Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Testing Block...

Have you ever sat down to take a test and all the information goes right out of your head?  Just took my english final and that happened right as I started.  We were supposed to identify writers from different disciplines and what they contributed.  I barely recognized the names!  I'd just studied them! AGH!
So much for going out with a 'bang' in that class...
Not getting a lot of sleep this week did not help either.  Probably a major contributor.  Running out of stuff to take to work for lunch.  My brothers keep eating all the leftovers.  I did find some they hadn't eaten yet...
We got to weed whacking yesterday, but then they needed help getting ice melt to the roof of the admin building.  I'm glad we didn't have to carry it all the way up three flights of stairs (they had carts to get it to the top floor at least) but we did have to carry it up a ladder to the roof.
Writing nonfiction is an interesting exercise, as my new english class we write articles for magazines and they can't be made up.  Found a topic (from work) now I need a magazine.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Not feeling too good, but that's because I ate something that doesn't agree with me.  Finished two classes, now starting a new one.  Magazine article writing, now that's going to be interesting.  The teacher actually wants us to write and submit to article to magazines.  They've actually had students get published during the semester.  Not a high number, mind, but a decent average.  They outlined the process of accepting/rejecting articles for a typical magazine.
Studied for my english final, but had to take a final (and turn in a bunch of other assignments) for another class so I don't have time to take it today.  Both my english classes this semester have an odd ratio of male to female-with more female than male by a lot.  And one of my classmates from 3080 is in my new class!
Supposed to be weed whacking at work again today...

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Well, I just signed up to run a 5k on july fourth.  I tried a walk run one last time, so we'll see if I can actually run it.  My english test just became availible, so I need to study for that.
Spent yesterday with a winy seventeen year old.  They didn't want to pull weeds or do anything else for pretty much most of the day-even after I bought them dinner.  I've got one of those at home too.
Got my scooter to almost good condition, as the turn signals on the mirrors got disconnected when said mirrors spun and yanked out the wiring.  At least my dad got them to stop doing that.  Took a little nail polish and both of us though.
Returning to said teenager, why would anyone want a spider to bite them? Especially going to the effort of picking up and agravating said spider?  Even if it's only a daddy long legs.  I do not get teenagers...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving barricades for two hours by yourself gets rather painful after a while.  The only reason i had to do it by myself is my supervisor got dragged into forklift training (didn't know we had one at work) for yesterday and today and of my two coworkers: one's on vacation and the other had an eagle scout award ceremony.
I also had to run around with the water truck, which was more tedious, but thankfully I did have the one coworker there so I didn't hit anything.  My english final got set back, so I have to wait until next week to take it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Arguing Online

Is not as productive as it sounds.  It took my teacher and I four tries to 'get on the same page' so to speak.  At least now we understand each other. Work has been interesting due to the university resealing cracks in the pavement this week.  We have to block off sections of different parking lots so they can seal and not have people drive over it while it's setting.  Doesn't help when the wind blows the caution tape into said tar and we have to peel it back off-or just break it off. But at least it makes things more interesting at work-not that there is any real routine in landscaping so far...

Monday, June 17, 2013


Woke up the past three days feeling that way.  Don't know why.  My two almost three year old niece is visiting us for the next two days.  She got to help us walk our dogs this morning-she was in a stroller to keep her out of a irrigation ditch next to the road and with us.
Still having issues with my english teacher-they feel I can't pass the class when they are not giving me a chance at it.  Just sent them an email about it. Sigh...
Have a few other things to do with school, but they're not urgent.  Nice day though.  Hope my niece has fun at the park-my parents and siblings are taking her there sometime.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cold Showers...

Are supposed to feel good in the summer.  I think the name needs a little work though.
Tepid or lukewarm would be better, as an acutal cold shower is not fun. I had to take two this week and felt almost sick afterwards(we use an attic fan in the summer to keep the house cool.  The only problem is that it keeps blowing out the pilot light for the hot water heater...
Just got back from a three day camping trip in Moab.  The funny thing is that the last night I was there it got very cold-as in I was shivering under a blanket.  Thankfully I had a thicker sleeping bag I managed to crawl into. Didn't sleep all that great though.
My english teacher seems to have a very dismal view of my academic preformance in their class.  I think she has her standards way too high.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Well That was stupid...

