Monday, November 9, 2015

Wind and Weather...

Supposed to be windy and cloudy today, which so far it has been.  Should be nice otherwise-not sure if that counts though-for the day I finally get to show my second photo project.  Hopefully the teacher's feeling better-can't say I'm mad when they've been having a lousy week-so it'll happen.
Clouds look heavy enough to drop stuff, but too high. Figures.
None of the snow stuck, so its just cold. Not fun walking around though, my lungs DO NOT like the temperature, at least not for very long. Sigh.
The leaves are finally turning! and falling right off the tree too. So you have about two days to take photo's if you wish-not kidding, we've got piles all over-of the pretty colors.  At least my sister got a large chunk of the apples last week, and my mom's been trying to make stuff to can with them before they go bad.  Juice, yay!
Math test didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  This is going to make passing very interesting. Gr.
Saw Peanuts saturday! about half my siblings couldn't so they're going today while those of us who already saw it are at work.  Good movie, and cute.
My truck is still in the garage! The hydraulic line won't go in! My dad says there may be too much pressure on the valve, or we may have to force it in.  And if that doesn't work we can try pulling the housing back off a bit-do not want to do that-and if that still doesn't work we'll have to get a new one. SIGH..........

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