Friday, October 19, 2012


They say that Junior high is High school without the musical.  Well, is college any better?  The way things are going, I can't see that it is.  Tuition is rising by the semester, and finding a good job is getting harder.
Teachers can be fun, but sometimes the required classes can drive you crazy.  Take math for example.  The university I attend has all the pre college and 1010 math classes on the computer, so while you don't have to buy the textbook, you do need their custom note pages.  and to get anywhere in the class you have to get 70% or better on all the homework and the quiz's/tests.  So they (to quote a friend) are taking people who are bad at math and making them teach it to themselves.  And only giving them a semester to do it in.
If I wanted online math classes I would take them that way.  I learn best with a teacher and a physical textbook.  Sometimes you have to take online classes so you have time for everything.  But math is not something that I want on a computer.

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