter dragged you to.  or a bloody action one with husband/boyfriend/son.
Finals week, and all the testing, papers to write, projects to do from a very long semester.
The Holidays
Christmas and Thanksgiving spent with family (hopefully).  New years eve spent doing something fun (drive sober please).  Halloween, though that one seems to have lost popularity.  Easter, the fourth of July (fireworks!), Father and Mothers day.  Not to metion all the other ones.
Snow, and all the fun that comes with it.  Ice scating, snowball fights, igloo building, sledding (hopefully with a bit of a hill-large ones tend to put more danger in), Skiing, snowboarding.  Of course there is the shoveling of the driveway that someone's got to do before anyone can go anywhere.  I do wish for a white christmas this year, as the last few haven't been.
Rain, which cleans up everything outside and makes the yard smell nice for a while.  And there's no cleanup from you unless you left something out.
Family trips or vacations, whatever your preference is.  Just taking a break from things for a while.
The next book in a series coming out, when you've been waiting for so long to see what comes next.
Getting your drivers license, though I was terrified.  I don't like driving very much.  I understand the benefits, but i don't like the idea of getting in an accident.  Kind of wish my brothers would too, so I could stop having to drive them around.
Turning sixteen, eighteen, or twenty one.  Big milestones in the life of young people.
Finding time to be alone in a special place.  Most people don't have that, I think.
A new movie you've been dying to see.  Hopefully no crazy people to ruin the evening.
A new baby.  A new life beginning.  The start of a family, no matter what kind.
The end of Nanowrimo, which I actually made 50,000 words!  Now what to do with that story.....

Monday, December 3, 2012

Things They Don't Tell You...

When you get federal grants you have a certain number of credit hours before they stop paying for it.  After 94 credit hours, they don't cover an associates, and after 189 hours they won't cover a bachelors.
Math is required for college graduation, no matter what.  So if you skipped out in high school, you're a little behind.
Picking and choosing majors because you have no idea which to go for only wastes you credit hours.  That's what student success centers and career placement areas are for.  Not many know that.
Most of the student needs for class stuff, like the above centers, are covered by student fees.  Why do you think they are so high?
Textbooks may be tax free, but they still cost a pretty penny.  And then you have any additional supplies for classes.
Certifications cost extra.  Any kind, no matter what.  It's even more for state ones.  I'm not going into national kinds.  That's a whole new level.
A D+ counts for graduation, but not for prerequisites.  That requires a C or higher.
Anyone wanting to be a tutor needs a B+ or better.  Otherwise forget it.
Parking permits are extra.  And they tend to cost $50 or more per semester.  That doesn't guarantee a parking place either.
Exercise is good for the health, but you rarely hear about people exercising in the rain.  Walking to school in the rain is worse, because you're trying to keep books and such dry along the way.  Snow is okay, as long as it's powder.  That just brushes off.  The other kind soaks in real fast.
Selling your textbooks back to the school give those taking that class a leg up because it costs less for them, but there isn't much benefit for you.  They give you a lot less than what you paid.

Friday, November 30, 2012


Approaching yet another finals week.  At least I got my math done early, so that's not an issue.  Still have to bug my math teacher about attendance though....
Studying can really be a drag, but if I want to pass this semester, then I have to move past that.  I noticed a lot of the other students looking really tired this past week.  I've been tired too, but not from late night study sessions.
So far I have two classes down and four to go.  Not counting institute, as that doesn't have finals.  But english wants a ten to twenty page final paper, so that's going to take a while.  The others don't have any higher demands, but they are not easy at the same time.  It's basically two tests and two papers, though one paper is only a page or so.
Weather has been really nice, but it looks like it's going sour today.  Makes the weekend interesting.

