Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve Eve

Yep, it's the day before new years eve.  My sister and I went shopping for a coat-for her-and I wound up with a skirt-for me-instead. Figures.  Still waiting to hear on some job stuff.
We went to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug today-my sister, two of my younger brothers and I-and liked it.  But they ended it on a cliff hanger yet again!
I, Frankenstein comes out next month-which is less than two days away-and looks interesting.  And less than a week before the start of yet another school semester...

Saturday, December 28, 2013


After the aunts lunch yesterday I was trying to go shopping for pants-one of my current set is too short and another is developing holes that I can't fix without making it worse-but that didn't happen.  I did get to see both my nieces and play with the older one.  No word from my brother in law about the air test he did for us yesterday.
At least I got some exercise in, and my parents did some ball stretches this morning.  Was able to get my job done-hadn't had time last week.  And I finished cleaning my room-by vacuuming-and then checked all the fluid levels in my truck.  Still don't know what the check engine light is for this time.

Friday, December 27, 2013


We made it to the temple, though we had to go about two temples south of our usual one because the two close ones were fairly busy.
My dad dropped off a sample of the ceiling material in our basement because he wanted to see if it had anything dangerous in it.
I did manage to clean up my room to the extent I wanted, but my mom said there wasn't much difference. Sigh...
We have a aunts lunch today, first time in months we've been able to go.  Basically my mom and all the aunts-including sister's in law-and any of the female cousins get together on friday around noon and go to lunch somewhere.
My sister's mentally disturbed cat attacked me this morning...And now my cat is demanding attention.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well, yesterday was, anyway.  Not much in the way of presents, but it was fun.  I got a new watch and wallet, and we went to see Frozen-which is funny, but has the occasional serious moment-before dropping off the presents for my sister and brother along with her husband and their two kids.
Very cold too.  Got a few last minute presents on tuesday after I got off work.  One was a family game with dart guns, and the other was infrared guns for my brother.  I barely got my mom's present done-had to keep hiding it from her-and I finally asked my sister to make an origami frame for the present I surprised my dad with.
We're trying to go to the temple today, but things are taking a while.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Well, That Helps

We got even more snow yesterday and today.  Which is good for our little drought, but not so good for those of us who had to drive in it.
Then yesterday at work I was by myself with Santa for six hours.  My coworker who was scheduled to come in at noon asked another to come in, and they couldn't come in until three-and then didn't actually make it in until 3:30.  I was supposed to leave at 3.  And couldn't because of that and a jammed receipt printer.  The good news on that was I only had three people still needing to pay at that point.  One of the printers ran out of paper and ink, but the other could cover for that.  Ran out of the lower price gift cards about the same time, and couldn't get more.
Of course, the receipt printer started working after my coworker messed with it a bit.  Figures.  Then I get home-bought Subway for my long belated lunch that I didn't get while Santa took his break because I had to watch the set-and my brothers haven't gotten to shoveling the driveway.  Only one had gotten home by that point, and he'd gone to the library just after getting home from school.
Today wasn't that bad-we were even more rushed than yesterday(I had 45 groups before his break, and up to 100 by the time the security guard-who was trying to help with the printer issue-and I got Santa on break) but I did have a coworker come in by 11 so I was alone that time.
Then my grandma wanted family pictures, and those took up my whole afternoon. Sigh...

Thursday, December 19, 2013


It's snowing, which isn't so bad save we got freezing rain first.  That created a layer of ice under the snow and made it even harder to shovel.  I just spent an hour and a half shoveling what took me barely an hour last time.
Plus I got called in to work as a coworker's spouse got in a wreak-not only totaling the car, but landing them in a hospital bound ambulance as well-so they couldn't come in.
At least I can tell my dad I got my workout for the day.  My hands are shaking just trying to type.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Well, I passed photography with an A, Poetry with a B+, Playwriting with a C, and flunked math with a D-.  Argh.  I do not want to take that class again!  But now I have to.
Had to work today-originally had the day off-and got off a little late.  Ran a few errands, which included a stop to look into a possible future job as this one ends next week.
Getting foggy out there...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh, Fine.

Everyone decided to bail on the candy making yesterday, but we made some anyway.  It made for a dull and somewhat cranky night.  I spent over an hour cleaning up the kitchen from it though.  Got two pans of fudge and a pan of pretzel turtles-or something like that-done while watching Turbo.  Funny.
I got some Christmas shopping done with my sister today, but I still have to put it together.  And I've got work in a bit...

Monday, December 16, 2013


My home stake did an evening of music thing for Christmas yesterday.  My dad and I commented that if any non music person looked at the sheet music we had they'd be rather confused.  We make a lot of notes on them for these performances.
Found a carrier for my phone so my mom can stop bugging me about putting it in my pants pocket.  It came with a mini flashlight.
Trying to work out a surprise gift for both my parents, but it may not work out.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Welcome to the holiday rush.  Sheesh.  At work our sales goal was a a typical saturday's earnings.  I think we made that before 2:30.  I got off work nearly 15 minutes late because we couldn't get a break in the line.  thankfully one of the other employees came in nearly twenty minutes early.
Had to run out of the second to last choir practice due to a breakfast with santa thing this morning-that no one bothered to tell us had been canceled.  We got a free breakfast-I used mine for my lunch-anyway.
The community(I think?) Christmas party last night was fun, and filling.
So far I passed playwriting with a C.  No word on any other classes.  Very cloudy and smoggy today.  Makes breathing-and singing-very interesting.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Well, I didn't get the rewrite done, though I may still try to turn it in.  None of my grades are up yet anyway.  which is hopeful, but not much.  Really hope I passed math with a high enough grade this time...
My watch battery died yesterday at work.  I'll have to see if I can get a new one today.  Only have work til 3, so I should have time for that.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Tried...

The school district was hiring a secretary for part time stuff.  They wanted someone who could type 50 wpm.  I managed 32 as my best so far.  Cold keeps making my hands cramp the faster I try to go.  sigh.
but I got my math final and my poetry portfolio in!  I hope I pass both...
Got called in to work for the second time this week yesterday.  One of the other employees got sick and my manager caught pink eye from their kids.  Not cool at all.
Still need my play rewrite, which I've started.  But it's due tonight...And I've got work too.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Now That's Cold.

My mom texted me this morning while I was brushing the snow off my truck to tell me her car said it was 5 degrees.  Not much fun, and I could tell it was cold because my hands were cold due to just being outside for a bit.  Made it to class safely, but late due to the snow on the roads.  On saturday my dad took my truck from work and gave me his car because he didn't trust the traction of my tires in that weather.  Didn't argue too much because I'd been sliding on the way to.
Turned in my last project and cleared out the locker I'd been using, then headed home.  The roads had started melting so it wasn't as bad getting home.  I then spent an hour shoveling the driveway-in hopes that it would melt and dry so no one else would have problems getting in. not sure it worked...
While I was doing that I got a call from a coworker about taking their shift tonight-they were having their own car issues.  It looks like the roads will be better, so it should just be cold...

Friday, December 6, 2013

I Haven't Seen that Before...

I was supposed to change the marquee today.  I even got (with the help of the institute teacher in charge) the help of two men to get the letters down and the new ones up.  Problem is we couldn't get the old ones down.  They'd frozen into the board somehow.  We gave up rather than risk breaking some of them.  We got one letter down after ten minutes, but that was all.
It supposed to get really cold on sunday. Can't say I'm looking forward to that.  A friend invited me to the institute's christmas celebration-a kind of play musical type thing- for tomorrow, but I still don't know when I work.  I'm going to find out today.
Almost there...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

One last Thing...

Well, four, actually.  I still have my photography final project to turn in, my poetry portfolio, my play rewrite, and my math final.  But the only class I have to go in for is Photography.
It was so cold this morning it was snowing without a cloud in the sky again.  It froze any moisture in the air and let it fall gently to earth.
My allergies picked a lousy time to make a come back. grr...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Almost Over!

I just finished doing the final project for photography, though I might print two more pictures.  Turned in the last assignment for poetry yesterday, and nothing else is due this week.
Too bad the temperature dropped after yesterday's snow storm,  I couldn't get my truck window to roll down after work(needed to drop something off) because it had frozen shut.  The door wanted to be as well.
Today wasn't much warmer.  My hands got so cold on the way to photography that I dropped my water bottle. It was on an incline too, so I had to chase the stupid thing for a little while.
got called in to work early today, my poor manager caught something and was throwing up last night.  My allergies are trying to make another come back, which is not cool at all.
And my truck does not like the cold at all.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My Head...

I'm really hoping this headache goes away soon, as I've had it since Thanksgiving.  And we're coming up on finals week.  Then my poor photography teacher gave me a tank to develop my film in it and didn't realize it did not have the light lock in the lid.  I opened it in preparation of pouring in the developer and saw the reels, only to slam the smaller lid back on.  To late, as about half the pictures are overexposed and useless.  But I can still use the other half.  I should have just checked to make sure it was on...just never had to before.
I have a essay due tomorrow that I'm still working on, and my play writing teacher wants us to 'revisit' one of the two plays we turned in during the semester.  I can do that, just not sure when.
Looks like rain...or snow right now.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

It Lives!

We finally got my truck working.  Turns out the battery cable and terminals had to be cleaned.  So now I have it back.
Got my first paycheck from my new job yesterday.  My poor manager had the newest employee quit on them so they had to go back and revamp the entire schedule for today and next week.  She tried to call me and let me know but I had to go in there to find out why.
Otherwise I spent my black Friday catching up on my Nano word count.  Made 46,080 words by 11p.m.  So I only have 4,000 to go today.  I just have to work it in around working today.

