Saturday, November 30, 2013

It Lives!

We finally got my truck working.  Turns out the battery cable and terminals had to be cleaned.  So now I have it back.
Got my first paycheck from my new job yesterday.  My poor manager had the newest employee quit on them so they had to go back and revamp the entire schedule for today and next week.  She tried to call me and let me know but I had to go in there to find out why.
Otherwise I spent my black Friday catching up on my Nano word count.  Made 46,080 words by 11p.m.  So I only have 4,000 to go today.  I just have to work it in around working today.

Friday, November 29, 2013


Okay, my dad and I got the new starter motor in just fine.  All torqued and everything.  Still won't start.  My dad says it's like something is turned on when I turn the key to start it and it stays on and drains all the energy used to start the car.  Whatever it is we can't find out, nor can we start the car.
Made it to 40,000 words yesterday, but that still leaves me with 10,000 to do for today and tomorrow.
My brother's car-the one that got hit-is being iffy but it still runs unlike my truck.
I need to get the last few pictures on my second roll taken today.  Getting colder...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We did the yearly shooting range with my mom's extended family this morning.  I didn't shoot due to my shoulder injury from earlier this year bugging me already.  Though if you want to be technical I did shoot, just not a gun.  I took pictures with my 35mm black and white camera for my final photography project.  I may even have got one of a clay pigeon bursting from a hit!
Yesterday I drove my brother's car to school and to work.  While I had it parked at work in the mall parking lot-I work in one of those pictures with Santa booths they set up for Christmas in the mall-someone clipped the front bumper on the driver's side and tore it partway off.  Broke the cover for the headlight on that side but the light still works.  My dad got a call from the city police about it.  The person who hit it left a note with their name and number.  Mall security found it and called the police.  That's why they called my dad.  He came with the rm brother to try and fix it and give me another car.  I wound up driving it home anyway, because they were able to get the bumper back in place and then they duct taped it on.  Other than some wobbling in third gear at around 30 mph, it still works fine.
I'm just not having good luck with cars this month...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I love my dad, but there are times he annoys me.  The starter motor in my truck was so bad that the auto parts place that tested it said it shot flames.  I'd rather not know what caused it to do that.  But my dad took it out on monday while I was at work-I didn't have time to do it after school and before work-and took it to the parts store for the test.  That's how I know.  Then he went ahead and paid for the new one-which had to be shipped in-plus a new serpentine belt because of the wear on the slightly older one.  Then I forgot to pick it up from the parts place yesterday, so he went and got it.  Then he put it in, which I was going to do friday or tonight.  The only thing he didn't do was torque down the bolts.  I tried to find the specifications for it, but the best I could find said 25-35 ft/lbs.
Then I was driving my sister's car home from work and scraped the back bumper-underside, kind of- on a rock next to the driveway where she always parks it.
Plus I was late for poetry class yesterday.  Forgot my parking hang tag for the institute, so I had to run back and get it. Sigh...
Today we had a lab day for photography.  But only two of the six of us who showed had film, so we learned how to mount the pictures while the other two developed their film.  We've got a week from next monday before it's due, but I was hoping to get one roll done for today.
I'm really behind on Nano...

Friday, November 22, 2013


When I got in to work yesterday they asked me to be the assistant manager.  I was already doing the job, this just gives me the pay raise.  Apparently the assistant needs to work opposite hours from the regular manager, so that's why they asked me.  The regular manager works day shift and opens.  I work evenings and close.
Really cold last night, with the winds making it a lot worse.  The gusts rocked my car driving home and this morning.  Not much in the way of clouds brought in, just a big chill.
My committee was treated to breakfast at Kneader's as a end of semester thank you.  All you can eat french toast.  We had a mini competition over who could eat the most.  The winner did 4.5 slices.  I managed three.  Those slices where rather big.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rain Rain go away, Come again Some Other day

Kind of been snowing too, for that matter.  I changed the air filter in my truck, and now it sound so much better and has no further problems idling.
Turned in my second play today.  It was much better than the first-partially because I had a lot more time to put into this one-and they liked it more.  The teacher felt it was more of a screenplay than a script, but she also wants me to try and rewrite it as more of one, so she likes it too.
Got much better score on the second test with a 63% verses a 54% on the last one.  Not as good as I'm aiming for, but still better.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I got called in to work at 1:30 yesterday, so I didn't get any where on both school work and Nano.  But they gave me today off, so I can make up for it-I hope.
I've got a great start on my play for tomorrow, but I still need to type it.  Turned in the third project for photography today.  Not much else to do this week.

