Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Amusement Parks

Can be fun, but not when the temperature starts dropping-as it did monday-because moving at high speeds after dark in lower degrees takes some of the fun out.  But that didn't quite stop my siblings and I from doing it.  We just had a lot of hot chocolate-mainly held in front of us to regain finger mobility-and found a few indoor rides.  Those tend to be the fear factor type rides, which fits the season.
We got to see a Zombie Mambo performance too, while getting the second round of said chocolate.
Of course I think that kick started my allergies, but very mildly.  I can still breathe through my nose, and only have a tickle in my throat.  work was crazy though, so it didn't help to even have that much.  The pop machine broke again, and still wasn't fixed when I left.  Poor manager kept calling people to try and trouble shoot with no success.
Forgot the bread I got for my grandma, so I need to remember to take it to work tomorrow...

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