Monday, November 30, 2015

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Fell on my way to class this morning-not slip resistant shoes plus below 30 degree weather add a bit of a hurried step, yeah that was not much fun-so now my right side is sore.  Think I twisted my ankle and my wrist.  Bruised and scrapped my knee too.  But a fellow student helped me gather the stuff that went flying as I fell, so it was okay.  Was still on time for class, and things didn't start hurting til about halfway through class.  Figures.
Reminds me of something that happened at work before Thanksgiving.  A air force soldier came in to get some pies and things-they and several of their unit couldn't go home for the holiday, or don't have a home to go to-and the customer behind them insisted on paying for their stuff.  The soldier tried to decline, but once the customer found out that they were getting the stuff to have a Thanksgiving with the others who couldn't go home the customer insisted even after I told them the price.  The soldier was grateful, and the customer was happy that they could show their support while doing something nice.
Got a few pictures done over the weekend, two developed-that I'm working on now for printing-two my dad's developing for me, and three more to take, if not more.  One's ready, but the other in the same holder is not for developing.  Have to try and get them ready for a crit wednesday...
My truck's now working and driving me to places! So no more borrowing my sister and brother's cars.  Of course my truck is very much a cold blooded vehicle so it takes a bit to get it started.  And the side mirrors got messed up so I had to fix those.  But its registered and legal now, so thats how I got to school today.
Other than the shooting on Thanksgiving being so cold I couldn't stand it for more than 10 minutes-nasty wind drove right down the mountain and blew snow/powder in our faces-it was a good holiday. Just got finals to worry about, plus two redo papers and the ten page one for my english class.  Might have one more quiz too, but I'm not sure.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, this week is long...Monday I had issues with my film so I had nothing for critique-accidentally exposed it while loading an earlier set so it's got a green tornado covering the night shot of the tree in our front yard that it was supposed to be-but I was there so I hope for participation points at least. One of my classmates had a naked photo-really!! I'd hoped I wouldn't have that in this class!-so it was rather awkward to talk about.  I basically studied the other shots my classmates did and didn't say anything.
Had a make up quiz in math on tuesday, that I hope I did alright on.  Forgot one of the formula's for the second problem, but I think I did the rest correctly-may have forgot a part of that formula too-so here's hoping.
Had classes yesterday too, which was not fun as I waited until almost midnight to pick up my brother-who then got a ride from a coworker-before I went home and tried to help my sister get my truck out of the garage.  We had it back together but the clutch still wouldn't let us put it in gear when I went to bed-about 2 a.m.-so it was still in there yesterday.  Made it on time though, but I was so very tired that I can't say how well I paid attention to what we were talking about.
Had work after that-pie and roll pick up day, yay....-which went til after ten.  It was steady, and we got snow!  I will admit that driving home in the rather icy conditions was not fun when I couldn't get the rear window clear, but I made it without problems.  Had some extra pies, but we still had to pay half price for them if we wanted them.  And I think a few people didn't come for their stuff.....
We went shooting today, which would have been more fun if not for the 25 degree weather and the wind making it feel in the negative at the range.  We did the usual rifle and pistol stuff, then my cousin set up their face card scatter shot challenge-a piece of paper with face cards on it, we all use the same shot gun at the same distance and try to hit the 'high cards' on the paper for our score-which my oldest sister won.  I got a candy bar for trying though.  Forgot to squeeze the shotgun to my shoulder on my second shot and bruised it as a result.
Asked my mom to braid my hair before the dinner and let her play around with it a bit-she did a two sided braid that kind of looks like a tiara type thing-so I don't have to worry too much about my hair.  My brother brought the game we like to play, and my cousin put it we were keeping the tradition alive, and we played that while dinner was put away and the pies brought out.
Want to take shots, but I don't want to go outside for them...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Getting Better

I think the cold is on it's way out-if it was a cold, still not certain as the symptoms are the same-so I can focus better today.  Yesterday was rather hard-28 day friend kicked in at work about the same time my stomach began complaining and I was still dealing with a stuffy nose-but I managed somehow(thanks, lord).
Still haven't been able to bleed my clutch line. Need the right size hose for a good seal to get the air out.  Plus I do need the fluid for the transmission before I put the gear shift back on still.
Got one picture done for my final, but I have another quiz tomorrow for english and another paper for the other english due friday. and yet another math quiz...
My sister's car battery tried to kick the bucket this morning so i was late to class. Hope it starts when I have to go to work....