Friday, November 29, 2013


Okay, my dad and I got the new starter motor in just fine.  All torqued and everything.  Still won't start.  My dad says it's like something is turned on when I turn the key to start it and it stays on and drains all the energy used to start the car.  Whatever it is we can't find out, nor can we start the car.
Made it to 40,000 words yesterday, but that still leaves me with 10,000 to do for today and tomorrow.
My brother's car-the one that got hit-is being iffy but it still runs unlike my truck.
I need to get the last few pictures on my second roll taken today.  Getting colder...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We did the yearly shooting range with my mom's extended family this morning.  I didn't shoot due to my shoulder injury from earlier this year bugging me already.  Though if you want to be technical I did shoot, just not a gun.  I took pictures with my 35mm black and white camera for my final photography project.  I may even have got one of a clay pigeon bursting from a hit!
Yesterday I drove my brother's car to school and to work.  While I had it parked at work in the mall parking lot-I work in one of those pictures with Santa booths they set up for Christmas in the mall-someone clipped the front bumper on the driver's side and tore it partway off.  Broke the cover for the headlight on that side but the light still works.  My dad got a call from the city police about it.  The person who hit it left a note with their name and number.  Mall security found it and called the police.  That's why they called my dad.  He came with the rm brother to try and fix it and give me another car.  I wound up driving it home anyway, because they were able to get the bumper back in place and then they duct taped it on.  Other than some wobbling in third gear at around 30 mph, it still works fine.
I'm just not having good luck with cars this month...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I love my dad, but there are times he annoys me.  The starter motor in my truck was so bad that the auto parts place that tested it said it shot flames.  I'd rather not know what caused it to do that.  But my dad took it out on monday while I was at work-I didn't have time to do it after school and before work-and took it to the parts store for the test.  That's how I know.  Then he went ahead and paid for the new one-which had to be shipped in-plus a new serpentine belt because of the wear on the slightly older one.  Then I forgot to pick it up from the parts place yesterday, so he went and got it.  Then he put it in, which I was going to do friday or tonight.  The only thing he didn't do was torque down the bolts.  I tried to find the specifications for it, but the best I could find said 25-35 ft/lbs.
Then I was driving my sister's car home from work and scraped the back bumper-underside, kind of- on a rock next to the driveway where she always parks it.
Plus I was late for poetry class yesterday.  Forgot my parking hang tag for the institute, so I had to run back and get it. Sigh...
Today we had a lab day for photography.  But only two of the six of us who showed had film, so we learned how to mount the pictures while the other two developed their film.  We've got a week from next monday before it's due, but I was hoping to get one roll done for today.
I'm really behind on Nano...

Friday, November 22, 2013


When I got in to work yesterday they asked me to be the assistant manager.  I was already doing the job, this just gives me the pay raise.  Apparently the assistant needs to work opposite hours from the regular manager, so that's why they asked me.  The regular manager works day shift and opens.  I work evenings and close.
Really cold last night, with the winds making it a lot worse.  The gusts rocked my car driving home and this morning.  Not much in the way of clouds brought in, just a big chill.
My committee was treated to breakfast at Kneader's as a end of semester thank you.  All you can eat french toast.  We had a mini competition over who could eat the most.  The winner did 4.5 slices.  I managed three.  Those slices where rather big.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rain Rain go away, Come again Some Other day

Kind of been snowing too, for that matter.  I changed the air filter in my truck, and now it sound so much better and has no further problems idling.
Turned in my second play today.  It was much better than the first-partially because I had a lot more time to put into this one-and they liked it more.  The teacher felt it was more of a screenplay than a script, but she also wants me to try and rewrite it as more of one, so she likes it too.
Got much better score on the second test with a 63% verses a 54% on the last one.  Not as good as I'm aiming for, but still better.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I got called in to work at 1:30 yesterday, so I didn't get any where on both school work and Nano.  But they gave me today off, so I can make up for it-I hope.
I've got a great start on my play for tomorrow, but I still need to type it.  Turned in the third project for photography today.  Not much else to do this week.

Monday, November 18, 2013


It's getting to the end of the semester, but it just doesn't feel like it.  Maybe because I don't have any huge stuff for finals, save a reading and essay in poetry, the last project in photography, and my math final-the second exam was taken today, though I had til wednesday.  I just try to avoid leaving those for the last minute.
Got my fourth project ready for wednesday in photography, and got done early (the teacher left early so we could stay or go if we were done) and that's what gave me the time to take the test today as well.
I'm insane in some ways, as I signed myself up for 18 credit hours next semester.  One of them is Japanese because I need one more in a language for my major-not that I mind too much, as it been long enough that I'm very rusty.
Got work today too, and no time for Nano before hand, so I hope I can get some done tonight.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sometimes Technology Bugs Me.

Why is it that when I have something I want to do there is the strong chance the internet site I need for it will be having issues?  Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit there.  But I need to retake my math quiz (33%-yick) and the site won't even let me log in.  Figures.  And the second test is next week!
Snowed last night and over half of today-and stuck, though not on the roads much.  But it made the roads wet so I left early for my first day.  My manager-temporary, as they are in charge of another site and only assigned to mine for yesterday and today( because our regular one was not ready or something)-was joking that a part of the rug for the set was loose and tripping people up.  I commented that it would be just my luck to land on my face my first day on the job.  It didn't actually happen, but we did keep tripping up on it all day.
Running way behind on Nano now...bad time for getting sick and a bit of writers block-got past it, but still 4,000 words behind.

Friday, November 15, 2013


My brother brought home some kind of stomach bug on sunday.  He thought it was just something he ate, but I got it yesterday.  Spent all day (after school, which I somehow got through) lying in bed.  I drank some chicken broth thinking it would settle my stomach.  Instead I wound up rather violently throwing it back up five minutes later.  Barely made it to the bathroom.  Not the way I like to spend fifteen minutes.
But I got my poetry stuff turned in, and my truck got me too and from school just fine.  Stayed home from institute committee meeting so I wouldn't give it to anyone else.
I got a job!  Training is today, as it starts tomorrow.  Feeling better, so as long as I'm careful I shouldn't have problems or give it to someone else.
Rained and snowed today, but nothing stuck.  Just got colder.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

That's not a Good Idea...

It happened again today.  In my photography class only a few other classmate showed up.  Maybe six total.  we're at the end of the semester, people!  It's a bad time to 'drop out'!
I managed to get three of the four prints I need for this project, though I may redo one of them.  And the teacher gave us the information we need to get started on the final project-that one needs six to eight prints.  I have an idea for what I can do with that project.
I got an interview today, at 6.  It's for another temporary job-getting a little tired of those, I'll admit-that does pictures of Santa with kids in the mall.  They are looking for cashiers, 'helpers', and photographers.
Second play is due next tuesday...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I always hate that first night...I don't think I slept at all, though I'm not that tired.  I was supposed to do dishes last night but there were so many left from sunday that getting them all done took loading the dishwasher three times and I still had to wash two dishes (a cake pan and a pot lid) by hand.  Not that I mind doing them by hand.
My legs did not help by cramping last night and all this morning.  Tried eating a banana but it didn't seem to help.
Class was interesting, as in poetry a classmate forgot the copies they were supposed to bring of their poem and had to let my group read a rough draft of the thing instead.  I was supposed to read it out loud-teachers rule there-which was a bit hard as it was hand written.  I managed though.  I fear that poor person felt so embarrassed...
Truck started fine to get to school and back home, but threatened to stall if I let it idle for more than a minute.  Wonder what that means...

Monday, November 11, 2013

I Want to Kill my Truck... to guess what it decided to do today? Ggrrrr.  I got to school fine, with no further problems.  Even got my first set of film for the next project developed-a lot of the pictures are good!-so that was all going well, despite mother nature knocking this morning...
Anyway, I get done with institute and put the key in to the ignition.  There is the customary beeping that comes before I actually start the car.  Twisted the forward to start it and it was like the beeping was drained.  No click, no cough to life.  Just the rapid wind down of the beeping sound.  I turned the key back, waited a bit, then tried again.  Even less action than the first try.  I turned the key all the way off and took it out, waited a minute, and tried again.  Still that same thing.
I called my sister to come get me, but she was delayed a bit.  A young man from the institute stopped by (after three others and a mother daughter combo) and pulled his car around with a new set of jumper cables.  After letting it charge for a good fifteen minutes (I kid you not, it wouldn't start before then) it finally started and I was able to get it home.  My sister tried to meet up with me halfway but was further delayed by impatient people who don't look where they are going.  She just came home after me as a result.
Why is my truck deciding to be a lemon after I've finished paying for the stupid thing?  I still can't get it registered!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Me Stupid, No Play That Game no More...

Or at least that's how my uncle put my 'blonde' moment this morning.  Was driving to school and my truck began making a sound like a deep drawn out groan.  Made it to committee meeting fine, but after that I went to check the parts I'd put in yesterday.  Two of the bolts had worked loose, and worn down one side of the belt.  It's still good, but not as good as it was.  My uncle helped me tighten them properly-after he fixed me up.  I didn't have the tools to tighten it myself, and I wasn't going to drive it home like that.  So I found a adjustable wrench at a nearby grocery store.  I was trying to open the package with a knife(word to the wise, playing with sharp metal objects is dangerous-doing so when you're tired is far worse) and it jerked free of the plastic zip tie-it did cut it off-and into the middle finger of my left hand that I'd stupidly put in the way of the blade.  Also skinned the back of my ring finger a bit, below the nail, but not near as bad.
I wound up asking my uncle for help-a friend from the institute gave me a ride down to his house-in fixing it.  All they had at the institute was a cloth wrap, which worked for a temporary pressure bandage.  My uncle told me I did that very well for having to do it one handed, but that I also used more than I really needed.  He took it off and had me run it under very cold water for about twenty minutes while he got his supplies together. Then he put steri strips on it to hold it closed, covered those with a large wide band aid, and then strapped that on with two pieces of specialty tape.
He followed me home to make sure I got there okay and the belt received no further wear.  He did stop to help someone change a tire since all they had was one of those pathetic 'scissor' jacks they usually put in the car.
So I'm a bit one handed at the moment, and a bit behind for Nanowrimo too.  Agrh...

