Monday, August 12, 2013


A Computer Tech major doing a Technical writing senior project should not ask a creative writing major currently in a magazine article class to proof read their 43 page paper.  I spent a half hour reading it (hey, it was in outline format) then fifteen minutes explaining what I found wrong with it.  My dad was the other student.  But his project got accepted over the weekend, so it turned out well.  As I told him, I had to shut up the english teachers in my head (they would have gone crazy with a red marker) save my technical writing one from last fall and some of the magazine one.  Specifically the Top Ten Ways How not to Write a Sentence my magazine teacher gave us.  I'd read it the day before for my last article so it was quite firmly in my head for that.
The main thing my magazine teacher would have been bothered by was writing a sentence 'backwards', though it worked for the project.  I did suggest he clarify a few areas, and make all of it the same 'format' (one part was a summary instead of outline).
But it passed, with a B+ I think.  So I'm glad I was able to help.
My magazine teacher thinks my current article has a great start, I just need more quotes and info.  Basically they want more substance, not fluff.  Which means a bit more research, and a lot of notes.  It's due wensday, so this should be fun.  They also want me to try submitting it to Playboy or something like that.
Work on friday was finishing up the stadium-I didn't finish thursday due to the wind.  It was windy friday too, so both my supervisor and I were eating a lot of dirt.
The fun part was a services vs. systems softball game at two.  Basically it was landscaping and mechanics vs. plumbers and carpenters.  We got the university V.P. though.  We lost too.  By at least ten points.   But it was fun.  The landscaping manager was outfield and having butterfinger issues.  They kept hitting the ball in that direction, and while the manager caught the first 2, the next one they dropped three times before giving up and soccer kicking it back to the pitchers mound.  The fourth ball they didn't even try to throw.  they just ran it back to the pitcher, with the catcher calling out 'Just drop kick it!'  This same catcher scored one of our first three runs in a slide.  That skinned their knee, so they told the manager ' I'm still clocked in, so can I go to WorkMed?'  as a joke. 
One of us not playing snuck into the announcer's box and started playing music.  Mostly the old baseball favorites, that I don't know the name of.  The one's without words.  But they also played the Mission Impossible Theme, Jaws theme, and Star Wars.  I thought it was funny.  We only played three innings.
My oldest sister and second oldest brother had a long loud argument after church yesterday, which my second youngest brother and I had to try and ignore.  I actually got involved, but it didn't do much.
Walked the dogs with my mom this morning.  That was frustrating yet entertaining.  They love to get the leashes entangled, but they also like to stop and try to water other people's lawns.  Not fun trying to get them off before they manage it.
Not sleeping well, and my mom isn't either.

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