Thursday, April 27, 2017

And Done...

Just got the final exam in for my prerequisite so I'm down to waiting for the final grade and then I can get stuff going for my master's.  Final assignment was done on tuesday and it was more rushed than I wanted to be.  Got called in to work early half way through so I had to rush to get done-one time shot once you start you have to finish type deal-before I left.
Getting plenty of rain which is nice for the garden though a bit irritating as it makes it hard to weed.  Good thing is that I'm cleaning out my dad's garage this week anyway(trying to, taking a lot longer than I expected, 3.5 hour in and still plenty to do and loads of dust-spent the last two days coughing trying to get it back out of my lungs before going back to finish from the first 3 hours-in there)so I'm not too worried about the rain.  Makes it cool in there so I don't over heat and I think it's keeping the bugs-mainly spiders-down.
Work's been getting a bit crazy, had a lot more hours lately.  Means I can save more for school and have a little extra breathing room for other concerns with my budget.  Have to remind myself not to go on a spending spree with the extra's.  Today was the closest I get to a day off this week, as I don't work until later.  Tomorrow's another all day type thing-tuesday was too, 9.5 hours straight-with a morning sub job and work in the evening.  And saturday's a 10 hour workday.
Started my thyroid medication, which so far means that I'm less tired but get really weird dreams almost every night.  One was of my brother being mad about an article I wrote as a newspaper journalist(I wish).  Well, he was mad about me being a journalist anyway.  Never found out in the dream why he was mad and he was rather confused when  I mentioned it to him.  The only person who said they would be upset was my dad with the way the media's been behaving lately.  But it took most of a week to get them to send it to the right place so I could pick it up.
No word on my iron test, which I hope is a good thing as I like to donate blood and if I'm on an iron supplement I can't donate.  Low blood means very bad if you take more out on top of it.  Oh well.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Finally got a trailer full of it to cover the garden and diminish the weeds.  Downside is it takes almost an hour to cover a row-small one about a foot wide-with an inch or so of it as that's the most effective.  Plus doing it by hand with shovels and rakes when said trailer has a shell on it so getting the mulch out means lifting the shovel up to shoulder height to get through the window.  And two hours of that is very draining.
Saw a doctor today about being tired all the time.  They agreed to check my thyroid-my mom and sister's thought though I don't have any other symptoms-but also wanted to check my blood count.  Doesn't help my dad's joke yesterday about me being a vampire as I don't like my drinks cold...He thinks I'm anemic.  Guess we'll find out...
Down to the last two weeks of the online class and two assignments left to go.  Then the lovely two part final-just like the midterm of course-and I'm ready to start my master's program.  Should be doing one today but after trying to get the mulch on the garden I'm just not up for sitting in front of the computer trying to read the textbook and answer questions at the same time.  Probably do it thursday after the temple.  It's the only other day when I might have time.
Supposed to rain, and the watering system now has water running to it, but the valves need cleaning which I don't know how to do.   More waiting.....

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Means for one thing General Conference!  I've noticed lately that it seems to pass by so fast that its over just as I'm getting the feeling down.  And it's very hard to keep track of the talks until I can get a copy of the ensign with the talks so I can study them.  But I got to listen to all four sessions for once. No such luck on the Women's conference as I had work.  Same for Men's though that would have most likely been just a girls night out-had a few customers come in saying they can only go out like they were while their husbands were at conference, not sure why they feel that way-for my mom and older sister.
Oh well, back to waiting until May for the printed copy so I can remember the talks better and catch the ones I didn't hear.  Trying to see if I can finish the Book of Mormon by that point.  Page 265 so far(I think) and just read Ammon's success with King Lamoni again.  Never fails to excite me, though it is dampened by the treatment Aaron and his other brethren receive thanks to the dissenters in the land of Jerusalem.  But then Ammon gets to have a strong impact on Lamoni's father to make up for it.
Planted two more rows of onions-one red and one sweet-yesterday where my brothers and I cleared weeds on monday.  Almost halfway done clearing and planting now.  Most of it is cold weather stuff, and given that we had frost last night its a good thing.  But it may have affected the already growing onions in the first row I planted.  There were only three for sure, though I found what might be a fourth yesterday while setting up the watering pipes for the next two onion rows.
Past the halfway point on my class, and I need to ask the adviser person at the school I want to get my degree from if I can finish getting registered before I complete the class so I can start in May rather than having to wait for June.....We'll see what they say.
Send that batch of photos I took on an outing with my grandma to her monday as she wanted copies.  Guess what she sent back? Nice, now can I get a CD of them? (not her exact words but close) My dad's joking that we ought to give her a set on a encrypted flash drive just to mess with her.  I doubt she'd be amused. I was though, as I know my dad can do that sort of thing.

