Friday, August 16, 2013


I got into math 1030 for fall!  and I passed magazine article writing with a C+! I was so afraid I'd get aC-.  I'm hoping to get my textbooks today-I just got paid.  Need to drop off my institute parking pass, and if I have time get rid of the recycling in my truck.
Came home from work yesterday and my sister was dismantling my scooter.  Appearantly the rear brake was loose and rattling.  She got it tightened, then put it back together.  Of course, I had to put it away-she'd taken so long it was past the time she needed to go to bed.  The only problem was I tried to do it barefoot, and the garage spot for it was very crowded. Rather hard to put it up on the stand that way.
More painting-though I had to laugh.  I got more paint on me cleaning the machine and buckets (we use the now empty five gallon buckets for weeds, garbage, and dirt) then I did while we were painting the field.  That took most of the day, then the manager asked us to mow down the weeds and tall grass inside the fence surrounding the football stadium.  That wasn't too bad though.
Wensday was a bit complicated as far as work goes.  Pulled weeds until my supervisor showed up (a nearby high school wanted them to paint their field and it took him 6-7 hours) then did weed whacking inside the parking lot for the auto tech students (their practice cars-dealerships donate them).  The hard part there was trying to to spray the cars.
I have very little idea what we're going to do today, as the only thing I know for sure is that we need to water (Half the sprinklers are manual, and leaving the grass for three days is asking for it).

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