Monday, November 18, 2013


It's getting to the end of the semester, but it just doesn't feel like it.  Maybe because I don't have any huge stuff for finals, save a reading and essay in poetry, the last project in photography, and my math final-the second exam was taken today, though I had til wednesday.  I just try to avoid leaving those for the last minute.
Got my fourth project ready for wednesday in photography, and got done early (the teacher left early so we could stay or go if we were done) and that's what gave me the time to take the test today as well.
I'm insane in some ways, as I signed myself up for 18 credit hours next semester.  One of them is Japanese because I need one more in a language for my major-not that I mind too much, as it been long enough that I'm very rusty.
Got work today too, and no time for Nano before hand, so I hope I can get some done tonight.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sometimes Technology Bugs Me.

Why is it that when I have something I want to do there is the strong chance the internet site I need for it will be having issues?  Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit there.  But I need to retake my math quiz (33%-yick) and the site won't even let me log in.  Figures.  And the second test is next week!
Snowed last night and over half of today-and stuck, though not on the roads much.  But it made the roads wet so I left early for my first day.  My manager-temporary, as they are in charge of another site and only assigned to mine for yesterday and today( because our regular one was not ready or something)-was joking that a part of the rug for the set was loose and tripping people up.  I commented that it would be just my luck to land on my face my first day on the job.  It didn't actually happen, but we did keep tripping up on it all day.
Running way behind on Nano now...bad time for getting sick and a bit of writers block-got past it, but still 4,000 words behind.

Friday, November 15, 2013


My brother brought home some kind of stomach bug on sunday.  He thought it was just something he ate, but I got it yesterday.  Spent all day (after school, which I somehow got through) lying in bed.  I drank some chicken broth thinking it would settle my stomach.  Instead I wound up rather violently throwing it back up five minutes later.  Barely made it to the bathroom.  Not the way I like to spend fifteen minutes.
But I got my poetry stuff turned in, and my truck got me too and from school just fine.  Stayed home from institute committee meeting so I wouldn't give it to anyone else.
I got a job!  Training is today, as it starts tomorrow.  Feeling better, so as long as I'm careful I shouldn't have problems or give it to someone else.
Rained and snowed today, but nothing stuck.  Just got colder.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

That's not a Good Idea...

It happened again today.  In my photography class only a few other classmate showed up.  Maybe six total.  we're at the end of the semester, people!  It's a bad time to 'drop out'!
I managed to get three of the four prints I need for this project, though I may redo one of them.  And the teacher gave us the information we need to get started on the final project-that one needs six to eight prints.  I have an idea for what I can do with that project.
I got an interview today, at 6.  It's for another temporary job-getting a little tired of those, I'll admit-that does pictures of Santa with kids in the mall.  They are looking for cashiers, 'helpers', and photographers.
Second play is due next tuesday...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I always hate that first night...I don't think I slept at all, though I'm not that tired.  I was supposed to do dishes last night but there were so many left from sunday that getting them all done took loading the dishwasher three times and I still had to wash two dishes (a cake pan and a pot lid) by hand.  Not that I mind doing them by hand.
My legs did not help by cramping last night and all this morning.  Tried eating a banana but it didn't seem to help.
Class was interesting, as in poetry a classmate forgot the copies they were supposed to bring of their poem and had to let my group read a rough draft of the thing instead.  I was supposed to read it out loud-teachers rule there-which was a bit hard as it was hand written.  I managed though.  I fear that poor person felt so embarrassed...
Truck started fine to get to school and back home, but threatened to stall if I let it idle for more than a minute.  Wonder what that means...

