Saturday, August 24, 2013


Okay, I'm a little hyper right now.  Just got the reply from the friend for my info interview.  still need the report and the career research report, but that gives me a better chance.
Failed to mention the huge spider I encountered outside the main building for landscape thursday.  Over an inch long (just the body) with all black except for a light brown patch in the middle of its back.  It freaked out my coworker (former daytime who switched to swing for the school year).  Let's just say they saw the spider and managed "oh gosh" Only they said the other word.  Would not go any closer, and actually took three steps back.
We did get more rain friday(got a little damp while weeding, in fact).  The university chose to repaint the parking lot by the stadium, so that caused us to juggle things like watering and setting up more trash bins for the scrimmage today.  My supervisor was called in early and so had to leave by five again.  Which meant it was just the new swing shift high school student and I  trying to work that out.  Most of it was weeding anyway.  Funny how the paint they used smelled a lot stronger than any my supervisor used.  But that's plant friendly.
My ipod is not repairable, so I'm trading it for a new one of the same type (generation 4 nano).  Why? I accidentally yanked the logic board halfway out while pulling it off the charger yesterday.  It snapped the keypad connection, and basically wouldn't lock.  So yes, I'm getting a new one. That not only is one of the cheapest, but as a trade in I got $20 off at least.  But I have to wait for them to send it to the store next week, and I have to redownload all my stuff.
Starting a new construction zone in the basement, where my mom wants to paint.  This should get interesting, as school starts for all of us kids (save my oldest sister) on monday.

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