Monday, June 20, 2016


Got most of the garden cleared to the west end like my dad wanted.  Now we can enjoy the flowers better at least.  But right at the end of it there is a rose bush and the largest raspberry bush so far.  Right around each other.  My mom wants the rose bush out, along with the other weeds.  Haven't gotten to it just yet, but got all the weeds around it.  The raspberry bush got both my brother and I along our arms in the process too.  Rather painful blister on my pinky on top of that. Figures.
Nice weekend.  Took my dad to breakfast at work, and finally got to clean my room.  My niece was able to visit for Father's Day-Yay!-but then her dad took her to visit her cousins and we didn't see her before she had to go back home.  Had fun making dinner for my dad, though my second oldest brother tried to cook ribs and a steak and the steak was over done and the ribs were under done in weird spots.  Stupid grill....

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