Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No Sleep...

At least it feels that way.  My brother works night shift wensday through sunday, and he gets home after six-and unfortunately wakes me up.  I wish I could wear ear plugs, but when I tried that sunday it didn't work very well.  My dad goes to work before five, and we get up to have prayer with him monday through thursday.  The second oldest of my brothers now has a job that gets him up at the same time. And the younger of my older sisters gets up around three.  I hate being a light sleeper...
At least I got my first draft done on time, and got some very helpful feedback.  The final draft is due next friday though...
Work has been more planting flowers, and we still have two pallets left.  Plus irrigation issues-we split a few pipes planting flowers, and three areas have developed leaks that will involve a lot of digging to fix.
Downside to having so many people taking lunch to work: it's easy to run out of leftovers by the end of the week.  Hope I don't have to buy lunch again.
My birthday is coming up, and I'm not sure how it's going to go.  It's on sunday this year.  And with the new additions in the house, things are rather crowded.

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