Friday, March 31, 2017


Had to get that done this week, and I was a little stressed about it.  But I got 76% on the multiple choice(wasn't as familiar with the vocabulary as I thought I was) and 90% on the written(yeah, two part thing).  Funny part was we had to watch a video for the written part and it was one I'd seen in a previous history class so I didn't have to watch all of it, just enough to refresh my memory.  Which was fun as it was a cool video about a third grade teacher giving their students a object lesson-which lasted three days total-about discrimination and how hurtful it is.  Then they went back years later and talked about how they hated the teacher at the time for doing it, but after they were very grateful the teacher had gone to the trouble.
Rain keeps digging up the snow peas! Agh! Have to keep an eye on them as the first time some had slugs eating them.  Good news is i can see them getting bigger and so I know they're still good.  But the other rows don't seem to have lost their seeds, but some are so small spotting them would be a miracle. Figures.  Seedling tray is sprouting, though keeping it watered is a bit tricky.  I can't pour water in one side or the plants don't get watered equally.  Most of them have grown more than one of the seeds so I need to do some thinning either today or tomorrow.
Keep seeing a lot of places hiring lately, which is weird but I currently have two jobs(applied for another one that's full time but no word yet aside from a assessment thing that most places want done now and is very annoying)I'm not terribly interested in them.  I have to say that two jobs can be stressful given I never have a day off anymore it seems.  But the substitute teaching one I can set up around my work schedule so no conflicting stuff.  Next week is spring break though, so I'll have plenty of spare time(ha ha ha, not. Got plenty to do around the house anyway and school stuff to work out)and to laze and such.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


This is kind of a follow up to Gardens as it affects them.  While I love rain as it cleans everything up and makes the whole area smell awesome, it does do some things I want to mention regarding that.
Pros being that I don't have to worry about watering the garden I planted-save the in house seed tray I set up yesterday for when our crazy weather calms down so I can plant them outside-with the hose set up as the normal water I'd use won't be available until April 15(wow, taxes day, go figure)so we-my dad and I-had to hook up a set of hoses from the house to the pipes so we can still water them until then.  And hope the rain gives the grass enough while we're at it as it uses the same water the garden would.  Plus it keeps the birds from eating the seeds I just planted, though my sister helped with the cauliflower(teased her about trying to plant it on the onion row for some strange reason, but it shouldn't matter) and my brother helped with the second row of peas.  The other two and the onions were me while my dad spread pre-emergent weed killer(I think) on the grass to get rid of the thistles and dandelions that always grow.  Here's hoping anyway.  Another plus is that walking the dogs kind of washes them at the same time.
Cons being that whoever walks the dogs has to remember to dry them off or they could get sick(the smaller dogs at least, though our old larger dog's age might ruin her ease in drying herself off).  The rain could wash out the seeds if I didn't plant them deep enough(here's hoping) before they have roots to hold them where I put them.  Since most take 8-10 days just to start growing and most were planted within the last week, I doubt any have roots to speak of. And it makes the weeds go crazy since we can't go out there and pull them while its raining.  Plus gives them plenty of water to grow with.  There is good news in that it keeps their roots shallow as long as we get to them right after, but that means muddy shoes/boots and trying not to get stuck.  Though it can be fun(one year my dad got into a big of a mud wrestling match with a few of my siblings with how muddy it got-good thing we were clearing the garden for planting at the time, so the only things getting trampled were the weeds we wanted out anyway).  Then my dad got a few of the trellis pipes up but trying to do that(get the blackberry or raspberry bushes around them) in the rain is about the same as trying to pull or dig weeds.
Oh well, I can watch the indoor stuff, prep old socks(my dad gave me two of his, which I can get at least six strips from)to tie the bushes to the trellis with and clean.  Not like I haven't been doing that all week.  First test in my prerequisite class is coming up next week, just have one assignment left before I can get to it.  Decided that once I get going in my master's my goal is to be done by December 2018(I want 18 months but as I have student teaching to do and you can't rush that they way I can rush the online stuff) so I'll get the second degree 2 years after the first one.  We'll see how well I do.

Friday, March 17, 2017


They have pros and cons.  Pro's being the free(ish) vegetables, the exercise you get from tilling, planting, and weeding, and the time outside instead of sitting at a computer or reading where you get needed sunshine.  Plus my brother's on a deal about how going barefoot or at least weeding with your bare hands 'grounds' you and helps your joints and stuff.
The cons being after all winter of limited exercise-partly my fault, we do have a workout room that I should have used-and being indoors means that trying to rush and get the ground ready for planting leaves the muscles rather stiff and sore.  Not to mention having to soak my hands to get the majority of the dirt off.  Washed them twice and still they have dirt.  And the constant fight with the weeds is a pain too...
But I think it makes a good St. Patrick's Day activity, finally getting something planted after trying all week.  And I remembered to wear green, if my shoes count-they are a rather bright green.  So we've got two rows of peas(sugar snap and snow) and a row of sweet onions.  Granted, the onions were only because some of the ones I planted last year regrew this year in the same spots so I figured I might as well get the whole row growing if they were doing that well.
Now if I can get to my truck before work tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pi Day!

