Monday, August 19, 2013


My mom started work today, so I'm stuck with my youngest two brothers (the second oldest got another temp job-in landscaping and my sister likes to sleep in on her days off) who are constantly at odds.  My mom gave both of them a to do list, and the older of the two tried to remind the youngest of that.  The youngest replied that he wasn't the boss of him.  I had to break it up.
Before that I got a series of texts from my mom and my dad, due to the latter's car battery dying.  Little known fact about car batteries: if the terminal(s) are dirty, whe the battery gets low it won't start.  Had the same issue with my truck last winter.  So my youngest brother and I drove down there( where he works) with tools to clean it and possibly jump start it.  All it took was a cleaning and it started just fine.  My dad says he owes both of us lunch and me gas.  Lunch I won't complain about, but it took less than $10 dollars worth of gas to get down there and back.  However, I don't get paid til next week and my truck's a bit low, so I probably shouldn't complain.
Friday my supervisor decided to buy KFC for our lunch break(technically dinner, but as we both eat when we get home we call it lunch) And gave me the chocolate cake that came with their order.  Friday was kind of a whatever we could find to do around the unexpected emergencies-like having to turn off and then back on a sprinkler filter valve so the sprinklers in the soccer field wouldn't soak the high school teams playing that day.  Also laid down wood chips in three areas, but didn't quite cover two, even with three loads.
Might be doing a project today, but I'm not sure.

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