Monday, November 26, 2012


There are the classes you need to take, and then there is orgaizing them so you are not running from one end of the campus to the other.  I have one such issue on monday and wensday.  My second class of the day ends ten minutes before my final class, and unfortunately it's more than a ten minute walk from one to the other.  And it is uphill the mojrity of the distance.  So I wind up having to run up stairs for a good ten minutes, arriving at my class winded and often gasping.
That's where I promised myself to not do that again.  It may be good cardio exercise, but as it gets colder that means I have an even harder time breathing while running.  And carrying two-while small, they do drag on my arms-textbooks, a set of scriptures-a quad, for those who know what I mean-a half full water bottle  and a bag weighing roughly ten pounds.
Then I have to pull out my student I.D. to get in the building, while trying to breathe in the cold air.  So yeah, I'm not doing that again.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Football, Food, Family, Fun...

The thanksgiving F's, I suppose.  The men like to watch whatever teams are playing each other-and the two playing yesterday I don't really know.  But it is fun to watch and listen to the men and some women as they enjoy the game.
Of course there's the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and vegitables that everyone can gorge on.  Not that I ate more than two plates-I have a small stomach with a fast metabolism.  But I got to try some of everything, so I'm good.
And most people I know get together with at least one side of their family-in regards to couples-and they all bring something.  We get together at the largest house to eat and play whatever games strike our fancy.
Fun can be watching the games, but I also enjoy playing card games like crazy rhummy, and Phase 10-they are similar in some ways.  My brothers love playing video games with our younger cousins.  One year we did a competition with the WII.  We did Micheal Jackson song dance offs.  Not that I got very far in that-I have very little grace on my feet.
But we all gave thanks and had fun, so no complaints there.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not so Fun...

Coming to school after a dentist appointment where they were just doing a routine checkup and ended up pulling two teeth that had become abcessed.  A friend of mine had that happen this week.  Not to mention it started bleeding a little right before class, so trying to talk after that was a bit of a linguistic exersice due to the gaze they put in their mouth to stop or at least contain the bleeding.
Trying to take a math test with a growing headache and you didn't have time to eat breakfast-yeah, I did that one.
Having two out of three teachers cancel class for thanksgiving the wensday right before but the third is still determined to hold it so you still have to go to school.
Getting elbowed in the head while helping someone get the lint off the back of their suit jacket-accidentally, of course.
Dropping the change you got from the parking lot attendant machine, right where you can't open the door to get it.
Having a huge windstorm the day of a huge test for a language class, and then still having to go take it. Yeah, trying to get to the building was still a lot of exercise, but everyone who tried made it there in one piece.
Getting sick right after midterm testing so that while you don't miss class, you don't get a nice break either.  As in really sick, by the way.
Having to go to a different location for a class and having the car breaks go out right as you hit them so you still rear end someone no matter how hard you try not to. Good news about that is the only damage was to my car, so it wasn't a big deal.  Did give both of us our heart attack for the day.
Or there is the one person who tries to make the green arrow at the light and pulls in front of two lanes of oncoming ttraffic who fortunatley stopped in time-I was one of those.  Still a heart attack though.
It snows the day after a test that you didn't have time to study for, so you don't get extra time-haven't personally done this one though. Just heard about it. It has snowed the day before a test for me, but not enough to make a difference.
It snows during class, and while your teacher does let you out early as a result, the roads are bad enough as is.  Getting home with bad tires in that senario was definately not fun.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Good news

