Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Once again I'm getting scratched while at work.  Not due to weed whacking or rose bushes this time.  Trimming trees and bushes lining a road way yesterday.  I've noticed that when it takes two people two or more hours to create a 'mess', one person doing cleanup takes the same amount of time.
The day before that is was pulling out fallen trees and branches-or cutting them down-behind the stadium.  My supervisor and I both got scratched.
Still need to blow the debris off the stands, but other stuff got in the way.
Doing research for my paper is taking a while, when I thought it wouldn't.
My sister is moving again today. Fun...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Here we go again...

It's time to start my next english paper.  Only three weeks left (including this one) before the end of the semester.  Then we get a ten day break before fall.  I haven't been able to finish registering for fall.  Trying to find out why.
We watched the Impossible saturday night.  If you haven't, beware.  Not only is it a tear jerker, but rather graphic and very realistic.  They did not use CG for the waves.  Nope, they actually created the waves specific slides-and very filthy water.  The story is one of a real family that experienced the tsunami in Taiwan I think.  One of those areas.
My little niece was being very cute yesterday.  She loves playing on my queen size bed (my room doubles as a guest room-so I have to move if we have some) and with the three stuffed animals I keep there.  We played around while her dad (mommy was at work) ran some errands or something.  When he came back she tried to hid under my covers and made a bit of a mess.  Then she threw my animals on the floor.
But it's fun to play with her, as most of the time I'm at work or school.
Cloudy again today, which means it's humid.  But not as hot as last week (yeah, after I spend 20 hours weed whacking it cools down).  Might be spending a lot of time with a leaf blower today, cleaning the area I weed whacked last week.
My hands are still stiff, and it hurt to pick up a glass dish while unloading the dishwasher this morning.  That's a new one for me.  But it got better after I stretched them.
My sister and family might be moving again this week, if the house they bid on closes.  We'll see how that goes.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


That's all the clouds and rain have done so far.  But some person/people egged our house last night, so my dad and brother in law spent a good hour cleaning it up.  The rain helped a little, but not  much.
Hung out with a friend  and her sister and her sister's friend for a while (they wanted me to try Korean food).  Then we got 'disguises' and played around the mall for a hour.
Thanks to the weed whacking all week my thighs are covered with polka dot bruises, and my calves are polka dot welts.  My forearms are scattered nicks and cuts due to my short sleeves.
Got our piano tuned for my sister, but she feels that two keys still stick (too bad, as it took the rest of my spending money for the month to pay for the tuning).  At least it sounds much better.
The piano tuner said it liked being a half step low (as in the notes were that far off) and got mad at them for making it get back in tune.  Doesn't help that its been out of tune for at least ten years...

Monday, July 22, 2013


My brother came back from a week long trip with second degree burns on his legs.  That makes twice for him.  He got sunburned all over though.  One of these days he'll learn to reapply sunscreen.
It's getting too humid for me...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh no...

Remeber how my sister and her family + my oldest brother moved in with us temporarily?  well, they had a full grown pit bull with them.  Said pit bull does not get along well with small dogs.  Like ours for example.
My mom was petting the pit bull, named callie, when her dog, a male mix of chiwawa and something scotish I think, came over to say hi to my mom and give callie a friendly lick.  The lick somehow enraged callie, who grabbed my mom's dog, Indy, by the head and started shaking him like pit bulls do.
Thankfully Callie was wearing a harness we use while walking them, so my mom just had to grab that to pull her off Indy, who when released ran yelping to the other side of the room.  My dad disciplined Callie while my mom, second youngest brother and I tried to coner the now terrified Indy to check his injuries.
Callie is now confined to the room my sister uses, and Indy is a little leary of larger dogs.
Have you ever cleaned the underside of your fridge?  Because I did that with my dad today, and we didn't find a bunch of dust bunnies.  No, they were dust rats, and refridgerator magnets.  I think we waited too long between cleaning under there.
Got my article in, and realized when I got to work that I hadn't signed my cover letter. (argh...)  But I can't fix it now.
And I need a new topic for a new article...My dad gave me a good idea for one.