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I got the part today!  I still had to get dropped off at school by my brother because I couldn't get it until later anyway.  I took the bus home and accidentally got dropped off one stop before mine.  Only a five minute walk though.  A friend from institute kindly gave me a ride the rest of the way home.  Only I forgot a key to the house, so I checked all the doors to the outside.  I found one, which is not really a good thing.  I made sure it was locked after I got in though.  Then I walked the dogs.
Tried to get more double shot pictures, but those are hard to get, and it was cloudy in addition to that.  I did get a few though.
My parents went to the temple so rather than waiting for my dad to fix my car, I grabbed the brother who'd dropped me off and we got started putting in the new part.  Only to realize that we had to put the new serpentine belt on first or we'd have to take it all right back off to get it on anyway.  It took ten to fifteen minutes to get the new pulley on as we had to line up three holes in a row by touch-there was no way to get light or an angle to see it.  Then we had to torque something in the engine in order to get the belt all the way on.
I washed my hands afterwards but I still have black all over my hands.  That stuff sticks.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cold Cold Cold...

Not really, but its getting there.  My photograph class was a bit funny and sad today.  Only five of us students showed up, and all of us were women.  I guess people don't like coming to class when they haven't got started on the next project yet?  They missed the fun.  Three of us (sadly I wasn't one of them, but I went anyway) were developing film while the teacher told us about doing multiple film.  That sounds like the kind of fun I'd like to try.  Photograms and messing with the print during (sometimes before-if you don't mess with the film itself) the developing process.  That was fun, as we grabbed some stuff lying around the lab and made three right after they others finished developing their film.  I left early to get some other stuff done.
On my way to school I saw a side swipe type accident between a white toyota four door and a red chevy cobalt, I think.  The white car was trying to merge into the left lane, where the red car was.  They either didn't see the red car, or didn't look before they turned, as they tried to merge and hit the front passenger side tire well of the red car.  The red car saw them trying to merge too close but too late to avoid the collision.  They both pulled over to the center lane as I passed, where I saw the damage to the red car.
The part for my truck won't be here til tomorrow.  Sigh...So I'm still having transportation issues.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I'm getting tired of job hunting, but I've only had one 'bite' so far.  And that only went so far as to give me a personality test.  I hate those.  Apparently I'm too honest.  Since when has that been such a bad thing?
I'm keeping up in Nanowrimo, and somehow getting it done ahead of my sister and mother.  They're both better(or at least more experienced) writers than me.  Plus I've got school.
It snowed again today.  Can't get the part for my truck until tomorrow, so my sister had to drive me to and from school.  I'll have to borrow my brother's tomorrow.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Last week was a yoyo for emotions in my family, or at least thats how my dad put it.  there was the down of my grandpa dying, the up of my sister having her baby, the down of my grandpa's viewing and funeral, the up of visiting my sister and her new baby at their home after they left the hospital, the down of leaving to go home but visiting my aunt because we'd missed her birthday(it was the same day as the viewing) and watching her try not to cry, the up of finding out MY DAD PASSED HIS FINAL COLLEGE CLASS and will graduate in July next year, the down of listening to Music and the Spoken word and of course they mention obituaries, the up of my grandmother visiting, and the down of her bringing my mom a gift to remember her dad by.  So yeah, my emotions are a bit out of whack today.
Then I had a dream last night of talking to a current institute course classmate (the same one who helped me with the institute marquee on monday last week) in the entrance of my old high school building.  He (yes, I do occasional dream about guys) was telling me not to worry about something with his back to the doors right as a tsunami burst through them.  I somehow wind up in a corner stair well trying to climb to an upper level with him on the walkway were I'm climbing the railing.  A second tsunami hits and he vanishes while i get pushed against the railing, and almost over it.  Then it shifts to me watching (like on a live T.V.) a rough road near a intersection where a truck hits a puddle on my side of it (it was moving towards me) flips it's rear end up, smashes the front end against the pavement, then falls back.  This leaves the older male driver (who's dressed in a dark shirt with a tan hat) writhing against his seat as the airbags didn't deploy.  His female (and much younger) passenger has long brown hair and is screaming in hysteria.
I have weird dreams sometimes...
But I got my third photography project in.  Maybe he'll give us back the pictures he took out and hung in the hallway.  Now I've got to start taking pictures of stuff I want to double shoot.  This should be fun...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Want to Beat my Head Against the Wall Right Now...

Yeah, my grandfather's viewing was yesterday, and the funeral was this morning.  I was fine until we sang the closing hymn God Be With You til We Meet Again, as it felt like all the tears wanted to come rushing out.  Not cool.  It didn't help to be sitting next to my parents as they choked up.
But I got through it.  Then my dad reminded me that I needed to fix some stuff in my car.  One was the snake hissing in there (for over a month) Which was a surprisingly easy fix.  The other was a new sound that started monday.  Found out that the pulley attached to the water pump in my truck was breaking.  Literally.  Both ends had broken loose and rubbed against the fan and the water pump.  It caused the strange sound and was wearing down the belt it pulled.  I can get the belt easy, but go figure that the pulley is not going to be easy to get a hold of.  Why?  Because my truck is a ford, and it's a 96'.  The ford company still owns that rights to that specific part but not the water pump.  So the regular parts stores I would go to can't carry it.  they have to go through the company.
So I get to borrow my sister's car on monday until I can get that one part and finish fixing it.  My dad says I must have a guardian angel the size of Texas, and they are working over time.  Can't really argue with that...

Friday, November 1, 2013

And We're Back to This

It's Nanowrimo again!  I have a story idea for it, just haven't gotten started quite yet. I had to wake up for my usual early morning meeting at the institute after getting to bed after 11.  I was so tired that I was getting a headache.  Took another quiz for math and managed 60%, so thankfully I'm not too bad with this section.
Helped set up tables and chairs for a mission prep conference today.  The chairs were the hard part, as we had at least 200 of them.
My sister took my parents and I out to lunch at Olive Garden.  The downside of being tired is I tend to get hungry.
But for halloween we watched Pacific Rim-hence why I got to bed so late-but we haven't done our candy night yet.  We're still deciding what movie to watch for that.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Yes, I actually wore a costume to school today.  just the same one I've been using for the other parties I've been to though.  I got a lot of compliments on it, despite the fact that wearing a cloak all day made me realize a few things.  Namely that when you see someone in a movie wearing one they aren't flicking it around just for dramatic emphasis.  It's also to keep the stupid thing a bit under control and not under foot.  If you've seen the Incredibles, Edna has a valid point about capes.  My sister kept stepping on it and nearly strangling me.  Doesn't help that the cape is one I'm borrowing from her and she's just a bit taller than me-and the cape is meant to touch the floor with her wearing it.
Looks like a nice storm is coming in.  I promised my sister when she had her new baby I'd make her a carrot cake and bring it to the hospital.  I think she was jealous of the effort I put into the one I make for my dad's birthday every year.  I've got it made and frosted, I just have to get it over there.  I hope that's okay with the staff...
Barely remembered the last of my homework last night, and I've still got math stuff to do.  but photography is ready for monday (as previously mentioned) and everything else is in.  I have one last set of workshop poems for that class, and the letters are due the same day.
Doesn't feel like Halloween though...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm a little out of it...

Ever had one of those both really good yet really bad weeks?  I'd say day, but it covers the week so far.  My grandfather went into the hospital for surgery on aneurisms (he had several) only for his health to go south before the painkiller wore off.  Monday his vitals took a dive.  They got them back up, but his chances were looking increasingly bad.  Yesterday they brought him home and took him off the trac tube he'd been given after pulling the by mouth one out.  He lived for a bit but died last night.
Then my sister who was pregnant and due next week went into labor very early this morning.  I had school, but I came over after and was able to witness the birth.
School is starting to get caught up (though I wasn't really falling behind) and it's raining-or it was this morning.

Monday, October 28, 2013


It could be a bad day, except things have worked out too well for that.  Woke up with a headache threatening, yet it never materialized.  Was a bit later to school than I wanted, but I was a bit early for class.  The teacher decided too many of us were behind on the third project so they gave us class time today to print pictures-and I got five done, meaning I only need two more-plus they moved the due date from this wednesday to next monday.
The marquee I put up friday needed two changes, because I didn't have one name and didn't realize that one advertized event was a two day thing, so I had to do that again, but I got help this time.  Still took a good 20-30 minutes, but it's done.
Very windy today, which is bad if you want to rake leaves and such, but didn't affect my work with the marquee.
I still can't get the last poem for tomorrow's workshop-the person hasn't put it online yet.  It's due tomorrow dude...
My sister's masquerade was fun, though a bit sparsely attended.  Only about seven of those invited showed up, and five came 'late'.  It was an open house, but they came an hour or more after it started.  And we are still cleaning up-well, more like putting stuff back-today.
Supposed to rain tonight and then snow tomorrow...