Things like Thanksgiving are good news because students are glad they don't have school for a few days.  Being able to finish a frustrating class early and managing to do so are alos good news.  Slightly warmer weather is good when you have an outdoor excursion planned.  Getting projects done on time or ahead of time help too.  Plus it opens the way fro lively discussion, so having spare time is fun.
On the other hand, having extra time means putting more effort into job hunting because the cost of textbooks is rising, and tuition is going right along with it.  With the way things are going, it seems like everyone is looking for help but no one is actually hiring.
Nanowrimo is almost over.  32,000 words and counting for now.  And I think I'm insane for trying to do that with all the school work I've got plus trying to find a job. But I've been managing so far.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Nothing brings a lot of attention like the fire alarms going off.  Especially when everyone in the building has to leave, and they're all there to work on math.  It's especially not fun when there's close to a foot of snow on the ground, and the temperature is below 40.  Everyone then gets to spen the next five to ten minutes trying to stay warm while finding out what's going on.  Usually the announce a drill via email, or something.  since this surprised the tutors as well as the students, I think someone was either smoking or pulling or prank (maybe some other reason too).  But we got back inside and back to work without too much delay.  Felt bad for those who had been taking tests, because the proctors had to separate them and make sure they didn't try to look at notes or something.  If they did, the proctors would have to terminate their test and make them start over.
Funny how an election can bring up unusual topics in class.  One of my english classmates thinks we need to get rid of the electoral college.  Given that most votes are counted electronically, they have a point.  But the only way to get rid of them is to assemble a continental congress, because it's a constitutional amendment.  Given the way things are going, that's highly unlikely.
One can dream though.  The electoral college was meant for times when counting votes would take far too long.  With the current method, that's a little outdated.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

12,000 and counting

Though if you're like my mom, you're over 15,000 by now.  Yes, I am talking about words she's written in a single story.  Nanowrimo is in effect.  Sigh.....
On the othe hand, math is finally going good.  I may finish early, which will give me more time to focus on other classes that I'm not doing so well.  I can hope anyway.  Leaves are falling all around.  On the rooftops on the ground.  Yes, thats a primary song I'm quoting.
English is about the same, but the two classes I'm taking online (that is not counting math) are something I'm struggling with.  I really don't like online classes, but at this point I have to take some online in order to get a full schedule-and get grants.  Makes the workload quite interesting. 
Another plus for today, got past my first aid practical, so once I pay for it I have a two year certification.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nanowrimo and Halloween

Well, the candy craze is past, at least as far as trick or treaters (or truck or treat, if you don't want to go from house to house) go.  Not very busy at my house though.  Nice weather for it, so I was hoping that would encourage the little ones (or parents).  No such luck.  Nothing like watching a scary movie too.  Makes it interesting if you want to get a good nights sleep.
Now comes the writers craze.  All aspiring authors join the line to try and write 50,000 words in one month.  If you try to write every day, your average needs to be 1,666 and 1/3.  Or more if you can manage it.  I have two in my family, so they are going to be on the computer a lot this month, though there have been threats of causing internet problems just for fun.  I try, but haven't met the 50,000 words yet.  and I'm in school, so that's even harder.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

first aid

Okay I have a new level of respect for life guards.  I'm taking a wilderness first aid course and we practiced water rescues today.  As in pulling someone out of the water, using various floatation devices to pull them out, lifting a unconcious person out, and diving in to swim them to shore.  In a class with all men-who happen to be bigger than you-that last one is hard.  Then at the end of class we reviewed in the pool while two assistants randomly grabbed us from behind in simulation of a desperate swimmer finding something to hold onto.  They got me twice.  Good news: with four younger brothers that love to do the same thing it's automatic to hold my breath, duck under the water, and shove their arm off before coming back up.  Still not fun to practice with bigger guys. 
Further good news is that I can do all that stuff without too much problem thanks to excercise.  Bad news: I still inhaled some water with the grabbing stuff.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I thought when starting college that weekends would be the time for catching up on homework or getting ahead.  It seems more like a break for teachers than for students.  I either have schoolwork or chores, so weekends are not down time.  I had one teacher this week that was gone today, so we didn't have class.  While that means I have some exrta time, it also means that time isn't spent playing video games or lazing around. sigh.
The snow melted over the weekend though, and it's gotten warmer.  so it wasn't all bad this time.  Leaves are starting to fall now-guess the snow encouraged it.  and now we get to try harvesting the last of our backyard garden so it doesn't go to waste.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hmm... I think I was a little premature about snow.  We got an inch today.
Did you know that anything that increases your heart rate is stress?  Appearently excitment is stress, but the good kind.  Anger is bad, but dealing with it can help.  Coming home and kicking the cat may not be the best choice, as the cat didn't make you angry.  Denying that you are angry, and failing to do something about it, can be worse.  Alot of cardiac problems come from anger, but hiding or ignoring it increases the damage.
The different kinds of stress are called eustress and distress.  Eustress is good because you 'rise to the occasion' and then come back down.  Distress is bad because sometimes you don't come back down, and things give out from exhaustion.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