Monday, November 16, 2015

That's Better...

Got the hydraulic line in, and flushed it out-the stuff was a dark grey black color when it's supposed to be a transparent yellow-saturday, but still need to bleed it given the drain line is clogged so I wasn't able to do it properly.  A ward member helped attach the  line, and my dad helped me flush it. Turns out he was correct in his idea that liquid trapped in there was under pressure and preventing the line from attaching, as the ward member opened it to see and tried push the line in.  Stuff squirted out but it's in now. Need to give them a nice thank you...
Allergies are still sticking around, but getting better.  At least I can deal with those.  And with my truck nearly back in action I won't be borrowing my sister's car-or my brother's-once it's finally back together.  Down to three things now: bleed the lines, put the gear shift back together, and put the bolts back on the tire well-and attach the battery but thats very last-so it should be done by tomorrow.
Two papers to do, plus that position paper and another quiz for the other english class. Oy....

Saturday, November 14, 2015


I think my allergies are making one last come back for the season.  Woke up yesterday with the typical cold feeling, and I've still got it today.  Would have hoped it was long past that time, but it seems not. Seems to be going away faster though.
Still no luck on my truck, so it's still sitting in the garage-SO CLOSE! come on! Sheesh-but we don't have that much left-still-before its ready to work again.
Work's been rather crazy, but it is getting close to thanksgiving so its not really surprising.  Had quite the night last night, given that we had a few accidents-one involving a bowl full of hot soup, two of my coworkers, and too little space.  Thankfully no serious burns on that one-but nothing we weren't able to deal with despite the rush.  Found some really cute dolls for my mom's 'holiday' shelf that my brother made for her.
Have a few assignments coming up, so time is going to be tight...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Wind and Weather...

Supposed to be windy and cloudy today, which so far it has been.  Should be nice otherwise-not sure if that counts though-for the day I finally get to show my second photo project.  Hopefully the teacher's feeling better-can't say I'm mad when they've been having a lousy week-so it'll happen.
Clouds look heavy enough to drop stuff, but too high. Figures.
None of the snow stuck, so its just cold. Not fun walking around though, my lungs DO NOT like the temperature, at least not for very long. Sigh.
The leaves are finally turning! and falling right off the tree too. So you have about two days to take photo's if you wish-not kidding, we've got piles all over-of the pretty colors.  At least my sister got a large chunk of the apples last week, and my mom's been trying to make stuff to can with them before they go bad.  Juice, yay!
Math test didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  This is going to make passing very interesting. Gr.
Saw Peanuts saturday! about half my siblings couldn't so they're going today while those of us who already saw it are at work.  Good movie, and cute.
My truck is still in the garage! The hydraulic line won't go in! My dad says there may be too much pressure on the valve, or we may have to force it in.  And if that doesn't work we can try pulling the housing back off a bit-do not want to do that-and if that still doesn't work we'll have to get a new one. SIGH..........

Friday, November 6, 2015

Soooo Cloooossee.

I'm so tired from this week.  Have three things left to do on my truck-five if you're counting stuff like the rest of the bolts on the tire well we took off and reconnecting the battery cable-that should be done today, if I'm lucky.  One is get the hydraulic line back on-can't tell that I had problems getting it off-which I'm thinking requires lubrication.  Two would then be to bleed the line-air bubbles make it so the clutch can't disengage-which shouldn't take long. Three is put the gear shift stick back together, but that's not hard.  One of the easiest things to get off, and so far that means it'll be easy to get it back on as long as I do it right. did you know the fluid for the clutch line is the same as for brakes? I wonder why...
My poor photo teacher go the flu, so we had monday and wednesday off-would have been nice to have some warning, but I can't blame them after all-so I've still got to present my second assignment. At least I've got it ready this time...
We got snow! Yesterday and today, though it only stuck yesterday, and melted off rather quick-lame-but it made things even colder.  Not fun walking to the bus when it hurts to breathe.  But I like snow despite that.
Math test today, which I feel good about six of the questions, had no problems with those.  The other four were interesting.  Two I kind of raced through so I probably won't get a good score, but I had to catch the bus.  The other two I tried, but I'm just not sure if I got the formula right.  May-most likely did-have messed up the graphs for the second two anyway.
My mom wants nachos for dinner, so I need cheese...