Friday, November 15, 2013


My brother brought home some kind of stomach bug on sunday.  He thought it was just something he ate, but I got it yesterday.  Spent all day (after school, which I somehow got through) lying in bed.  I drank some chicken broth thinking it would settle my stomach.  Instead I wound up rather violently throwing it back up five minutes later.  Barely made it to the bathroom.  Not the way I like to spend fifteen minutes.
But I got my poetry stuff turned in, and my truck got me too and from school just fine.  Stayed home from institute committee meeting so I wouldn't give it to anyone else.
I got a job!  Training is today, as it starts tomorrow.  Feeling better, so as long as I'm careful I shouldn't have problems or give it to someone else.
Rained and snowed today, but nothing stuck.  Just got colder.

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