You can never tell what topics can come up in college level english.  I'm into the second year area, but things have been interesting from the start.  Topics can range from politcis to history, and just about any others you can think of.  We got snow on the mountains.  Still cloudy today, but not much rain.
Parking can be a pain.  Especially when you have morning classes.  I generally have a 15 minute walk to school after a 15-20 minute drive.  And when it gets colder, that is no fun at all.  The scary part is the crazy drivers who still want to go five miles (or more) above the speed limit when the rain/snow/sleet-or even fog is thick enough that it's hard to see.  They tailgate you and honk, maybe squeal the tires getting around you because they are in such a rush.  I still hope they don't get in an accident, even after they've scared me to death with their driving.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Rain rain go away, come again some other day...
well, it's actually snowing, but it's wet either way.  Not sure anyone knows that rhyme anymore.  Interesting thought: did you know that puting a pencil in your mouth (parallel to your teeth-not one end first) automatically makes you smile.  Do it with a friend and odds are you'll both start giggling.  Got snow in the higher areas today, rain down lower.  Makes me glad I have an umbrella, even if it likes to give me problems.
Halloween's coming up, and the stores are getting stocked up.  It's kind of interesting to watch those specialty halloween stores around this time, as this is when they get busy.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Fun thought for the day.  Sitting in english today talking about instruction manuals.  One of my classmates asked what the bacon symbol meant on the hand driers in the bathroom.  She said she kept seeing it and couldn't figure out what the point was.
For those of you who might be confused (I was at first-then I got it) she was talking about the heat waves they put in the picture to demonstrate using the device.  But we all understood how it can be mistaken for bacon, as it looks a lot like that.  I know I thought that at one point, so it made a good laugh.  We discussed whether the artisit was hungry or thought you could cook bacon with one of the driers, so as to explain the resemblance.
With the weather today, it feels like walking over, under, and past one of those whenever I went outside, and anyone with hair longer than an inch knows what I mean.  At least we all had that 'windblown look'.  And thankfully it wasn't raining. Most of the time.
The leaves are turning late this year, at least around here.  But there were plenty of them flying around today.

Friday, October 19, 2012


About the whole teenage looking thing.  When you get a job working at a Junior high and teachers pull you over in the hall while running an errand, you get the impression they don't know you work there.  When people you just met are shocked to learn your over 20, that gets a little old.  Then when you and your just a little more than a year older sister go to a range and the front desk clerk talks pleasantly to your sister, then looks at you before turning back to her and asking if you're her child (trust me, it happened and I would have banged my head on the counter if not for wanting to aviod a headache later on).  That's getting frustrating.  Then when a friend of your parents asks them what level of high school you are in, you know you're stuck.  Granted, I had hints in high school when people thought my younger (by 2 years in fact) brother was older than me.  Yeah, I'm stuck.  A lot of people say I'll enjoy it when I'm older and still look good, but I keep telling them it doesn't help me now.  Even in college.


They say that Junior high is High school without the musical.  Well, is college any better?  The way things are going, I can't see that it is.  Tuition is rising by the semester, and finding a good job is getting harder.
Teachers can be fun, but sometimes the required classes can drive you crazy.  Take math for example.  The university I attend has all the pre college and 1010 math classes on the computer, so while you don't have to buy the textbook, you do need their custom note pages.  and to get anywhere in the class you have to get 70% or better on all the homework and the quiz's/tests.  So they (to quote a friend) are taking people who are bad at math and making them teach it to themselves.  And only giving them a semester to do it in.
If I wanted online math classes I would take them that way.  I learn best with a teacher and a physical textbook.  Sometimes you have to take online classes so you have time for everything.  But math is not something that I want on a computer.