Friday, July 19, 2013


My teacher wanted me to add pictures to my article, but my camera died! As in won't turn on even with new batteries.  Doesn't have a reset button either...
But I got the new draft done, just need to get more stamps.  I hope this is better.  My article's about the same length, but less wordy (I hope).
Got covered in dirt yesterday, and my poor brother got soaked at his job.  Machine broke down and drenched him I think.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rain in Summer

Not actually a bad thing, due to current drought conditions.  But it is a little annoying to have it start pouring when you and your supervisor are trying to pick up and empty 14 garbage cans scattered on a soccer type field.  Plus heavy wind blew half of them over before we got there.  There were five or six tents set up, but the wind blew the rain right under them so they didn't give us any shelter.  Came home wet for the first time with this job as a result.  Felt really bad for my supervisor, as they didn't have a jacket, and I did.
I've become DD at work for yesterday and today.  My supervisor's License expired before they  realized it so they can't drive until it's renewed.  My younger coworker can't driver because they're under 18.  The only other swing shift coworker switched to morning or day shift yesterday.  But today's the last day for that, as my supervisor is taking tomorrow off to get it renewed.
My mom mentioned being worried that I had a lousy birthday-or at least felt that way about it.  While having my sisters celebrating theirs at the same time isn't the best, its better than nothing.  And even if I did, I wouldn't blame her.  Because my younger brothers didn't want to help with anything, my oldest brother ran off with friends (his excuse being I wasn't there at his) My sister not feeling well and being tired after sleeping  around fifteen hours, my other sister just getting off work and having to deal with her rambunctious 2 year old,  and my dad finding a few dog messes in the house.
I didn't get any presents either, but then I haven't got any on my birthday for a few years now.  My parents can't afford it, and everyone else is either out of money, never had any, or just forgot.
At least I got to sleep in a little today, with my english teacher doing individual meetings instead of class.  My article is done, at least for him to critique, and I wrote the cover letter for it.  That may need work though, given it's very short.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Well That was Fun...

Spent friday prepping the campus for the concert sunday, and even stayed a half hour late moving garbage cans.  There was a department party friday as well.  Bowled with my coworker, who beat me quite soundly (they took a bowling class last fall).  Cleaned grass clippings and garbage out of the duck pond using long metal rakes.
Saturday was a bit chaotic.  Spent a lot of time entertaining my niece, and getting groceries with my parents.  Planned on going to a rodeo that evening, but the rain kinda cancelled that.  Rained friday morning too.  Been cloudy all weekend...
Have my final draft due wensday.  Still need to revamp it.  At least I have a good idea of where to go.  Got my magazine for it, and the envelopes with stamps.  Not sure how well my topic works with the readers for that magazine, but I'll try.
Saw Jack the Giant Killer saturday night.  Rather funny in my opinion.
Turned 25 yesterday!  And I think my siblings and my dad were all in bad moods.  My dad due to messes and other things, my sister to not feeling well, and my brothers because they didn't want to help with dinner.  Not feeling to great myself, but I woke up 'on the wrong side of the bed'.  Not in a bad mood, or having a bad day(my english teacher let us out and hour early to work on our articles) just slept weird I guess.
Probably going to have more cleanup today from yesterday...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No Sleep...

At least it feels that way.  My brother works night shift wensday through sunday, and he gets home after six-and unfortunately wakes me up.  I wish I could wear ear plugs, but when I tried that sunday it didn't work very well.  My dad goes to work before five, and we get up to have prayer with him monday through thursday.  The second oldest of my brothers now has a job that gets him up at the same time. And the younger of my older sisters gets up around three.  I hate being a light sleeper...
At least I got my first draft done on time, and got some very helpful feedback.  The final draft is due next friday though...
Work has been more planting flowers, and we still have two pallets left.  Plus irrigation issues-we split a few pipes planting flowers, and three areas have developed leaks that will involve a lot of digging to fix.
Downside to having so many people taking lunch to work: it's easy to run out of leftovers by the end of the week.  Hope I don't have to buy lunch again.
My birthday is coming up, and I'm not sure how it's going to go.  It's on sunday this year.  And with the new additions in the house, things are rather crowded.