Monday, November 11, 2013

I Want to Kill my Truck... to guess what it decided to do today? Ggrrrr.  I got to school fine, with no further problems.  Even got my first set of film for the next project developed-a lot of the pictures are good!-so that was all going well, despite mother nature knocking this morning...
Anyway, I get done with institute and put the key in to the ignition.  There is the customary beeping that comes before I actually start the car.  Twisted the forward to start it and it was like the beeping was drained.  No click, no cough to life.  Just the rapid wind down of the beeping sound.  I turned the key back, waited a bit, then tried again.  Even less action than the first try.  I turned the key all the way off and took it out, waited a minute, and tried again.  Still that same thing.
I called my sister to come get me, but she was delayed a bit.  A young man from the institute stopped by (after three others and a mother daughter combo) and pulled his car around with a new set of jumper cables.  After letting it charge for a good fifteen minutes (I kid you not, it wouldn't start before then) it finally started and I was able to get it home.  My sister tried to meet up with me halfway but was further delayed by impatient people who don't look where they are going.  She just came home after me as a result.
Why is my truck deciding to be a lemon after I've finished paying for the stupid thing?  I still can't get it registered!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Me Stupid, No Play That Game no More...

Or at least that's how my uncle put my 'blonde' moment this morning.  Was driving to school and my truck began making a sound like a deep drawn out groan.  Made it to committee meeting fine, but after that I went to check the parts I'd put in yesterday.  Two of the bolts had worked loose, and worn down one side of the belt.  It's still good, but not as good as it was.  My uncle helped me tighten them properly-after he fixed me up.  I didn't have the tools to tighten it myself, and I wasn't going to drive it home like that.  So I found a adjustable wrench at a nearby grocery store.  I was trying to open the package with a knife(word to the wise, playing with sharp metal objects is dangerous-doing so when you're tired is far worse) and it jerked free of the plastic zip tie-it did cut it off-and into the middle finger of my left hand that I'd stupidly put in the way of the blade.  Also skinned the back of my ring finger a bit, below the nail, but not near as bad.
I wound up asking my uncle for help-a friend from the institute gave me a ride down to his house-in fixing it.  All they had at the institute was a cloth wrap, which worked for a temporary pressure bandage.  My uncle told me I did that very well for having to do it one handed, but that I also used more than I really needed.  He took it off and had me run it under very cold water for about twenty minutes while he got his supplies together. Then he put steri strips on it to hold it closed, covered those with a large wide band aid, and then strapped that on with two pieces of specialty tape.
He followed me home to make sure I got there okay and the belt received no further wear.  He did stop to help someone change a tire since all they had was one of those pathetic 'scissor' jacks they usually put in the car.
So I'm a bit one handed at the moment, and a bit behind for Nanowrimo too.  Agrh...

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I got the part today!  I still had to get dropped off at school by my brother because I couldn't get it until later anyway.  I took the bus home and accidentally got dropped off one stop before mine.  Only a five minute walk though.  A friend from institute kindly gave me a ride the rest of the way home.  Only I forgot a key to the house, so I checked all the doors to the outside.  I found one, which is not really a good thing.  I made sure it was locked after I got in though.  Then I walked the dogs.
Tried to get more double shot pictures, but those are hard to get, and it was cloudy in addition to that.  I did get a few though.
My parents went to the temple so rather than waiting for my dad to fix my car, I grabbed the brother who'd dropped me off and we got started putting in the new part.  Only to realize that we had to put the new serpentine belt on first or we'd have to take it all right back off to get it on anyway.  It took ten to fifteen minutes to get the new pulley on as we had to line up three holes in a row by touch-there was no way to get light or an angle to see it.  Then we had to torque something in the engine in order to get the belt all the way on.
I washed my hands afterwards but I still have black all over my hands.  That stuff sticks.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cold Cold Cold...

