Saturday, November 29, 2014

46,000 and counting...

Getting to the end of november and I'm still behind on my word count.  Managed 5,000 yesterday before going to bed, but I had work today.
Doesn't help that I'm still very short on ideas.  Got a lot of space in the story but no idea how to fill the blanks. Sigh.
Bet Black Friday was crazy though...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! And Black Friday...

Not so sure the second one is a good thing, but I guess people still like it. Kneaders was doing a buy one get one free on pies, and some of the stuff was on sale.
My allergies gave me a kick in the pants wednesday night, so I didn't sleep very well. Made rolls and pineapple stuffing for the dinner.
Went to work at 4 on wednesday and got off at 7:30 because we were busy but not enough for the amount of people there at the time.  Had a headache and cramps anyway, so I wasn't complaining.  Plus it was waffle night.
My brother created what might be the start of a family joke for Thanksgiving in naming his turkey and then someone naming the one my mom cooked.  Quite a few jokes from just that actually...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


How to take a $60 alingment on my truck and make it $115? wait too long so a certain $10 part has to be replaced-which means almost another hour of labor to pay for.
Then find out that the shocks in the front are about gone and that will be about $125.
So school may have to be shelved for yet another semester...

Monday, November 24, 2014

Aw, Man...

Snowed sunday morning really good, but most of it melted today.  My dad chased me around with a spray bottle because I asked my mom to braid my hair but it had nearly dried and might not have been curly when I took it out.
Babysat again today, which was fun because we took-my sister and I-them to get snow boots and gloves and found really cute stuff at Ross.
Work ran late saturday,which means I got an extra hour than I expected to. Also got some gingerbread cookies and chunky cinnamon bread.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Got into a bit of an argument with my sister yesterday, and I was still a little upset about it this morning.  Made pancakes for breakfast-my mom's suggestion, and added pumpkin stuff-but my mom cooked them.
Helped my dad move the currently not working f-150 truck he brought from my uncle to the garage using another car to push and pull it up the driveway.  I was steering for the last bit.  Didn't think to take out the key-no power steering, which is very hard to work with-and didn't know the key was on and so it drained the battery.  Oops.
My dad blew out all the rain gutters with a leaf blower.  Got my chores done too.  And it was of course raining during the truck thing. Sigh...

Friday, November 21, 2014


Once more I was on garbage duty today, did it right after I got to work-this time just checked the lobby ones as neither was even half full-and then around noon I had to empty both.  At least it wasn't as cold today.
Had at least three people order pies from me today-think I had two more as well-and one was thinking about what pies to go for when I left.
Brother is still having car issues, and so he has my car once again.  Scheduled an alignment for tuesday, hope to get the oil changed monday though.  We'll see how it works out.
Made it to 30,000 words yesterday!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Garbage and Running into Old School Friends Day at Work.

Well, not very old, just haven't seen the two of them for a while.  One from Japanese and whose name I totally forgot-sigh, me and names-the other from a few of my creative writing courses and the name was hovering in the back of my head.
Didn't really get to chat though.  Got to work and helped my manager clear the bakery's garbage out of the back and put it in the dumpster.  And later I got to clean out both the lobby cans too.
Baby sitting my nieces up til yesterday after noon means I'm now about 6,000 words behind. Sigh...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Very Bad Idea...

Did not sleep well sunday morning, so I was fighting being grouchy all day.  Then sunday night I let my oldest niece sleep in my bed with me.  She kept kicking or running into me-or moaning/sighing-all night, and if it wasn't her it was her sister crying in the middle of the night.
So yesterday I was even more tired.  And I had work too, which ran rather late for an evening shift-try 35 minutes-so I just took a shower, ate dinner, and went to bed.  Was aware for quite a while this morning, but felt like my eyelids were glued shut til about nine. Still feel a bit tired, but not too bad.
Wanted to get my tires rotated today, but having issues in jacking up the tires.  At least I know I can loosen the bolts.  Takes a bit of effort, but I can do it with having to stand on the star wrench, which is what I had to do the last time.
Nice day though...

