Monday, November 30, 2015

Ow. Ow. Ow.

Fell on my way to class this morning-not slip resistant shoes plus below 30 degree weather add a bit of a hurried step, yeah that was not much fun-so now my right side is sore.  Think I twisted my ankle and my wrist.  Bruised and scrapped my knee too.  But a fellow student helped me gather the stuff that went flying as I fell, so it was okay.  Was still on time for class, and things didn't start hurting til about halfway through class.  Figures.
Reminds me of something that happened at work before Thanksgiving.  A air force soldier came in to get some pies and things-they and several of their unit couldn't go home for the holiday, or don't have a home to go to-and the customer behind them insisted on paying for their stuff.  The soldier tried to decline, but once the customer found out that they were getting the stuff to have a Thanksgiving with the others who couldn't go home the customer insisted even after I told them the price.  The soldier was grateful, and the customer was happy that they could show their support while doing something nice.
Got a few pictures done over the weekend, two developed-that I'm working on now for printing-two my dad's developing for me, and three more to take, if not more.  One's ready, but the other in the same holder is not for developing.  Have to try and get them ready for a crit wednesday...
My truck's now working and driving me to places! So no more borrowing my sister and brother's cars.  Of course my truck is very much a cold blooded vehicle so it takes a bit to get it started.  And the side mirrors got messed up so I had to fix those.  But its registered and legal now, so thats how I got to school today.
Other than the shooting on Thanksgiving being so cold I couldn't stand it for more than 10 minutes-nasty wind drove right down the mountain and blew snow/powder in our faces-it was a good holiday. Just got finals to worry about, plus two redo papers and the ten page one for my english class.  Might have one more quiz too, but I'm not sure.

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