Not really, but its getting there.  My photograph class was a bit funny and sad today.  Only five of us students showed up, and all of us were women.  I guess people don't like coming to class when they haven't got started on the next project yet?  They missed the fun.  Three of us (sadly I wasn't one of them, but I went anyway) were developing film while the teacher told us about doing multiple film.  That sounds like the kind of fun I'd like to try.  Photograms and messing with the print during (sometimes before-if you don't mess with the film itself) the developing process.  That was fun, as we grabbed some stuff lying around the lab and made three right after they others finished developing their film.  I left early to get some other stuff done.
On my way to school I saw a side swipe type accident between a white toyota four door and a red chevy cobalt, I think.  The white car was trying to merge into the left lane, where the red car was.  They either didn't see the red car, or didn't look before they turned, as they tried to merge and hit the front passenger side tire well of the red car.  The red car saw them trying to merge too close but too late to avoid the collision.  They both pulled over to the center lane as I passed, where I saw the damage to the red car.
The part for my truck won't be here til tomorrow.  Sigh...So I'm still having transportation issues.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I'm getting tired of job hunting, but I've only had one 'bite' so far.  And that only went so far as to give me a personality test.  I hate those.  Apparently I'm too honest.  Since when has that been such a bad thing?
I'm keeping up in Nanowrimo, and somehow getting it done ahead of my sister and mother.  They're both better(or at least more experienced) writers than me.  Plus I've got school.
It snowed again today.  Can't get the part for my truck until tomorrow, so my sister had to drive me to and from school.  I'll have to borrow my brother's tomorrow.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Last week was a yoyo for emotions in my family, or at least thats how my dad put it.  there was the down of my grandpa dying, the up of my sister having her baby, the down of my grandpa's viewing and funeral, the up of visiting my sister and her new baby at their home after they left the hospital, the down of leaving to go home but visiting my aunt because we'd missed her birthday(it was the same day as the viewing) and watching her try not to cry, the up of finding out MY DAD PASSED HIS FINAL COLLEGE CLASS and will graduate in July next year, the down of listening to Music and the Spoken word and of course they mention obituaries, the up of my grandmother visiting, and the down of her bringing my mom a gift to remember her dad by.  So yeah, my emotions are a bit out of whack today.
Then I had a dream last night of talking to a current institute course classmate (the same one who helped me with the institute marquee on monday last week) in the entrance of my old high school building.  He (yes, I do occasional dream about guys) was telling me not to worry about something with his back to the doors right as a tsunami burst through them.  I somehow wind up in a corner stair well trying to climb to an upper level with him on the walkway were I'm climbing the railing.  A second tsunami hits and he vanishes while i get pushed against the railing, and almost over it.  Then it shifts to me watching (like on a live T.V.) a rough road near a intersection where a truck hits a puddle on my side of it (it was moving towards me) flips it's rear end up, smashes the front end against the pavement, then falls back.  This leaves the older male driver (who's dressed in a dark shirt with a tan hat) writhing against his seat as the airbags didn't deploy.  His female (and much younger) passenger has long brown hair and is screaming in hysteria.
I have weird dreams sometimes...
But I got my third photography project in.  Maybe he'll give us back the pictures he took out and hung in the hallway.  Now I've got to start taking pictures of stuff I want to double shoot.  This should be fun...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Want to Beat my Head Against the Wall Right Now...

Yeah, my grandfather's viewing was yesterday, and the funeral was this morning.  I was fine until we sang the closing hymn God Be With You til We Meet Again, as it felt like all the tears wanted to come rushing out.  Not cool.  It didn't help to be sitting next to my parents as they choked up.
But I got through it.  Then my dad reminded me that I needed to fix some stuff in my car.  One was the snake hissing in there (for over a month) Which was a surprisingly easy fix.  The other was a new sound that started monday.  Found out that the pulley attached to the water pump in my truck was breaking.  Literally.  Both ends had broken loose and rubbed against the fan and the water pump.  It caused the strange sound and was wearing down the belt it pulled.  I can get the belt easy, but go figure that the pulley is not going to be easy to get a hold of.  Why?  Because my truck is a ford, and it's a 96'.  The ford company still owns that rights to that specific part but not the water pump.  So the regular parts stores I would go to can't carry it.  they have to go through the company.
So I get to borrow my sister's car on monday until I can get that one part and finish fixing it.  My dad says I must have a guardian angel the size of Texas, and they are working over time.  Can't really argue with that...

Friday, November 1, 2013

And We're Back to This

It's Nanowrimo again!  I have a story idea for it, just haven't gotten started quite yet. I had to wake up for my usual early morning meeting at the institute after getting to bed after 11.  I was so tired that I was getting a headache.  Took another quiz for math and managed 60%, so thankfully I'm not too bad with this section.
Helped set up tables and chairs for a mission prep conference today.  The chairs were the hard part, as we had at least 200 of them.
My sister took my parents and I out to lunch at Olive Garden.  The downside of being tired is I tend to get hungry.
But for halloween we watched Pacific Rim-hence why I got to bed so late-but we haven't done our candy night yet.  We're still deciding what movie to watch for that.