Friday, October 25, 2013


Well, they liked my play, despite the rough draft.  And I got plenty of good feedback on how to improve it.  No comments on my poem, as we just turned those in to the teacher yesterday.  I got six of the eight poems for next week ready.  The last two are not available yet.  And both should have already been posted. Grr.
I read Brandon Sanderson's Steelheart and The Rithmatist yesterday too.  Apparently he's exploring the world of younger readers.  I think he got a great start here.  I liked the Rithmatist better than Steelheart, but both are just the start of a series.  And both have a bit of something new, so their something worth reading.
I wanted to print off the rest of my photo's for the project due wednesday, but the lab wasn't open! Gah...I can't open it myself, and my teacher isn't there either.  I don't know who to talk to about it as well...
My friend's Halloween party is tonight!  It sounds fun too.  I still don't know exactly what we're going to do, besides games, snacks, and a movie: Buffy the Vampire Slayer I believe.  Though that's more than nothing.
Didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but I'm actually not tired for once.  I just can't get certain things done.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Funny how stuff not used in a while can start to stink, but no one notices until something disturbs the area.  There's a sink in the photography lab where we squeegee off the photo prints before running them through the dryer.  Sadly, this sink rarely gets used for anything else.  So when my teacher was running water while showing us the washing tub for large prints-fiber paper, actually.  That stuff is a pain to print with though-it ran water through the tub and into said sink.  This released a smell that only grew worse as more water went down the drain, so after making sure we got the message, the teacher led all of us out of the room.
Fiber paper does make nice prints, if you get it right, but the stuff is a lot more flexible than the regular paper we print stuff with.  I think it's more expensive too.  Plus it tends to absorb the chemicals, so you have to soak it in the developer longer, the fixer twice, and the hypo clear-fixer remover, which normally we don't even use for printing-then the water bath, ten minutes for the regular stuff, takes fifteen minutes at least.  And the paper has to dry overnight.
So that's where the stinky part of my day was, but that didn't last all class, just the first 15-20 minutes the water was running in the sink.  But it certainly needed it.
Still need to find out about the worker's comp thing...
I need to print out two or three copies of my play today, and a copy of my poem.  I want to go back and edit them first though.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It Feels So Weird...

Being without a job for the first time in almost eight months.  I still have to get in touch with part of it over worker's comp stuff, but otherwise I am in the middle of a job hunt.  I keep hearing about potential jobs, but then I either can't find them or they can't be done online, yadayada. sigh.
I have a ten minute play I'm supposed to turn in on thursday, a newspaper prompt poem due the same day, I'm supposed to shoot a second roll of film for photography sometime this week, and I've got the usual math homework.
Went to a corn maize yesterday.  Other than it getting very cold as the sun went down it was fun.  They don't have a haunted maize up yet, but they will.
Need to bug my sister, as she's still in bed...(I think)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh dear...

Yesterday and this morning were one of those days.  Not a bad day by any means, though it could have gone that way.  First my dad, brother and I were investigating some old string beans we found half frozen in the fridge.  We warmed them up to see how they smelled, and I made the comment that the smelled like beans, old beans.  My dad and brother found that funny due to some family friends (basically family, they're that close) whose last name is bean, and the 'grandfather' is 84 and just got out of the hospital.
Then my mom was talking on the phone and forgot the handset had a cord.  She pulled it off the counter.  My dad was talking to her at the time and it cut off the call.  She called us back, and as I picked up the phone I heard my older sister comment that my mom had 'pulled the phone apart' in the background.  I had to cover up the mouthpiece in hopes that she didn't hear me laughing.
Then this morning I made french toast for breakfast, and my brother made apple juice to go with it.  I had everything on the table and we were waiting for my dad to come join us so we could bless it.  While waiting I thought to put syrup on my french toast.  Only I grabbed the apple juice jug instead.  I caught it in time to pour it back into the jug, but they teased me about making french toast apple juice to go with the 'dinner' (my brother accidentally told my dad that 'dinner was ready' instead of breakfast).
Plus we're letting the dogs upstairs but blocking off the front room, so I keep trying to fall while climbing over the table we're using as a barricade.

Friday, October 18, 2013


No, that's not me throwing up.  Just got tired of feeling icky yesterday.  But I'm much better today.  Took the day off from work anyway.  Stupid dog woke me up four times last night though.  My sister's mini hot dog type dog( can't remember how to spell that word) was the one barking, with the other two quite silent.
Last day of work was cleaning the stadium all day.  First with washing the 'special seating' chairs again.  At least I didn't fall this time.  Then we cleared all the dead branches and debris from behind the east side of the stands (it's built on a mountain side so there are trees in a small hill area that leave a lot of that stuff) which took around 3 hours.  Then we gathered up any remaining garbage, re-blew off the base of the east stands, and then put everything away.
I was cold, so I think I got a chill to accompany my usual allergies. grr.
But I got all my homework in for the week, plus the math quiz.  Didn't do so well on that one, only 64%. sigh...
And now I'm in the market for a new job as well...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It got really cold monday night and yesterday...So cold it wore me out.  I was blowing off the stadium on monday and the coaches told me I was disrupting practice-which hadn't started yet-and would I wait til they finished.  They would have finished around 5:30, so my supervisor told me to leave it til yesterday.  They commented that the coaches seem to think that 'little elves will come in the night to finish it' because we go on break at 6, and after that it gets dark and very cold rather fast.
Ah well, project two for photography is in, though the teacher said three of my pictures could be a lot darker still.  But my classmates liked the other five.
Only managed 53% on my first math test...I'll have to try harder.
We only get one day for fall break! and its a Friday-which I don't get off from work-so I'd have the day anyway.
Tried to blow off more yesterday, but didn't finish then either.  Between the wind and track team coming in I didn't have a lot of time.  We had to repaint the soccer field (for the last time) after that.  But cleaning my supervisor's paint stuff was cold!  The wind felt like it went right through me, and being inside the shed helped very little.
Second set of poems is in...

Monday, October 14, 2013

That's Funny...

My supervisor told me on friday that it was supposed to rain on sunday.  I made the mistake of staying up til after midnight, and guess what happened?  It was raining at 12:05 am on sunday.  granted it still rained off and on the rest of the day, but I thought that was funny.
I think we're going to be prepping for a football game this saturday, but I'm not sure.  At least I'm feeling better.  Hope my coworker is too, as having a cold that long is totally not cool.
But it was cloudy and colder this morning, with more coming in, so there may be more rain today.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Still don't know my math score for the first test.  Didn't rain yesterday, but once the sun went down it got a bit windy, which made it a lot colder than the 52 degrees it was supposed to be.
More trimming, which we got all the critical stuff(I think).  Saw an old coworker from when I worked for a school district over a year ago.  They were coming to the university for the theater costume sale (this happens once every year)and needed directions.  They didn't recognize me until I took my hat off.
My institute committee is having a party tonight, which I hope I can make time for.
Thankfully the second round of poetry stuff isn't giving me the same issues I had this week (so far, but I plan to get ahead just in case).
But I didn't get my photography stuff done yesterday, and I won't have time today. grr.  So it's a good thing I've got monday, though I really didn't want to take that much time.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Well, this week could have been better, but it could have been worse.  The coworker with a cold is still fighting it.  I'm not feeling too great, but I suspect that's allergies.  Rained a lot yesterday, and we had to work in it.  Thankfully we used the rain gear my work has for times like this.  Though I used a poncho that was old and leaked, but the second one I found was good.  We got the trimming on the northside of the lecture hall done, and cleared out a few drains (again, in one case).  A fellow coworker and I got bored before 3 and wound up deep cleaning a ventrack (one of the riding lawnmowers, we're not very inventive on short names for things.  Its either the brand name the number, or the type of thing.) to the point that the stickers were actually white again.  Though if we weren't careful the stuff we were using would take the stickers right off.
A few of my coworkers were teasing my supervisor for leaving their truck with one window rolled up, the other rolled down, and the door locked was the one with the window down, while the other was unlocked.
Accidentally offended one of my teachers, the one for poetry.  I asked them about the difficulties with viewing my classmate's poems and stuff after class and I guess I walked out before they were finished. sigh.  Plus when I emailed them about it I was very informal.  So I sent them an apology email.
Due to the rain it's cold today, but its supposed to warm up.  The sun just barely came out, so we'll see.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Well That's Not Helping...

I'm supposed to print off a copy of my fellow students poems from the online site, and I can't even see the discussion they're attached to. grr.  I spoke to the teacher yesterday, but they don't know what's going on either.  Sent them an email last night about it and so far no response.  How can I print them out and have them ready for tomorrow if I can't even get them on the computer?
Managed to take my math test yesterday morning before poetry class (which would explain why I was nearly late to that class, and it being midterm week explains the lack of students) but I'm not sure how I did.  There were three questions I couldn't remember how to do, so I had to guess. 
A coworker came in to work with a head cold-they were getting over it anyway, and they (so far) haven't given it to the rest of us.  My allergies are kicking in again, which was a mixed blessing as yesterday we were moving a large pile of compost (twice) that had food remains in it.  And yes, it smelled.  Otherwise we're just trimming bushes and deadheading (removing the dead parts of flowers and other plants) for winter.
I am so tired....

Monday, October 7, 2013

Late Nights...

And (sort of) early mornings are not a good idea for trying to catch up on sleep.  I got my photography pictures taken and developed today-and I didn't ruin any of the film.  though something dripped on it and left a streak on all of them-thankfully it doesn't show on the prints.  Only printed two pictures of the eight I need next monday.  Thankfully I have time for that.
Math teacher says I can't get an extension or added time for taking the exam, so I'll have to miss part of my institute class wednesday to take it. sigh...
Conference was neat, though President Monson spoke in four out of five sessions.  And one speaker referred to president Monson's 'fire story' from april.  That was funny.  One speaker on saturday spoke about searching for jobs, and how we need to seek counsel before accepting an offer.
So today starts the last two weeks at my current job and the start of hunting for a new one.  I hate job hunting...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Did I Mention...

That wednesday I got a splinter that broke off under the skin-and dug deep enough to bleed around it-so I had to cut my finger partway open to get it back out.  My friend tried to help me but got a little quesy-no, it wasn't bleeding at that point, it was just the idea of what she was doing-so I wound up doing it myself.
And earlier that day my photography teacher gave me a very big tip on how to focus my camera so I know for sure it'll turn out (sorry, film camera's-like the black and white one I'm using-focus different from digital) clear rather than blurry like my first set.
It's my mom's birthday!  And my brothers are supposed to make the cake for her.  I made breakfast, and my oldest sister and I are buying Chinese for dinner (I'm still trying to get her a gift card for a local restaurant  so she and my dad can have a date night).  Conference has started!  We've got priesthood session tonight, which means it's a girls night for about two hours.  I noticed at least three speakers so far have stammered or stuttered.  I know its scary, I just don't recall that happening before...
Memo to me, not getting the floor in the kitchen mopped for two weeks is a very bad idea.  I had to scrub a few areas a lot harder than usual.
We got frost last night!  It may have killed the garden...

Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Cold.

Yep, it snowed last night.  At home we got close to an inch, but at school/work it didn't stick at all. sigh.
Well, while my supervisor was gone I help them plant stuff in the new beds by the gym (recently remodeled, hence the new beds) and lay out the irrigation piping.  Tried to trim bushes around the lecture hall yesterday but didn't finish that.  Got too dark to see, and cutting something at random might get me in trouble, if I don't land myself in the hospital first.
But I got 80% on my third math quiz!  and yet now I have to find time on monday, tuesday, or wednesday next week to take the first test. Grr.  I wanted to get all the other homework for next week done but the next set of poems for review are not up yet.  And they're supposed to be up a week early, meaning yesterday (literally).  I still have time for the MM's today, so after getting math done that 's what I'll do before work.
National Cinnamon Roll Day!  We're giving them away at the institute until 1p.m. today.
And the government shutdown may cancel a vacation my parents have been planning months in advance that was supposed to be the week after next...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

About That...

Yeah, that whole stupid criminal thing has my manager repeatedly reminding us to not leave the keys in the vehicles at all.  But my supervisor told me yesterday we're more likely to have a coworker walk off with a vehicle (as currently we've hit a crunch with them, so much is going on and needs to be done) that it's hard to get one before three p.m.
They have to blow out the sprinkler lines this week-and they're using my supervisor truck to do it-so that claims two vehicles.  Leaves have started falling, but mow crew still needs to mow, and that claims another.  Plus all the regular stuff, so yesterday we used the water truck for the first two and a half hours, then stole the mow crew truck (it was the only one that could hold four people).  My supervisor's truck is still hocked up to the pump they used to clear the pipes.
Got one set of this project for photography developed and the sheet printed, but still need a second (and I cut off one of my pictures! gah!) roll plus any retakes. grumble...

Monday, September 30, 2013

Stupid Criminals...

Or at least this one was.  I came in to work Thursday and found out that one of the newest employees had been working by the bell tower using the (hated, at least by me) forest green mule.  They left it while working and came back to go to break or something and guess what? It was gone.  They thought it was a prank or something, but soon found out it was stolen.
So they had to call for a ride back up to the shop.  I really don't know why anyone would want that one.  It can dump stuff, but you have to manually lift the bed.  It had a flashing light on the roof (it can't really go beyond 15 mph I think)  and could fit in some of the tightest areas.  But it had no gas gauge or speedometer-hence why I've been stranded without gas in those things-did not like to start cold (weather it had been sitting for an hour or the weather was cold like Wednesday through Friday) would not idle-trying for more than 30 seconds usually led to a stall-and often tried to stall while shifting.
Well, we got said mule back friday around the same time-I think-because the thief tried to sell it for $20 to a cop from a nearby city.  I don't know if the cop was in uniform or not, but they saw the university sticker(official sticker that is used to identify it in cases like these) the thief had failed to cover and took it back.
Not for lack of trying, mind you.  The thief had taken it home and first tried to hand paint (we can see the drips from the brush) yellow.  Whether they didn't like or just ran out, I don't know, but they then switched to red and tried to cover the yellow with it.  They got over half the vehicle covered, including one of the university stickers, the last oil change sticker, one of the tire rims, and the 'dash board'.  Apparently realizing they'd missed a sticker or something-after running low on paint-they tried to spray paint red over the sticker only to run out after giving it a very faint coat. They also knocked out the rear window-popped it clean out without even cracking it-and cut off the caution light on the roof-sorry, as long as the mule is on that light is as well.
So we got it back.  My supervisor says that is the best example of how not to paint they've ever seen, while the mechanic says we should put a sticker or poster in the window that says 'this is your brain on drugs' and drive around with it.  We think the thief may have been crazy, stupid, or on something.  Possibly all three.
Gave us a laugh though.
Saw a doctor about my shoulder on saturday-missed the start of R.S. general broadcast but I did get to hear President Monson's talk.  Now I'm on a anti inflammatory for the next three weeks to see if that will help.  If not they recommend Physical Therapy.
It's my dad's birthday!  Not sure what we're doing yet, but I got the day off so I can make his cake-and get the ingredients.   Cloudy, but it's not supposed to rain today.   And I've got a chance to get my photography homework done...

Friday, September 27, 2013

I Guess it just Doesn't occur to me...

I'm one of those people who will pull over on the highway to help a man and his girlfriend who's car ran out of gas.  I'll give them a ride to the nearest station and then back to their car.  Or I'll stop and give an older man who missed the last bus a lift to the train station (yeah, I know that could have bad consequences) so they can still get home.  I guess doing that gives my dad a heart attack, but my mom says I must have a guardian angel the size of Texas sitting on my shoulders.  Or I've been very lucky so far...
I want to register for an internship at church headquarters but due to an issue with my account it won't let me!  Argh.  Sounds really fun too...
It's gotten very cold here due to the rain.  I overheard a girl comment on how the temperature nearly hit 20 when the sun went down yesterday.  It's overcast and rainy today like the last two days have been.  I gave in and used the jacket my sister gave me last year (or this past spring, but it's insulated and much better than the now threadbare one I've been using up til now-thanks anyway sis! I'd be freezing otherwise!) so I'm not freezing at work.
Homecoming football game is tomorrow, so today is going to be getting the stadium ready at work.  Thankfully we've already done the bleachers, so all we really need to do is re-set up the garbage cans and put liners (if they don't already have one) in them.
We washed my supervisors stencils-the one's with the school mascot and name on them-yesterday because the rain on Wednesday washed their paint all over the stencils and made quite the mess(I got to help my supervisor repaint the logo on the soccer field-where the stencils got wet--because the rain wiped out all of one color and part of the other--using spray cans on 'guns' so we didn't have to get it all over our hands.  That didn't turn out too bad.
The institute committee I'm part of decided to give out hot chocolate in the lobby due to the colder weather.  I boiled three very large pans of water for it, and helped decorate the paper cups-for next week's 'national cinnamon roll day' which we haven't decided exactly what we're doing for that-before coming up the student union building for homework and job hunting (having more success with the former).  Trying not to get a headache right now...
Got a free t-shirt for wearing school colors as I walked in.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That Took Talent...

We did spend most of monday (my supervisor and I) helping the student council and student association (who are students as well) do the homecoming paint the town in school colors thing.  We first had to run the stencils they needed over to the two locations (they were within three blocks of each other, but that's a good ten minute walk  after a ten minute drive to get to the first one from campus) but that took longer than usual because the truck right rear tire picked up a pound in screw that flattened the tire (poor mechanic had to yank it out and then spend 5-10 minutes getting a plug in the hole so we could still get there relatively on time).  Then we spent the next three hours running the paints back and forth, helping set up the barricades (which a lot of people drove right past the 'road closed ahead', 'road closed', and the caution cones/ those tripod things-even after we slid them as close together as we could manage given the limited number we had to work with) then picking it all back up and taking it back on campus.  We didn't get first break due to that so we left a half hour early (I got to go see Pacific Rim with my siblings).
Yesterday my supervisor left early (they'd been called in early again) but there was plenty to do.  We cleaned up the stadium (my other two coworkers did-the 18 year old pulled a no show monday and got fired for it, and the 16 year old switched to night school and day shift at work-blew it off while my supervisor and I were running the paint stuff) and relaid out those stupid chain lined carpet things, replaced the metal benches, laid out some heavy black pads (no clue what those are for) and then ran trash.
I feel bad as I stuck my foot through a door as my 17 year old coworker tried to close it, resulting in a double bruise on my right shin/calf.  They kept beating themselves up over it despite my reassurance that I was okay.  I had to tell them that they'd already apologized (several times) so if they kept it up I might start hitting them.
Its raining!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Not Good

The weekend excursion was fun minus my attempt to catch hypothermia-forgot a pad to put underneath my sleeping bag, forgot a pillow and had to improvise one, and grabbed the thinnest sleeping bag possible with a broken zipper.
Other than those little issues it was a lot of fun.
Yesterday was the 'embarrassment' of my youngest brother, whom we did manage to catch and give spankings to.  He wasn't amused.  My poor sister tweaked her back while my younger (the oldest of the three still at home) brother tried to wake her up.
Brought a spare pair of pants to use at work so i don't have to worry about getting paint on them.  I hope it works...

