Thursday, June 30, 2016

Not Cool....

Went on a young single adult trip for the past few days, and came back to a bit of a mess.  I think its mainly due to the visit of my niece starting sunday, and its not as bad as it could be.  The garden's worse.  Weeds went mad as nobody else had time to keep them down. I think I may have identified which plants are the cauliflower, as they are showing up about where they should.  But they are a lot bigger than I expected.
Raspberries are ripening! not quite ready yet, but they are getting very dark.  And the corn is really coming in now.  Poor squash and tomatoes are still struggling but the onions and other stuff are hanging in there.
Got lots of fun pictures from the trip-even some of me thanks to fellow travelers insisting on using it and talking me into stuff like paddle boarding(which is fun), tubing though not rough, and such.  Need to give those to whoever is making the slideshow of the trip....

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Love Triangles

These bug me in books and movies but probably not for the same reason they bug others.  I'm one of those who can't get much interest beyond a first day from one man, let alone trying to deal with two.  I just wish I didn't scare men off or whatever it is I do.  Would be a nice change from weeding, working, and school stuff.  But I guess that's what I'm stuck with for now.
Job interview went well, but I'm not sure about taking it.  Working with kids? awsome.  for less pay and roughly the same hours I've got now? not so good...
Well, just keep trying at it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Turns out my niece was here until 7 p.m. yesterday, not sunday so we did get to see her before she went back to her mom.  She was in a weird mood though.
Work was a bit more of the late night rush so we were ahead on cleaning stuff-even found some unusual stuff to clean-until we got a series of rushes and had people coming in around 9:45.  Thankfully the 9 cashier working with me stayed to help close due to the volume of latecomers.  Still barely got done before 11 on the closing cleanup.
Popped a large blister on my pinky and so pulling weeds was loads of fun this morning. Had to be a bit inventive about it.  Heard back from 2 jobs I applied for.  One didn't pan out beyond a phone call-figures-but the other I have an interview for tomorrow!  Its a preschool teaching type job, but sounds fun.
So hot today, supposed to get triple digits.  Not cool....

Monday, June 20, 2016


Got most of the garden cleared to the west end like my dad wanted.  Now we can enjoy the flowers better at least.  But right at the end of it there is a rose bush and the largest raspberry bush so far.  Right around each other.  My mom wants the rose bush out, along with the other weeds.  Haven't gotten to it just yet, but got all the weeds around it.  The raspberry bush got both my brother and I along our arms in the process too.  Rather painful blister on my pinky on top of that. Figures.
Nice weekend.  Took my dad to breakfast at work, and finally got to clean my room.  My niece was able to visit for Father's Day-Yay!-but then her dad took her to visit her cousins and we didn't see her before she had to go back home.  Had fun making dinner for my dad, though my second oldest brother tried to cook ribs and a steak and the steak was over done and the ribs were under done in weird spots.  Stupid grill....

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Aww Man.....

A movie rental store near my house is closing.  One of the last few it seems.  They lasted a lot longer than Blockbuster though.  And they had a much wider selection too.  But they're selling all of it now and closing down. Sad.
Trying to set up payroll for the school district and having issues.  Won't let me use my password for some reason. And the security questions are wrong somehow.
Finished planting tomatoes yesterday, which means we had to mess with the watering line pressure to ensure all of them are getting enough water.  Poor squash plants were looking a bit forlorn.  Also had to do some weeding as they were taking over one or two of the rows already.
Heating back up rather quickly, after the rain on monday and the wind for the past two days. Fun....

Monday, June 13, 2016


Got quite the rainstorm on saturday, which I hope really got the plants growing in the garden.  The one butternut squash plant seemed to explode, as its more than three times what it was last week.  I think we've got a cantelope as well as a spinach by the looks of things.  Unfortunately three seed packets got soaked(cantelope, okra, and celery) so I set up more stuff for those to be planted.  My mom is really hoping to get tomatoes today, so I have a row ready for that as well.
The rain made it a bit crazy at work, and we had a very good pastry night.  Still had leftover fruit tarts, but were down to two german chocolate brownines, one ooye gooey bar, and cookies for the most part.  But I think it made up for leaving early on Thursday so I'm still on track for my hours this period.
My poor niece (borther's daughter) got pink eye! and she was spending time with her cousins yesterday so their mom is understandably concerned.  The eye is all swollen too.
My glasses have the same scratch on both pairs.  I'm going to have take them in to find out whats up with that as there is no way I did that. Sigh.......

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Finally heard back from the school district about being a substitute!  I do have to go in and finish up the process, but its just a background check and stuff.  Not hard.  Granted, its not a big earner but I think it'll give me experience for going into actual teaching.
So hot.....and humid still.  So I go outside for less than an hour and I'm dying.  Gave myself a blister pulling weeds this morning.  Working on a strawberry patch in the front yard, in hopes that we get some this year.
Got my new glasses! which is good, but for some reason they're making me a bit dizzy and queasy. I wonder if that's normal for a new prescription?.... Otherwise I can see better than even the first pair let me.  And I don't have to worry about these falling off. They sit just right.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why Not?

Turns out the plants I was looking at happen to look just like the weeds growing in that area.  Cauliflower looks like some weird leafy thing we get, and Lettuce looks far too much like dandelions until it darkens to red-we did romaine-so we have to let both grow until we know for sure. Sigh...
At least we got rain for about 15 minutes last night-right when I needed to leave for work of course-which made the ground a bit softer for weeding.  Not much though, given the bigger weeds still fought me on coming out and trying to break off before I got the roots.  So now my fingers are sore.  Managed to avoid the raspberries-I think, at least I wasn't bleeding-while clearing them out.
Trying to finish a quiz thing for work.  Down to one smoothie I can't get right for it.  Why is it that I got salads down quick and everything else, but I can't get smoothies?  Up to 80% so far but I need 100%. sigh....

Monday, June 6, 2016


Hot and humid. Great.  Hopefully it rains so the temperature drops a bit, but we're supposed to be in the 90's all week.
But I'm hoping stuff's finally growing in the garden, I've just got to check on what the seedlings are supposed to look like.  Not sure about cauliflower or lettuce, which are the two I'm thinking are growing at the moment.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

And They're Back...

Its so much fun digging weeds out of the garden to plant what we want to grow there, then to turn around and see more weeds coming back where the plants are(not).  My dad got a huge pile of mulch so we're laying that down to slow the weed return after removing them.
Humid today, which made it even better.  Would really be nice if it rained, that may kick start some of the newly planted seeds.  I think we've got a squash growing now, in addition to the kale.  Might have some cauliflower, but I need to check what the sprouts look like.
I really hope the birds are not getting to the seeds...