Friday, August 9, 2013

Forgot to Mention...

At the start of swim class yesterday, one of the boys pushed me into the pool.  I was standing near the six foot marker talking to the girl who started water polo on my team, and then switched to the other team (the teacher moved her) before the end of the game.  He walked up behind me and said "what are you waiting for?" then gave me a one handed shove towards the water.  I will admit that I shrieked before hitting the water, as he caught me off guard.
I also tripped over one of the strings we were using at work on thursday to mark where the paint needed to go.  I was in the process of laying out another string and had to walk backwards.  it caught on my right heel and I went over.  I managed to roll as I went down so I wasn't hurt, but I did toss the reel of string I was carrying so it wouldn't fall on me.  And I had to fix the line I tripped over-it had moved several inches.
And yes, I did work by myself again yesterday.  Did not get hurt this time.  Found another area where mow crew left a large pile of grass clippings on the lawn (again) and cleaned up what I could fit in one five gallon bucket.  They claim that we put too much fertilizer down (trying to keep the grass alive) so it grows too fast.  But they don't bother to pick up what the mower leaves behind.
Ah well, my brother got laid off (again), my sister got the day off (also again) so my dad and I are the only ones who had to work today.  At least I got to sleep in...

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