Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I love my dad, but there are times he annoys me.  The starter motor in my truck was so bad that the auto parts place that tested it said it shot flames.  I'd rather not know what caused it to do that.  But my dad took it out on monday while I was at work-I didn't have time to do it after school and before work-and took it to the parts store for the test.  That's how I know.  Then he went ahead and paid for the new one-which had to be shipped in-plus a new serpentine belt because of the wear on the slightly older one.  Then I forgot to pick it up from the parts place yesterday, so he went and got it.  Then he put it in, which I was going to do friday or tonight.  The only thing he didn't do was torque down the bolts.  I tried to find the specifications for it, but the best I could find said 25-35 ft/lbs.
Then I was driving my sister's car home from work and scraped the back bumper-underside, kind of- on a rock next to the driveway where she always parks it.
Plus I was late for poetry class yesterday.  Forgot my parking hang tag for the institute, so I had to run back and get it. Sigh...
Today we had a lab day for photography.  But only two of the six of us who showed had film, so we learned how to mount the pictures while the other two developed their film.  We've got a week from next monday before it's due, but I was hoping to get one roll done for today.
I'm really behind on Nano...

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