Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Not What I Meant...

I said I wanted a white christmas, and I got one.  Now we are having a two day storm that leaves the driveway covered about five minutes after we clear it.  As my Dad puts it 'screaming at a whote driveway you'd just shoveled five minutes before'.  While having enough to sled in is nice, I have to note all the traffic accidents-especially on the freeway- that happen as a result of unprepared drivers.
Plus most of this is powder, meaning it's great for skiing and stuff, and erasy to shovel.  But it also promotes things like black ice.  Having fallen more than once on that surface I know it's not fun.  The scene in While You Were Sleeping is fun, but that's not a common occurence.
This light snow does mean that tree limbs are safe from breaking, as it's not heavy enough to do so.  Just bitter cold-I read in a book that trees can explode if it getws too cold, something about the sap expanding?-which encourages the use of scarves and gloves and really warm coats.
I'd like a good old fashioned snowball fight though.  Maybe with forts if there's time.  And this kind of snow is good because it's less likely to hurt.  Too bad my neice is a little too young for that....

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