Friday, October 31, 2014


Which is probably a good thing for Halloween, adds to the 'spooky'-ness I think.  But it also lowers the temp a bit.
Work was better yesterday, though we sold a lot of the special Halloween ghost and jack o lantern sugar cookies-they had them pre-boxed in half dozens when I got there(very handy when people were getting specific amounts).  thankfully my manager finally managed to get the pop machine fixed that same morning, so we didn't have a repeat of wednesday's chaos.
Went to lunch with my mom and aunts, and then went shopping-found some really fun Halloween decor for my sister's masquerade tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Amusement Parks

Can be fun, but not when the temperature starts dropping-as it did monday-because moving at high speeds after dark in lower degrees takes some of the fun out.  But that didn't quite stop my siblings and I from doing it.  We just had a lot of hot chocolate-mainly held in front of us to regain finger mobility-and found a few indoor rides.  Those tend to be the fear factor type rides, which fits the season.
We got to see a Zombie Mambo performance too, while getting the second round of said chocolate.
Of course I think that kick started my allergies, but very mildly.  I can still breathe through my nose, and only have a tickle in my throat.  work was crazy though, so it didn't help to even have that much.  The pop machine broke again, and still wasn't fixed when I left.  Poor manager kept calling people to try and trouble shoot with no success.
Forgot the bread I got for my grandma, so I need to remember to take it to work tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is Getting Complicated...

My brother's car is still in the shop, and yesterday he got off work after I did.  Wound up waiting at work for nearly an hour because my parents and only other sibling with a car were in another city visiting family.
It froze last night, which was awkward for my brother as he got my truck washed before heading home.  He of course then went to dry it off with a towel in hopes of preventing my truck getting frozen shut.
Don't know if it worked...

Monday, October 27, 2014


Got asked to cover a coworker's shift saturday night again.  Crazier than the first time I got that shift.  Didn't get off until 9:30 too.
Baby sat my nieces saturday morning-after cleaning the room they play in-and most of sunday.  Poor youngest one is getting more teeth and was miserable.
Made it to the second practice for my ward choir yesterday, by getting a ride from one of my home teachers.  So close to finishing the cross stitch for my sister...

Friday, October 24, 2014


My brother somehow locked himself out of the house for 4 hours yesterday after midnight(so night before last).  Why he was out there is not certain.
My work was normal, and I got off early so my brother could borrow my truck.  Still can't get the front license plate on...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Lindsey Stirling came out with a new music video.  It's fun to see an artist who can manage steam punk style with modesty.
Nickleback's new song What Are You Waiting for? is fun too, but that one doesn't have a video.
Work was long yesterday, but I didn't get off early.  Found someone to cover my shift so I can go to a party with my sisters and mom.
Put on my new license plate yesterday before work, though I didn't have time to get both on.  Felt bad because my dad went to the bank while I was at work to deal with the lien problem I'd mentioned because I'd forgotten to tell him I'd taken care of it.
Then I found two unused plates in the back of the cab with unused decals.  Had to laugh about that.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Well, the weekend was crazy, with my parents supposed to be out of town having a nice weekend with my grandma but they came home yesterday saying they needed a vacation from that vacation.  Took my sister's dog to the vet-he'd hurt his back somehow-and then brought him home.  Would have taken a lot longer given they were booked til 9:20, but the main vet is in my parents ward and they found an opening within a few minutes so I was done before 9:10.  Poor dog's on meds and bed rest for two weeks.  Meds are making the dog very restless.
My dad's cat isn't doing so well either, but she's mending faster.  Has some kind of injury to her left cheek that got infected-may be two there, but it's hard to tell-so we've been washing it with baby shampoo and it's been going down.  It was also oozing, so that may be helping too.
Got my truck registered today, to me.  License plate is kind of fun, though it took far longer than I'd expected.  Had to go to the bank to get a signature-something about a lien holder signature-then go back.
Brother's car is still out of commission.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


My brother's clutch somehow wore out in less than a year, so he's borrowing my truck and it's now showing signs of age.  First a gas smell-not a first time though-then a burning belt smell(according to him) and last night the backing up lights weren't working.
Then I was driving to work this morning and something was rattling behind the dashboard.  Usually when the road was a little bumpy.
Of course his clutch isn't covered under a warranty despite its recent installation, so he has to pay around $700 for a warrantied one.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Crazy Week.