Friday, September 20, 2013


My youngest sibling and brother turned 18 yesterday, so there are no more 'kids' left for my parents.  But they are getting a new granddaughter in november.  But I had to miss that birthday party (I had to work as usual).  They saved me dinner and cake though.  And we're having the 'family' party on sunday, so those who didn't make it yesterday (like me) can come sing that embarassing song to him, and maybe tackle him and give him birthday spankings (yeah, good luck on that one).
Fun activity at the institute today.  The teacher (for my committee-we always meet at 7 am on fridays) had the lights get turned off, then they held up their phone with  the screen lit.  They touched the arm of someone next to them, who also held up a lit phone or gadget before touching someone else.  Then after everyone was holding some form of 'light' up, they had us try (there are at least 15-20 people in this committee) to gather the 'light' in one area.  As we got as close (hope you like the person right next to you) they exclaimed 'turbo light!' and someone standing by the light switch (the same one who turned it off by the way) turned the lights on.  This was funny, but at the same time while gathering the 'light' we were all looking up and so got a bit flash blinded.  We were laughing for the next few minutes anyway, and the person who turned it on turned it right back off.
I took work off today for a committee retreat (it includes all the institute committees) that goes from tonight into tomorrow around 3.
But at least my supervisor didn't need me today-though monday sounds like it'll be interesting, as the university is doing a 'paint the town' for homecoming.  They always borrow my supervisor's stencils for this, and we have to go get them back-while they're still wet.  Why they use paint rollers on giant plastic stencils is beyond me.  It makes the paint stay wet longer, and gets more paint on the stencils.  But it just means I have to find something I don't mind getting paint on (all my old pants grew holes-grr).
The one mechanic I know best at the shop keeps showing me stuff that gets broken (whether day shift broke it or it just gave out).  Yesterday they were taking a wheel off one of the riding lawnmowers-the kind like you see on shopping carts that spin all the way around-and the bolt sheared in half.  I mean they had the top half in their hand, with the rest still stuck in the metal frame that looped over the tire.  And this was nearly an inch thick bolt.  So they not only have to finish getting the bolt out, but get a new one on top of whatever they needed to fix there. Yikes...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I found out sunday that my great foster uncle passed away that same day.  He had pulmonary fibrosis-basically scarring on the lungs that make it very hard to breathe.  I don't know if that's what killed him, but it contributed.  His funeral is saturday.
Monday at work I tried to seriously hurt my right hand.  First I bent the pinky nail below the quick while moving trash barrels-another band competition yesterday and boy did that make work interesting-so the top part is sore.  Then I tripped while climbing over a cement barrier.  We had to clean the special seating area again and the barriers separated some of the seats.  I tried to catch myself on one of the seats, only my hand slid and I 'punched' the armrest instead.  My middle finger turned red and started swelling-despite my sticking it in the bucket of cold water we were using-between the middle and bottom knuckle.  My supervisor took me to get it x-rayed, but I hadn't broken it, just bruised the bone.  It's been slowly turning a dark blue.  I iced it after that.  Then I pinched the fleshy part of my index finger-same hand- in the same area while locking the truck door.
Yesterday a coworker came in at 4:30 (their usual time) and worked through break.  We (the only other hourly working at the time and I) couldn't find them after break, despite combing the entire campus in a kubota.
Had a very fascinating lightning show after dark and on the way home.  Turned the clouds purple in some areas.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Well, we didn't get rain sunday, but things have cooled down quite nicely.  Didn't get to the fair-still felt sick from donating and it was threatening to rain more-so I didn't get the retakes done either.  Still didn't sleep well over the weekend.
My mom made the comment today that my youngest brother is such a teenager.  I had to bite back the reply (mainly because I had a full mouth-I was eating breakfast at the time): he is a teenager.  That would not have helped.  My dad and oldest sister don't want to play crazy rhummy with me anymore...
We got to try enlarging prints today.  Missed morning minutes saturday, and I'm not done with today's.  Kinda hoping it doesn't rain...

Saturday, September 14, 2013


That was not the best timing...I managed to donate just fine, but I got dizzy in the middle, and then queazy afterwards.  It sarted raining when I was headed up to donate, so after I got done (it was still raining at that point) I did homework while waiting for it to stop.  Then I forgot I'd said I would change the marquee at the institute, so that didn't get done.
And after a whole week of not doing much, my supervisor decides to have me help carry their five gallon paint buckets -which had been leftover from last year so they settled and then froze, meaning it was very hard to remix them-into their truck so they could be mixed at a paint store nearby.  Plus the wand for their paint machine has a broken part, and now they have to get a whole new one.
My computer is driving me insane!  The windows key is stuck, so anytime I press the 'l' button it locks! Gargh!
But after we got them all mixed (there were nine that we could get mixed) we had to hand mix the rest.  The lifting and stirring has left me rather worn out.  Not to mention that if I don't eat something every few hours and keep hydrated I get very tired and start getting queazy again.
Woke up to a lot of rain.  We're supposed to be going to my nieces birthday party (she's 3 now) but we have a lot to do.  My sister and I wanted to go to the fair again today, but I'm not sure I'm up to it.  After donating yesterday my right shoulder has been bothering me.  If I lift or carry anything it feels like someone is gripping my shoulder really hard, and it also feels like it's on fire.
I am going to throw this keyboard if I can't get that button unstuck! Sigh...

Friday, September 13, 2013


Save me for the insanity of teenagers!  My supervisor had an emergency yesterday, and the oldest of my coworkers took the day off, so I spent the day with three of them.  Since the oldest is 18 and the youngest is 16 I was the only driver-which made things awkward-they tried to get me to let one of them drive so as to ease the commute.  After I objected and tried to explain why, they said that I could just take the first 'load' and they'd follow-despite my protests.  My objection would mean they did it without my consent so I wouldn't get in trouble.  Teenage logic at work.
Plus the 18 year old kept getting poked by thorny plants and that was somehow my fault-even after they deliberately grabbed the broken off branch of a long thorn bush and squeezed it in their fist.  And the fact that they didn't ask what was a plant and what needed to be pulled after they pulled it is also my fault.
Then after the 17 year old left, the other two were weeding a flower bed separate from me.  I went to dump out my bucket ad spotted them walking back towards the area-yes, there was a building in the same direction-and realized it was now too dark to finish.  So I went back to the truck we drove and put my now empty bucket in the back before driving it over to pick them up.
I then spent a good 10 minutes trying to find them because they hadn't gone back to weed, they'd gone into the building to use the restroom.  I'd parked the truck on the sidewalk(one benefit of working for the school: we can drive on the sidewalks and park there when we need to-it saves walking time) so I moved it to the parking lot while looking for them.  Yet it was once again my fault they had not communicated this to me when we'd passed earlier.
They commenced to spend the rest of the evening tuning the truck's radio station to the most obnoxious stations they could find.  Ranging from a religious bible reading/choir station ( if the speaker hadn't had a monotone I wouldn't have had a problem, but they were putting me to sleep when I was already tired-and driving) to a completely spanish one, they claimed the regular stations I listened to were bad.
It seems a lot of people have forgotten 9-11 and what it stands for.  My supervisor and the 18 year old coworker both didn't realize why the flags were at half mast that day.  The university was playing the newscasts from that day in the atrium though.
I'm going to donate blood today, as we're having a week long 'blood battle' with another university to the south of us.  This is a yearly thing, but like the block party its the first year I can participate (last year I had school, and before that I'd been at work) so we'll see how that goes.
My math teacher says I didn't get a good score on the first quiz (not that I needed them to tell me that) and reminded me that the quizzes are open book.  Sorry, but when 95% of all the quizzes and test you take are not, you tend to forget or overlook that.  Hopefully I'll do better next time.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Uh Oh...

We're supposed to get rain (heavy rain) off and on all day today.  Did not rain while I was at work yesterday though.  Still fixing sprinklers, which we've been doing the past two days.  One set is clogged in the main line somewhere and we can't get it clear.  My poor supervisor got splattered yesterday trying.
My coworker left early again, and their dad called trying to find them.  The one who got bronchitis came in yesterday, though they missed monday.  Apparently this is a yearly thing for them, as they've got it for the last three years in a row (yick, I thought allergies were bad).
Most of my photographs came out!  Only four got ruined while developing, and I only have a few I should (don't actually need to) reshoot before monday.  But we practiced printing the negatives, which is simply contact printing so the images are the right color in black and white.  We're going to enlarge and print on monday as well.
Have my first two poems to critique, and I've got them printed out-they changed the computer lab printing system on me.
My coworker on a mission got their first three baptisms saturday!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Well, friday wasn't as bad as I expected.  Day shift had already done the weed whacking, so I wound up with a coworker trying to clean up recently planted trees-enlarging the tree rings and removing excess dirt.  Then the mule we were using -yes another thing on my list of reasons why I don't like mules: they are a pain to start, especially after they've run out of gas, no gas meter, and no power steering-ran out of gas at the street entrance of a parking lot.  Thankfully we were able to get it out of the road and into a parking stall.  But we had to walk back up to the shop for gas and -lovely- someone had taken the gas cabinet key again.  I had to bug my supervisor to come unlock it.  and the admin upstairs had left, so they had to lock the gate for us as well.
After that fun day, my coworker left at 6, so I spent the rest of the day by myself and it started raining as I cleared up.
But I got to go to the state fair Saturday-forgot sunscreen and burned the top of my head again-which was a prime subject for my photography homework.  A nice man gave me 30 ride tickets, but a rain shower prevented me from using them-why did it wait until I wanted to ride rides?
So today should be interesting.  If this keeps up, I might have to bug the manager for my own set of keys.  I hate bugging my supervisor when they had to take the day off again...