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Been snowing every night for the past three days.  Would be fine if the snow dropped more than a skiff and didn't melt so fast.  Cloudy constantly too.
Yesterday was writers block day-not that I've been having much luck writing this week anyway, but I spent most of the day listening to songs or watching silly videos trying to get inspired.  Didn't work.  Finally had to settle for giving a character two pages of thinking in circles to get up to 24,000.
Was supposed to work today but they had too many people.  Too bad I did my cleaning yesterday.  So I helped my mom reorganize a room that has the gaming center, and my nieces beds in it because babysitting them is becoming a more constant thing.
Be nice if I could get some decent inspiration...

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Piano guys released a new video, though I'm not sure if the title fits, but I could be thinking of the wrong song here.  Heard two coworkers discussing a sketch from Studio C that was in the monday episode.  Can't remember the sketch name though.
Forgot my hat for the first time, so I borrowed a spare for the back.  Today we kept running out of soups and then one of the replacement soups wouldn't reach the needed temperature for us to serve it.  Still having issues with the loyalty card system.
Need to register for institute...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 10...

And I've got writers block.  Up to 19,400 words, but that's won't cover tomorrow.  Hope I can get inspired by then.
Registered for classes yesterday, so I can talk to my manager today about working around them.
Ran and errand for my sister this morning-very cold-and had to get breakfast stuff as we're out.  Need to put gas in my car...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 8(technically 10 but I skipped 2)...

16,000 words this morning.  Took a walk and discovered the wind was rather frigid.  Started flaking this afternoon.
Brothers are trying to stay ahead of the leaves, though the one keeps wanting to wait until they all fall-um...the flaking this afternoon didn't hint that that was a bad idea?-but my mom insisted they do some today.  Starting to cover the driveway anyway.
Can register for classes tomorrow!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Got a 3 dollar tip today, split it with two of my coworkers before I left.  One claimed today was very slow in regards to business, but we were plenty busy to me. Got to deep clean the outside seating area again, and clean a garbage can inside and out for the first time.
Cask drawer scratched me when I was getting change.
Saw Big Hero Six yesterday.  Very cute and funny. Glad I got 12,000 words thursday because I didn't have time to write yesterday.  Need to catch up today though.
Watched the Edge of Tomorrow thursday night, and it was better than I'd thought.
Can register for classes next tuesday...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day Six...

And 8,000 words so far.  Of course my mom is up to 10,000 already.  I was ahead there for a while.
Work last night was interesting, as first I had a customer with special needs who had just come out of dental surgery-their poor sinuses got infected after removing their wisdom teeth-and was still a bit out of it.
Then one of the stake presidency counselors came in a recognized me.  But that wasn't a bad thing.
Today was normal, though the rush was staggered, instead of all at once.
We have a new cake out-peppermint chocolate, which I think is really good and moist.
My brother got new lights for my truck-back up lights-that just need to be installed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Its that month again, and of course I get a new story idea the night before which wipes out the idea I was originally going to use.  I didn't have time to write saturday, and I don't write on sunday, so I had to write over 4,000 words yesterday.  Have to get my count in for today too.
Work had the same issue from yesterday, where the store cards and gift cards don't work.  previously made loyalty ones do, but nothing else did.  Then the second register broke, the manager fixed it, then it broke again right before the lunch rush.  The manager and I were trading who was on the register every half hour or so so one person wasn't stuck the whole time.
Still not much fun during a rush...

Monday, November 3, 2014


Well, work saturday went late-as in I got off almost an hour late, but no real issue there-but the party was fun.  The fact that we lost power for seven hours actually helped.  We got out glow sticks and candles and had fun.  Some people made it, but not everyone.
Cloudy all weekend, which made it rather cold this morning when my sister and I took my grandma and our nieces out to breakfast.  Let my grandma just talk most of the time-she gave us a few tips for handling the girls-and then I took her home.
Work meeting took longer than an hour, but no big surprises.  Just info about the holiday crush coming up. 
Finally found out when I can register for classes, but it's not until next week.  Sigh...