Tuesday, October 30, 2012

first aid

Okay I have a new level of respect for life guards.  I'm taking a wilderness first aid course and we practiced water rescues today.  As in pulling someone out of the water, using various floatation devices to pull them out, lifting a unconcious person out, and diving in to swim them to shore.  In a class with all men-who happen to be bigger than you-that last one is hard.  Then at the end of class we reviewed in the pool while two assistants randomly grabbed us from behind in simulation of a desperate swimmer finding something to hold onto.  They got me twice.  Good news: with four younger brothers that love to do the same thing it's automatic to hold my breath, duck under the water, and shove their arm off before coming back up.  Still not fun to practice with bigger guys. 
Further good news is that I can do all that stuff without too much problem thanks to excercise.  Bad news: I still inhaled some water with the grabbing stuff.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I thought when starting college that weekends would be the time for catching up on homework or getting ahead.  It seems more like a break for teachers than for students.  I either have schoolwork or chores, so weekends are not down time.  I had one teacher this week that was gone today, so we didn't have class.  While that means I have some exrta time, it also means that time isn't spent playing video games or lazing around. sigh.
The snow melted over the weekend though, and it's gotten warmer.  so it wasn't all bad this time.  Leaves are starting to fall now-guess the snow encouraged it.  and now we get to try harvesting the last of our backyard garden so it doesn't go to waste.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hmm... I think I was a little premature about snow.  We got an inch today.
Did you know that anything that increases your heart rate is stress?  Appearently excitment is stress, but the good kind.  Anger is bad, but dealing with it can help.  Coming home and kicking the cat may not be the best choice, as the cat didn't make you angry.  Denying that you are angry, and failing to do something about it, can be worse.  Alot of cardiac problems come from anger, but hiding or ignoring it increases the damage.
The different kinds of stress are called eustress and distress.  Eustress is good because you 'rise to the occasion' and then come back down.  Distress is bad because sometimes you don't come back down, and things give out from exhaustion.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


You can never tell what topics can come up in college level english.  I'm into the second year area, but things have been interesting from the start.  Topics can range from politcis to history, and just about any others you can think of.  We got snow on the mountains.  Still cloudy today, but not much rain.
Parking can be a pain.  Especially when you have morning classes.  I generally have a 15 minute walk to school after a 15-20 minute drive.  And when it gets colder, that is no fun at all.  The scary part is the crazy drivers who still want to go five miles (or more) above the speed limit when the rain/snow/sleet-or even fog is thick enough that it's hard to see.  They tailgate you and honk, maybe squeal the tires getting around you because they are in such a rush.  I still hope they don't get in an accident, even after they've scared me to death with their driving.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Rain rain go away, come again some other day...
well, it's actually snowing, but it's wet either way.  Not sure anyone knows that rhyme anymore.  Interesting thought: did you know that puting a pencil in your mouth (parallel to your teeth-not one end first) automatically makes you smile.  Do it with a friend and odds are you'll both start giggling.  Got snow in the higher areas today, rain down lower.  Makes me glad I have an umbrella, even if it likes to give me problems.
Halloween's coming up, and the stores are getting stocked up.  It's kind of interesting to watch those specialty halloween stores around this time, as this is when they get busy.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Fun thought for the day.  Sitting in english today talking about instruction manuals.  One of my classmates asked what the bacon symbol meant on the hand driers in the bathroom.  She said she kept seeing it and couldn't figure out what the point was.
For those of you who might be confused (I was at first-then I got it) she was talking about the heat waves they put in the picture to demonstrate using the device.  But we all understood how it can be mistaken for bacon, as it looks a lot like that.  I know I thought that at one point, so it made a good laugh.  We discussed whether the artisit was hungry or thought you could cook bacon with one of the driers, so as to explain the resemblance.
With the weather today, it feels like walking over, under, and past one of those whenever I went outside, and anyone with hair longer than an inch knows what I mean.  At least we all had that 'windblown look'.  And thankfully it wasn't raining. Most of the time.
The leaves are turning late this year, at least around here.  But there were plenty of them flying around today.

Friday, October 19, 2012


About the whole teenage looking thing.  When you get a job working at a Junior high and teachers pull you over in the hall while running an errand, you get the impression they don't know you work there.  When people you just met are shocked to learn your over 20, that gets a little old.  Then when you and your just a little more than a year older sister go to a range and the front desk clerk talks pleasantly to your sister, then looks at you before turning back to her and asking if you're her child (trust me, it happened and I would have banged my head on the counter if not for wanting to aviod a headache later on).  That's getting frustrating.  Then when a friend of your parents asks them what level of high school you are in, you know you're stuck.  Granted, I had hints in high school when people thought my younger (by 2 years in fact) brother was older than me.  Yeah, I'm stuck.  A lot of people say I'll enjoy it when I'm older and still look good, but I keep telling them it doesn't help me now.  Even in college.


They say that Junior high is High school without the musical.  Well, is college any better?  The way things are going, I can't see that it is.  Tuition is rising by the semester, and finding a good job is getting harder.
Teachers can be fun, but sometimes the required classes can drive you crazy.  Take math for example.  The university I attend has all the pre college and 1010 math classes on the computer, so while you don't have to buy the textbook, you do need their custom note pages.  and to get anywhere in the class you have to get 70% or better on all the homework and the quiz's/tests.  So they (to quote a friend) are taking people who are bad at math and making them teach it to themselves.  And only giving them a semester to do it in.
If I wanted online math classes I would take them that way.  I learn best with a teacher and a physical textbook.  Sometimes you have to take online classes so you have time for everything.  But math is not something that I want on a computer.