Friday, September 6, 2013


I'm not doing that again.  I told you that we drive kubota's at work (like a four wheeler sized dump truck with a roof over the 'cab')  well, on Wednesday I was driving one of those along the street that runs through campus (we call it the frontage, but that's not its real name-I think).  I had pulled over to confirm where we were working with my supervisor when one of my coworkers stepped in front of the kubota.  Well, to tease them I nudge the kubota a little closer (it was also to warn them to get out of the way).  They stepped back a little, and I moved my foot to the brake and pressed down a little-or so I thought.  Instead I somehow hit the gas again, and nearly knocked said coworker over.  Thankfully didn't hurt them...
Of course, that same coworker went to sit in the same kubota later after I had parked it-the kubota's have a strong parking brake, but they are also a little sensitive, as my coworker found out.  When they sat down, they nudge the parking brake lever loose and nearly ran over my supervisor, who was standing behind it loading dirt in.  We were cleaning up the base of a newly planted tree, which of course was on a hill, so the back end was going downhill when I parked it.
My supervisor managed to avoid getting run over, but they also tried to keep it from going downhill-any further, it was already headed that way-until my coworker got the parking brake reapplied.  The only problem was it took them two tries to get it to stop.
Have my first two real assignments due next week.  1st one in photography, which I'll have to find time to do tomorrow, and a small one in play-writing.  Photography involves taking pictures that explore the camera, while the playwriting is using a classmates 'voice' in a dialogue.  That one needs two drafts.
We cut down sagebrush for the track team yesterday, and that was hot.  Also got to pull weeds and pick up more trash-yea...
I'm trying to do my math homework, but the bane of online classes is getting me.  the page won't load.  It goes to the login screen, but after I enter my stuff and press login it just sits there and tries to load.
Doesn't help that I woke up with a headache again, and my supervisor took today off.  Plus they want us to weed whack (there's only going to be two of us at this point, as one took the day off, another caught bronchitis-ick-, and the third has a big day tomorrow so they might come in, but I can't count on it.
This day is not looking up so far, though my committee meeting was nice.  Got to help set up the marquee this time, but my president is sick too, so I had to avoid them a little -they'd feel really bad if they gave it to anyone else.  Plus I got muffins and fresh fruit for breakfast, and changed my dentist apt. for two weeks from today (it was going to be in the middle of photography class on the Wednesday after next but I shifted it to friday so I won't miss class.
So not a good day so far, but not a bad one either.  This should be fun.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yep, it Rained

at work again.  It's easier to get back into the feel of school when you only miss one day.  Had a fun exercise where we tried to write the 'worst play ever' with a partner, and then after reading it we had ten minutes to salvage a good play from our bad one.  My partner and I kind threw out out original and started over.
Work was kind of interrupted, due to the rain.  We were supposed to take care of the garbage left from the football game, but day shit beat us to that.  They had removed all the trash bags from the bins and collected all the trash in the stands-putting it in the same bags.  They left the bags there to collect after their second break, but when we came back with them, the bags were gone.   So after making sure they hadn't been hidden or something we power washed the cement wall separating the track from the stands-that took a while as we had to collect a lot of hoses, hook them all up, spray the wall, unhook and drain the hoses, recoil them up, and put everything away.
After our break, I went with a coworker to water some unplanted trees by the equipment shed.  then my supervisor discovered grass left by the mow crew on the dorm sidewalks.  we ran over there to blow it off (all four of us- should have been six, but my supervisor had to leave early and one other hourly didn't come in) but right after we got the blowers ready and went looking for the grass it started to pour-I mean highly visible drops that left a silver dollar mark when they landed-so we had to give up on that.
Of course it only lasted for 15-20 minutes, but it soaked everything in that short time.
I'm feeling very forgetful today, as I left my water bottle (again) at one of the campus stores (the art one this time, last time it was the bookstore mail center) and had to go grab it.  But now I've got three rolls of film for my class, and my camera is working (couldn't quite get the batteries in, so my teacher had to show me).  Have an assignment due monday where we have to shoot a 36 roll of film.
I didn't realize film needed to be kept that cold...

Monday, September 2, 2013

It Rained

It poured, the old man snored.  I would hope everyone knows that old rhyme, but it's hard to say.  Just got back from a weekend out of town (only an hour's drive from home, but better than not doing anything...).  It rained when we got there, and several times after that.
Rained here too, by the looks of things.  Had to bring one item of homework (playwriting class 'morning minutes' or as my mom calls it, a daily 'mad write'.  We have to write three pages of whatever every morning.  They actually told us to write stuff like blah blah bla if we can't find a train of thought).  At least I'm keeping up with it so far.
We stayed at a condo, which was nice save for sleeping.  My aunt and uncle let us use theirs, and the beds are harder than I'm used to.  So I wake up feeling briused on my hips and such.  At least it was cooler there, and things have cooled down here.
Cleaning up after the Block party friday wasn't much fun.  One of my coworkers got 'showered' by a garbage bag that another had leaked on.  I saw the puddle right before they grabbed it, but failed to warn them in time.  That stuff smelled rather awful too...
After we emptied the garbage cans we had to move all of them.  Half went to a pay parking lot for a 'foam party' that night, while the rest went back to the stadium for the tailgating party and football game saturday.  My arms are still sore from that.
Yesterday I saw something I never thought my brother would do.  While getting his breakfast ready on his plate, he somehow poured the syrup for his pancakes in his glass instead.  He then said 'oh good grief' (I believe) which drew most of our attention to him as he picked it up to peer at the half cup in his cup.  Thankfully the glass was clean and empty, so he just poured it onto his pancakes anyway.  I hurt myself trying not to laugh.

Friday, August 30, 2013


I'm sitting in the computer lab just off the student dinning center, and the marching band has just started playing.  Unfortunately, this is a hall type area, so it condenses and amplifies the sound.  My ears are starting to hurt.  It's cool otherwise.
It's the block party today, which I actually got to visit for the first time since I started school (I was always working or in class).  So it evens things out.  But my coworkers, supervisor, and I got to set up the trash bins for that.  Plus we spent five hours cleaning the 'special' seats in the stadium-gotta love that, as they are actual chairs, with backs and armrests, so the birds find them convenient for certain bodily functions. That was a little tiring.  A marine booth has a pullup bar where they challenge you to do as many pull ups as you can.  Women are given the option of just holding your chin above the bar for as long as possible.  I managed 23 seconds, but I'd been carrying a backpack.
Gotta love the background music for the band.  I think this might be a flash mob, but I don't know for sure.  They caught us all off guard anyway.
And today we get to move the garbage cans from the student outdoor area (it has a name like the commons or something) to the pay parking lot for the 'foam nation' party at 8:30.  And keep track of cans in the football stadium for tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


didn't realize what today was, even after I got to school.  But I was running late (was actually late to my photography class, and I've managed to avoid being late for over a year).  We had fun though.  The teacher had us running around campus with pinpoint cameras (basically a light tight container with a pinhole for the 'lens' that you use your hand for the shutter) taking pictures and learning how to make our own exposure times.  Pinpoint cameras teach that through the fact that to little time means no picture, and too much means a lot of black image.
I also got a great deal on the camera for the class.  The art store had a one time sale for a brand new camera.  Only $50 total.  For a $235 camera!  Of course, I had to drag it around with me to work, as it warmed back up so leaving it in the car was asking to break it.
That spider came back.  Turned out to be a tarantula with a large bald spot on it's back.
Spent yesterday and monday helping mow crew keep up with mowing, and today we were trimming.
Got my new ipod, but haven't had time to put music on it.  Too many other things to do.

Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Funny...

I never really thought of my life as hard until people started pointing it out to me.  Met with a teacher last week who did just that.  Granted, I did grow up a little lost in a family of seven kids, with a father working full time and a mother trying to keep track of all seven.  Plus we were all born within ten years, so for a while she had to deal with very hyper kids.  My dad has been sacrificing his spare time for the past five years to get a Bachelor's degree, and he's down to one last class.  I've sacrificed the last three, but I've still got a ways to go.
My dad gave us all blessings for the start of the school year last night.  Slept rather weird after that.  Woke up before 2 a.m. with the strange feeling that there was a large spider in my bed, crawling right next to my pillow.  I couldn't find any spider (I was tired enough that I didn't really try) so I ran to the bathroom and found a large black spider (maybe 3/4 of an inch big) trapped in the tub.  The thing was scratching at the shallowest side of the tub trying to get out.  I didn't think that tub was that slick...
Had a dream saturday or sunday.  Not sure of the details, but I remember three kids around the age of five, one of whom was a boy, all playing on the floor in front of me.  I was seated-don't know what I was sitting on-and holding a baby less than three months old.  The baby was a boy wearing a white t-shirt and blue overalls.  He had white socks on I think.  Despite being fast asleep, he had a very firm grip on my shirt.  Not sure where that came from, though he reminded me of my now one year old cousin's baby.
I did get both my assignments in saturday, but it was a very rushed effort.  Didn't tell my teacher that though.  And now its starting all over again.
Exercised saturday and my pectorals have been sore ever since.  My right shoulder isn't happy either...
My photography teacher claims that the first day of class is always a mess for them.  I told him its always a mess for everyone.  Especially for fall semester.  We get the influx of recent high school grads (actually have one in this class) who are trying to master the campus without being late for class, trying to get textbooks (while adjusting to buying them instead of borrowing them), and finding parking.  My teacher let us out early because it was the first day, and we just went over the syllabus-go figure that a black and white analogue photography teacher would still print it out instead of the electronic version most teacher are using.  Not all english teachers like that as well.
But now I need to get the rest of the supplies for that class (film and the camera being a big part) on top of the textbook.  I just hope none of my other classes want additional stuff...

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Okay, I'm a little hyper right now.  Just got the reply from the friend for my info interview.  still need the report and the career research report, but that gives me a better chance.
Failed to mention the huge spider I encountered outside the main building for landscape thursday.  Over an inch long (just the body) with all black except for a light brown patch in the middle of its back.  It freaked out my coworker (former daytime who switched to swing for the school year).  Let's just say they saw the spider and managed "oh gosh" Only they said the other word.  Would not go any closer, and actually took three steps back.
We did get more rain friday(got a little damp while weeding, in fact).  The university chose to repaint the parking lot by the stadium, so that caused us to juggle things like watering and setting up more trash bins for the scrimmage today.  My supervisor was called in early and so had to leave by five again.  Which meant it was just the new swing shift high school student and I  trying to work that out.  Most of it was weeding anyway.  Funny how the paint they used smelled a lot stronger than any my supervisor used.  But that's plant friendly.
My ipod is not repairable, so I'm trading it for a new one of the same type (generation 4 nano).  Why? I accidentally yanked the logic board halfway out while pulling it off the charger yesterday.  It snapped the keypad connection, and basically wouldn't lock.  So yes, I'm getting a new one. That not only is one of the cheapest, but as a trade in I got $20 off at least.  But I have to wait for them to send it to the store next week, and I have to redownload all my stuff.
Starting a new construction zone in the basement, where my mom wants to paint.  This should get interesting, as school starts for all of us kids (save my oldest sister) on monday.

