Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why Not?

Turns out the plants I was looking at happen to look just like the weeds growing in that area.  Cauliflower looks like some weird leafy thing we get, and Lettuce looks far too much like dandelions until it darkens to red-we did romaine-so we have to let both grow until we know for sure. Sigh...
At least we got rain for about 15 minutes last night-right when I needed to leave for work of course-which made the ground a bit softer for weeding.  Not much though, given the bigger weeds still fought me on coming out and trying to break off before I got the roots.  So now my fingers are sore.  Managed to avoid the raspberries-I think, at least I wasn't bleeding-while clearing them out.
Trying to finish a quiz thing for work.  Down to one smoothie I can't get right for it.  Why is it that I got salads down quick and everything else, but I can't get smoothies?  Up to 80% so far but I need 100%. sigh....

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