Friday, August 30, 2013


I'm sitting in the computer lab just off the student dinning center, and the marching band has just started playing.  Unfortunately, this is a hall type area, so it condenses and amplifies the sound.  My ears are starting to hurt.  It's cool otherwise.
It's the block party today, which I actually got to visit for the first time since I started school (I was always working or in class).  So it evens things out.  But my coworkers, supervisor, and I got to set up the trash bins for that.  Plus we spent five hours cleaning the 'special' seats in the stadium-gotta love that, as they are actual chairs, with backs and armrests, so the birds find them convenient for certain bodily functions. That was a little tiring.  A marine booth has a pullup bar where they challenge you to do as many pull ups as you can.  Women are given the option of just holding your chin above the bar for as long as possible.  I managed 23 seconds, but I'd been carrying a backpack.
Gotta love the background music for the band.  I think this might be a flash mob, but I don't know for sure.  They caught us all off guard anyway.
And today we get to move the garbage cans from the student outdoor area (it has a name like the commons or something) to the pay parking lot for the 'foam nation' party at 8:30.  And keep track of cans in the football stadium for tomorrow...

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