Friday, November 1, 2013

And We're Back to This

It's Nanowrimo again!  I have a story idea for it, just haven't gotten started quite yet. I had to wake up for my usual early morning meeting at the institute after getting to bed after 11.  I was so tired that I was getting a headache.  Took another quiz for math and managed 60%, so thankfully I'm not too bad with this section.
Helped set up tables and chairs for a mission prep conference today.  The chairs were the hard part, as we had at least 200 of them.
My sister took my parents and I out to lunch at Olive Garden.  The downside of being tired is I tend to get hungry.
But for halloween we watched Pacific Rim-hence why I got to bed so late-but we haven't done our candy night yet.  We're still deciding what movie to watch for that.

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