Forgot to put my phone on the charger last night, so I had to put it on there this morning.  And then I forgot to grab it before I came to school...
Doing a little better on my english class test, but not much (argh-and I studied this time too).  Schools out for my brothers and my mom doesn't have work for now.  Trip coming up!!!
Slept a little weird last night.  Took the motorcycle permit test and failed-barely-twice.  By one question!! sigh.  My sister took it once and passed, but she had the book right before taking it.
Funny that I'm missing one day of my institute class, and my teacher isn't going to be there that day anyway-so we don't have class that day. second to last week for first block, then two classes end-technically three-and two start the week after that.  I'll have to get up at 6...

Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's Hot...

Finally warming up for summer, but thats not totally a good thing.  I have to drink at least twice as much water at work, and we have to water the grass more too, make sure air conditioning works in car or suffer without, And walking the dogs takes a little longer as they tire faster.
But that last may be a good thing, as they stay out of stuff when they are tired.
Had another test today, hopefully did better this time, as I took a little time to study first-didn't have time last time.
My mom has a brick oven on our back patio/porch.  She's trying to bake bread in it, but the oven is not cooperating.  At least she doesn't have to heat up the house by cooking it inside this time.

Friday, June 7, 2013


We spent a lot of time this week cleaning the alumni center for a wedding.  I wish the bushes didn't need to be trimmed, as I got a lot of scratches from that.
And there are still high school graduations going on, and someone let off a large amount of confetti that my supervisor and I then had to clean up. Sigh...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Not good

Okay, three days of late nights plus early mornings is a very bad idea.  My body took over and I slept in this morning.  And I'm still tired. Sigh.
Been doing a lot of weed whacking at work for the past week.  My supervisor is still trying to fix a leaky valve-and it's gotten worse.  They dug it up and discovered a second leak so it's going to take more time to fix. 
Getting better at the homework thing though, and reached an understanding with my english teacher.  But its been a long week and its only Wednesday.

Monday, June 3, 2013


I have to admit, dogs have it a little hard since they have to stick their tongue out to cool down.  They can't sweat like we do, so when you see a dog panting, he's just hot.
My cousin blessed their new baby yesterday, which was fun.  It was also fast sunday, so we had dinner at the in-law's house later.  Looked like it might get cloudy yesterday afternoon, but it's clear today.
I've got a test today and an assignment to work on.  Already started the reading, but there's a lot of it.  And it's the start of another long week.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Going to work first thing in the morning when you usually go in the afternoon tends to mess things up-like your coworkers.  I went to work at 8 a.m. yesterday as my supervisor wasn't working past 3 (or so he hoped).  I went in at 8 so I could leave at the same time as the other afternoon hourly, who leaves at 4:30.  Not that either of us actually left at 4:30, due to locking up and trying to finish a project for my supervisor-FYI, weedwhacking a steep 30 foot hill all day is not fun.  Especially when the weedwhackers try to break down every few minutes-mine kept having string problems, and my coworker had starter ones. Sigh.  We wound up leaving at 4:45 because we wanted to get that done before the weekend.  Got most of it-the worst part-just not all of it.
A few of my coworkers were rather shocked that I was there that early-I guess they thought I'd stick to my regular schedule regardless.  They had a mini leave party for a supervisor who left yesterday.  One of the other supervisors bought Pizza Hut and shared with all of us there.
I had to keep breaking off my weedwhacking to water parts of the lawn.  Some are still on a manual valve so they essenitally have to be hand watered.  And there are a few that can't be watered together because there simply isn't enough water pressure.  So I have to time it.
But not a bad day.  Got a little sunburn, but I've had worse.  My dad's washing our dogs outside and they do not like it.