Monday I got my truck inspected-it passed.  Tuesday I didn't have a spare moment-7 hour work shift and then missionaries over for dinner-went to see The Maze Runner after that-so I've missed a few days.
Not much to report.  My sister was babysitting my nieces at their house all day monday, then brought them home that night so she could watch them until about 5 yesterday.
Work was work, though I got sent home early monday-less than an hour, but I still missed canadian thanksgiving.  Got leftovers when I got home.  Of course my sister made french toast after I went to work yesterday.
Maze Runner is a thriller.  Not a gory one, though there is a little blood and some language.
Today should be interesting...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Meet the Mormons

Funny how more people recognize that name over the official one of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.  But the movie is good-though there is a cry spot for those of that tendancy.
Work today was crazy, but in a good way.  I covered the shift for my manager without any big issues.  Learned how to box a bar cake and brew coffee-though I don't drink the stuff-while I was there.  Then got to show the newest hire how to do the coffee afterwards, which may help me remember.
Had a customer try to set their full glass of water on a table and tip it over instead.  Then a little kid dropped one of the very large glass ball type ornaments off the Christmas tree and break it.  Their mom helped clean it up.

Friday, October 10, 2014


The soda machine broke at work yesterday, which really did not help with the ongoing lunch rush at the time.  It meant we had to fill all the drinks for the customers for over an hour, and try to take orders-not to mention get them out-with a line out the door.
When it finally got fixed you could feel the sigh of relief-though no one made any sound out loud.
Grabbed the tickets for my parents, two siblings, and I to go see the Meet the Mormons movie today.  Went to the wrong theater though...

Thursday, October 9, 2014


We actually ran out of the large canning jars we've been using.  Haven't had to buy some in years.  So my applesauce is still in the pot.  Managed to find enough to can the last bit of juice, and we do have three left, but thats not enough for the sauce.
Had a headache all day yesterday, and thankfully I got off work early despite my lack of hours this week.  I exercised and it finally went away.  But now I'm sore.
And if we want to finish all the apples we've got, we need more jars...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And It's Over...

another conference is done.  No work yesterday or today, so its been a bit boring.  Trying to get the last of the garden before the frost kills it, and use it before it goes bad.
Apples being the prime target right now.  Managed another load of juice last night, bottled it this morning.  now working on a second batch and some sauce as well.
Work out was a bit harder than usual, so I'm sore while trying to do the apples...

Saturday, October 4, 2014


1st session is done, second to start shortly.  Got some housework done during, as long as it wasn't loud so I could still hear.
Thought I'd walk to the store yesterday to grab groceries for dinner, and failed to realize how heavy the bag would be.  Gave myself a cardio and a weight exercise doing that.  Thankfully recovery wasn't much beyond a good nights rest.
Trying to finish my laundry before the 2nd session starts, or before work if that doesn't happen.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Ha Ha Ha Ha...

Wound up going over to my step foster grandma's(yeah, its complicated, but I still know her) house to pick the apples off her trees.  My second oldest and youngest brothers came too, and we filled three baskets with them.  Mostly just the good ones with no bites.
I then put half a basket in the juicer, but it wasn't done before I went to bed.  My mom's currently finishing it.
Got to work fine, but overheard the owner/manager talking with the shift manager(both were working today) and the O/M threatened to set me on the SM.  All I could think to say was "umm, what am I being volunteered for now?"  They both laughed a little, then the SM said they'd set another employee-the one on expo-on the O/M.  The O/M retorted that I could take the other employee.
We both weren't too keen on being called to fight each other, and the other employee remarked that I ought to tell the O/M to fight their own battles.
My mom came by with her coworker's for lunch, and I didn't even know she was there until I was trying to find another customer and spotted her on the way.   Her coworkers started teasing me, and one asked for a free pastry.
My mom's present is here!  Siblings still owe me for it...

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Had yesterday morning off, but couldn't find a number for a job I applied for.  Finally called the only number that seemed to show and was told they have to wait a month before they even get the application.
Work was normal last night, and I got off a bit early.  Rather cold this morning, then my supervisor told me they are over-scheduled so I get the day off.
So I ordered my mom's birthday present.  Should be here on time...