Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Want to Beat my Head Against the Wall Right Now...

Yeah, my grandfather's viewing was yesterday, and the funeral was this morning.  I was fine until we sang the closing hymn God Be With You til We Meet Again, as it felt like all the tears wanted to come rushing out.  Not cool.  It didn't help to be sitting next to my parents as they choked up.
But I got through it.  Then my dad reminded me that I needed to fix some stuff in my car.  One was the snake hissing in there (for over a month) Which was a surprisingly easy fix.  The other was a new sound that started monday.  Found out that the pulley attached to the water pump in my truck was breaking.  Literally.  Both ends had broken loose and rubbed against the fan and the water pump.  It caused the strange sound and was wearing down the belt it pulled.  I can get the belt easy, but go figure that the pulley is not going to be easy to get a hold of.  Why?  Because my truck is a ford, and it's a 96'.  The ford company still owns that rights to that specific part but not the water pump.  So the regular parts stores I would go to can't carry it.  they have to go through the company.
So I get to borrow my sister's car on monday until I can get that one part and finish fixing it.  My dad says I must have a guardian angel the size of Texas, and they are working over time.  Can't really argue with that...

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