Monday, July 8, 2013


I have to admit, following my mom's blog is sometimes the only thing that can cheer me up for the day.  Usually because I'm at work and school all day and that gets rather tedious.  Her most recent blog was mentioning that my sister, her husband, their daughter, and the oldest of my younger brothers just had to move back in with us.  Granted I've never left-can't afford to, sorry mom-but both my sisters have, and the older two of my brothers did.  Now we're all back home.
Yesterday was fun with that though.  We spent a long afternoon playing Peanuts Monopoly-we bought it for my dad some time ago and thought he'd never open it as he's a collector of that stuff.  Someone quoted Shrek 2 :'it's so nice to have the family together for dinner' but skip the flying food part.
Saturday was rearranging of two rooms so my brother doesn't have to sleep on the couch(technically my sister and her husband sleep on two couches shoved together...) because he works nights.
Friday was another lonely night at work, as my supervisor went home early and my coworker couldn't stay late.  I was just gathering un-planted flowers and watering the newly planted ones.  My supervisor underestimated how many still needed to be planted though, as they thought I'd just need a kubota.  I filled the kubota, a mule, and still had to stick a few on the floor of the kubota.
Plus I found a broken sprinkler as I was heading back, and then I couldn't find the control valve to turn it off-I tried six or seven with no luck. Sigh...
Need to write the first draft of my article today...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Well, the run wasn't as fun as one might think.  But I did manage to cut ten minutes off my first time (I did 44 minutes last time, 34 this time).  My dad beat me by eight minutes.  My mom was walking so she took longer than me.  None of us placed though.
We were very sore for the rest of the day.  My poor sister came home from work after a rather frustrating day-things kept giving her grief at work, then she left half her fireworks at the stand and had to go back and get them.  Thankfully they were still there.
Wensday at work was interesting, as we had a marching band competition going on all afternoon.  The bands showed up around the time I started work, so it was interesting getting things done while staying out of their way.  It didn't help that we were planting flowers leftover from another campus.  We didn't get them all planted and then had to dodge the bands while trying to water the one's left in pots.
All the parking lots near the stadium got full very fast, so we had to hurry and water those areas before we couldn't get in there.
My little niece loves fireworks, and had fun running around with sparklers-though she almost burned herself by grabbing the wrong end...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh well,

Even if I can't take that one test, I can still pass the class(I'd rather not have that hanging over it though...) actually keeping up in my current class.  My teacher says that those of us who keep coming are keeping up(I did miss one assignment so far-argh).  We had to turn in a very detailed outline for our first article today.  It was rather fun to see what people came up with.  Outlines varied from one page to up to four.  Mine was one and a half, as I still need to get some info.
Works been interesting, as those on mow crew have only half the people there this week, they can't work tomorrow, and most took friday off.  Not sure how they're going to get it done this week...
Spent yesterday afternoon working with my supervisor getting sprinklers unclogged (at least five in critical areas had clogged) or spraying the right area.  I guess if the lawn mowers hit them just right it knocks them to the side so they hit the road, a wall, or the sidewalk instead.  Not sure how it works, but it happens.
We have a big event at the stadium today, so we spent the last five days cleaning the stands for it.  Yesterday we finished and set up garbage cans-I got to put liners in.
Really fun thing has been a set of sprinklers on the opposite side of campus that are supposed to be automatic.  The timers or something connected to that part went out, so my supervisor and I have to go run them manually alongside our regular set.  Makes a lot of driving back and forth during the evening.
The fourth is tomorrow! Fireworks!  And I get to run a 5k...

Monday, July 1, 2013


in the summer is not fun.  Granted I spent most of that Saturday entertaining my two year old niece ay a nearby park.  But she wanted to play on the one playground that was always in the sun rather than the one that spent a lot of time in the shade.  We had fun until I got a little overheated-gave myself a headache for the rest of the day. Argh.
And I missed taking a rather important test for my online class, and may fail it as a result.  Have to talk to the teacher first. I really hope not...
But my sister had to leave her rented house due to a difficulty with the landlord (I'm not going into details about it) so we spent friday and saturday  dealing with that.  Friday was reorganizing my parents house so they (my sister, her husband and daughter, and my oldest brother) could move in until they found a better place.  Saturday was loading up three trucks with trailers-including mine- with the shells off and keeping the little one out of the way.  Hence my walking her over to a park.  Just wish it hadn't been so hot that day...
Yesterday also had the same issue, only unloading this time.  But I don't know if that will count with my teacher.