Saturday, June 22, 2013


Well, I just signed up to run a 5k on july fourth.  I tried a walk run one last time, so we'll see if I can actually run it.  My english test just became availible, so I need to study for that.
Spent yesterday with a winy seventeen year old.  They didn't want to pull weeds or do anything else for pretty much most of the day-even after I bought them dinner.  I've got one of those at home too.
Got my scooter to almost good condition, as the turn signals on the mirrors got disconnected when said mirrors spun and yanked out the wiring.  At least my dad got them to stop doing that.  Took a little nail polish and both of us though.
Returning to said teenager, why would anyone want a spider to bite them? Especially going to the effort of picking up and agravating said spider?  Even if it's only a daddy long legs.  I do not get teenagers...

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