Tuesday, October 30, 2012

first aid

Okay I have a new level of respect for life guards.  I'm taking a wilderness first aid course and we practiced water rescues today.  As in pulling someone out of the water, using various floatation devices to pull them out, lifting a unconcious person out, and diving in to swim them to shore.  In a class with all men-who happen to be bigger than you-that last one is hard.  Then at the end of class we reviewed in the pool while two assistants randomly grabbed us from behind in simulation of a desperate swimmer finding something to hold onto.  They got me twice.  Good news: with four younger brothers that love to do the same thing it's automatic to hold my breath, duck under the water, and shove their arm off before coming back up.  Still not fun to practice with bigger guys. 
Further good news is that I can do all that stuff without too much problem thanks to excercise.  Bad news: I still inhaled some water with the grabbing stuff.

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