Friday, August 23, 2013


A teacher not only enabled me to get a passing score in their class (aka a d instead of an f) but to get as high as a C.  I just have to do 2 assignments by monday.  One needs an interview-which I have already emailed someone about-and the other involves a bit of research.  But I have two days, so I should be okay in getting them done.
We got rain wednsday evening and thursday morning, and again thursday evening.  My supervisor had scheduled the soccer field for painting yesterday, only to have the soccer team steal the time for pracitce.  something about needing to practice before the other team-visitors-did.  So they had to come in to work at 9 instead.  Thankfully the other supervisor in charge of the sports turf strung up the field so all they had to do was paint.  They were done by 11:30, and I got there in time to help clean up the machine and empty buckets.  We spent the rest of the day finishing trimming the bushes we've been working on all week. that plus cleaning up the branches took the rest of the day-though we did have just enough time to put out garbage cans in the stadium for a scrimmage saturday.  Part of the problem was a large accumulation of nightshade (yes, they excist and they are poisonous-hence why we were getting them out of there) vines that were growing on and through the fence.  Got very windy as we picked those up.
We'd worked on them wednsday too, but still took time to get the rest.  My supervisor said they let it go too long between trimming-over a year we think-so they had to run the trimmer over the smae area 2-3 times to get the tops level with the fence.  And the branches liked to fall into the bushes, so I had to fish them back out.
I was following my mom's blog, but now it says I'm not.  Have to fix that...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


woke up with a headache this morning.  At least I don't have to worry about school yet.  Ah well.  Get to park at the institute agian, just need to turn in the postcard I got in the mail.  Have a bunch of recycling in my truck that I need to drop off.  But they want it sorted first.
Work's been a bit complicated this week.  My supervisor and I were trying to trim bushes along the stadium fence on monday and the machine started acting up.  Found out most of the screws had wobbled loose so it couldn't run properly.  We made up for not finishing by starting to prep the football practice field for painting, which we did tuesday.  Even with the time from monday it still took five hours-including the cleanup.
We got a little rain (i.e. just enough to get the pavement damp) last night.  Hopefully today we can finish the bushes.
Banged my left forearm on a dumpster monday, so its a bit tender now.  Would be the spot I usually rest my arm on.

Monday, August 19, 2013


My mom started work today, so I'm stuck with my youngest two brothers (the second oldest got another temp job-in landscaping and my sister likes to sleep in on her days off) who are constantly at odds.  My mom gave both of them a to do list, and the older of the two tried to remind the youngest of that.  The youngest replied that he wasn't the boss of him.  I had to break it up.
Before that I got a series of texts from my mom and my dad, due to the latter's car battery dying.  Little known fact about car batteries: if the terminal(s) are dirty, whe the battery gets low it won't start.  Had the same issue with my truck last winter.  So my youngest brother and I drove down there( where he works) with tools to clean it and possibly jump start it.  All it took was a cleaning and it started just fine.  My dad says he owes both of us lunch and me gas.  Lunch I won't complain about, but it took less than $10 dollars worth of gas to get down there and back.  However, I don't get paid til next week and my truck's a bit low, so I probably shouldn't complain.
Friday my supervisor decided to buy KFC for our lunch break(technically dinner, but as we both eat when we get home we call it lunch) And gave me the chocolate cake that came with their order.  Friday was kind of a whatever we could find to do around the unexpected emergencies-like having to turn off and then back on a sprinkler filter valve so the sprinklers in the soccer field wouldn't soak the high school teams playing that day.  Also laid down wood chips in three areas, but didn't quite cover two, even with three loads.
Might be doing a project today, but I'm not sure.

Friday, August 16, 2013


I got into math 1030 for fall!  and I passed magazine article writing with a C+! I was so afraid I'd get aC-.  I'm hoping to get my textbooks today-I just got paid.  Need to drop off my institute parking pass, and if I have time get rid of the recycling in my truck.
Came home from work yesterday and my sister was dismantling my scooter.  Appearantly the rear brake was loose and rattling.  She got it tightened, then put it back together.  Of course, I had to put it away-she'd taken so long it was past the time she needed to go to bed.  The only problem was I tried to do it barefoot, and the garage spot for it was very crowded. Rather hard to put it up on the stand that way.
More painting-though I had to laugh.  I got more paint on me cleaning the machine and buckets (we use the now empty five gallon buckets for weeds, garbage, and dirt) then I did while we were painting the field.  That took most of the day, then the manager asked us to mow down the weeds and tall grass inside the fence surrounding the football stadium.  That wasn't too bad though.
Wensday was a bit complicated as far as work goes.  Pulled weeds until my supervisor showed up (a nearby high school wanted them to paint their field and it took him 6-7 hours) then did weed whacking inside the parking lot for the auto tech students (their practice cars-dealerships donate them).  The hard part there was trying to to spray the cars.
I have very little idea what we're going to do today, as the only thing I know for sure is that we need to water (Half the sprinklers are manual, and leaving the grass for three days is asking for it).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Over!!!

The end is in sight.  Actually, I just finished my last final (and did very well, considering I couldn't study-stayed up late last night finishing my last article, as my dad pointed out that I'd forgotten the works cited page.  He also spent the last fifteen minutes I was working on it attackering(yes, I know its not a word, but that's how I describe it so he and I know its just good fun) me so it took longer.  It also kept me awake, so I'm not complaining) and got 77% on it.  Did notice that four questions had the answers (or a answer) printed under the question but over the possible answers.  Told the teacher and tried to ignore them.
Got off work early yesterday to go to a mother daughter night in my mom's ward.  They had a large selection of homemade popcorn, quilts to tie (where we spent most of the evening), one recently returned missionary did a magic show (there were little girls there too), and crazy pictures.  After we left my sister took me to Barnes and Noble to find a magazine (I had no luck with local grocery stores) before the final efforts on my article.
Had to read said final draft today in class (that was our 'final' but the teacher didn't grade us on it).  I was third (they picked randomly to avoid in sense of favoritism or students trying to get out of it) and I guess we were all tired because the first two had good responses, but mine had a good ten seconds of silence before the teacher asked if there were questions or comments.  But a classmate told me late it wasn't because mine was awful (yes, that is what I feared) just that it made you think and it's the last day of class.  Plus everyone had to get up for class and we always seemed tired for the 7:30 meeting.
Then I had to run get stamps for my envelopes-the only thing I forgot-before giving it to him for final evaluation and mailing.
My friend and I both had a hiccup attack at work yesterday.  She got them first, and they went for a good fifteen minutes(I felt bad, as they sounded uncomfortable towards the end) before-as she put it-she yelled at them to scare them off.  After she went home and I had a 30 minute break I got them.  Mine were just as bad, so after ten minutes I texted her to jokingly tell her she'd given them to me.  She then informed me of the yelling at them trick (by then, of course, I'd gotten rid of them).
The fun part was we were trimming bushes and expired daylillies when she got hers, and I was dumping pine wood chips (they smelled really good as they were fresh) in the same bed where the daylillies were.  Then my supervisor dumped a shovelful of the chips on my shoe, so I had to take both off (not sure how they got in the other shoe) to get the splinters out.
Blew off the sidewalks after that, and ate dirt again thanks to a poorly timed gust of wind.
We get to paint again tomorrow.  Why they cut the soccer field grass so short I'm not sure, but it makes the paint last for a shorter period of time compared to the football practice field.  So we have to repaint it the day before every game, or at least the same week as one.

Monday, August 12, 2013


A Computer Tech major doing a Technical writing senior project should not ask a creative writing major currently in a magazine article class to proof read their 43 page paper.  I spent a half hour reading it (hey, it was in outline format) then fifteen minutes explaining what I found wrong with it.  My dad was the other student.  But his project got accepted over the weekend, so it turned out well.  As I told him, I had to shut up the english teachers in my head (they would have gone crazy with a red marker) save my technical writing one from last fall and some of the magazine one.  Specifically the Top Ten Ways How not to Write a Sentence my magazine teacher gave us.  I'd read it the day before for my last article so it was quite firmly in my head for that.
The main thing my magazine teacher would have been bothered by was writing a sentence 'backwards', though it worked for the project.  I did suggest he clarify a few areas, and make all of it the same 'format' (one part was a summary instead of outline).
But it passed, with a B+ I think.  So I'm glad I was able to help.
My magazine teacher thinks my current article has a great start, I just need more quotes and info.  Basically they want more substance, not fluff.  Which means a bit more research, and a lot of notes.  It's due wensday, so this should be fun.  They also want me to try submitting it to Playboy or something like that.
Work on friday was finishing up the stadium-I didn't finish thursday due to the wind.  It was windy friday too, so both my supervisor and I were eating a lot of dirt.
The fun part was a services vs. systems softball game at two.  Basically it was landscaping and mechanics vs. plumbers and carpenters.  We got the university V.P. though.  We lost too.  By at least ten points.   But it was fun.  The landscaping manager was outfield and having butterfinger issues.  They kept hitting the ball in that direction, and while the manager caught the first 2, the next one they dropped three times before giving up and soccer kicking it back to the pitchers mound.  The fourth ball they didn't even try to throw.  they just ran it back to the pitcher, with the catcher calling out 'Just drop kick it!'  This same catcher scored one of our first three runs in a slide.  That skinned their knee, so they told the manager ' I'm still clocked in, so can I go to WorkMed?'  as a joke. 
One of us not playing snuck into the announcer's box and started playing music.  Mostly the old baseball favorites, that I don't know the name of.  The one's without words.  But they also played the Mission Impossible Theme, Jaws theme, and Star Wars.  I thought it was funny.  We only played three innings.
My oldest sister and second oldest brother had a long loud argument after church yesterday, which my second youngest brother and I had to try and ignore.  I actually got involved, but it didn't do much.
Walked the dogs with my mom this morning.  That was frustrating yet entertaining.  They love to get the leashes entangled, but they also like to stop and try to water other people's lawns.  Not fun trying to get them off before they manage it.
Not sleeping well, and my mom isn't either.