Yes, I spelled it like that on purpose as that's why its a holiday(of a sort, it just give restaurants and such a 'deal' to offer that falls under that category)and it's a math term.  Which means at work we were offering slices of pie half off if you bought food first.  Not a lot of people interested, but I think we made a dent in the number of pies the pastry people made for today.  And there's still several hours to go.  Grabbed two lemon pies for my mom on my way out the door.
Got off on time today, which was a relief as yesterday I got off over an hour late.  Not too worried about it as I had no big plans-just getting the blackberries out of the way in the garden so we could plant.  My dad is trying to make trellis' for them to climb instead of spider webbing out over the garden area-and a little extra on my check is not a bad thing.
Still need to do the stuff on my truck like the parking brake, drain the radiator, change the oil, clean it so I can find where the power steering's leaking, you get the idea.  Nothing that will kill the car, though the brake problem might get me killed, or in a lot of trouble.
Class is a little boring as its a lot of reading and watching long wordy videos, but its short otherwise.  Three assignments done and turned in, but at least twelve more to go.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Day One

Of the last class I need before I can start my master's program.  And it's online. Sigh. Got through the intro stuff anyway.  Just the usual syllabus quiz and reading, though I'm still waiting for my textbook.  Figures.
Got to babysit my nieces and nephew from saturday to sunday.  Given he's too young to need much besides food and attention, it was more keeping an eye out for him while keeping his sisters occupied.  They are kind of at each other a lot right now.  Something about getting a new sibling I believe.
Finally got the garage door people to fix it so it opens now.  After we reorganized the stuff in there to accommodate a fridge freezer combo.  Good thing we did it last week as it snowed last night.  Made it really cold for the door fixer.  But it works now.
Having trouble getting sub jobs for this week as the only day off I have is friday.  But I found one for a junior high P.E. teacher-female this time, last time was male(oops)though it worked out fine-all day.  Kind of kills my day off, but since I only work mornings so far that leaves the afternoon for trying to see how fast I can finish this class-supposedly I can do it in 8 weeks instead of 12, meaning I'd get done in April instead of late May.
I guess we'll see.

Friday, March 3, 2017


Sheesh, spent all of Febuary trying to get into the college (online, unfortunately, but maybe not as it means I can finish early and work when I'm not working otherwise)that has the last prerequisite I need for my masters of teaching program.  Very annoying as it seemed to take them way too long to double check stuff. Sigh...
But now I'm in and registered for the class that starts monday.  Not sure if I'll get the textbook on time-they have to ship it to me and that takes 4-7 days-but hopefully I won't need it right away.
Got a few near blizzards last week so we're back to watching the snow melt off the grass and garden. Sigh.
Saw A Dog's Purpose with my sister tuesday, which is a very cute movie-fair warning, you will want tissues-and better than I'd thought it might be.  Also saw Arrival last week, which is somewhat confusing until near the end.  Though  coworker spoiled the end for me some time before so it wasn't too big of a surprise.
Well, that's it for now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I honestly think they get the short end of the stick most of the time.  I hear stories of teachers who get blamed for students doing poorly when the student refuses to do the work at all.  Then I sub for the teachers who have students that it's a challenge to get them to stop disrupting the other students, forget keeping them in their seats for any decent length of time.
That's not even resource or special education classrooms either.  Those you'd expect it in.  No, these are the regular classes with students that act up.  Granted, in one case those kids were for certain ADHD so that made sense.  And the teacher did warn me about it.
But then there are all the meetings and stuff they are supposed to do that are during the times their supposed to be teaching so they need someone like me.  And having a sub in the class with a difficult student only seems to encourage that student.  I've had the school principal come in one classroom to get a student to act better, and other teachers.
So I think it's a thankless job for most of them.  And here I am working to be one.  Not that it's changed my mind at all.

Monday, February 6, 2017

More Things

14. Despite what they say in the movies, Boys don't seem to like girls who are smart enough to get college degrees, and can be intimidated by girls who know more about cars-especially how to fix them-than they do.  At least that seems like the main reason guys stop talking to me after I mention stuff like that. Hence I haven't had a date in years. Sigh...
15. I hate technical stuff and yet it irritates me to see when someone messes up with spelling or grammar and such.  Figures.  Have to catch myself or I correct everyone around me and I know they don't like it,  When I'm tired I think it gets worse.

Friday, February 3, 2017

First Snag

On starting my masters is the fact that they want a diversity or multicultural credit. Not something the university I attended offered that I can find. Figures.  Tried the local applied technology college to the same result, though I might call both just to be sure.
They gave me a list of two online colleges that offer what I need, though it won't be cheap-big surprise there-regardless of where I go to get the class.  Can't start until I finish it with a C or better.
Otherwise I'm ready to go according to the transcripts I sent them. Have everything I need except that one class.
Finally heard back from a big job I applied for, though they caught me during a very busy two week period so I asked them to wait until after next week when I'd have more time to do the training and stuff.  Still want the job of course, but had other commitments for these two weeks.  Been doing a lot of substitute teaching this month, which is fun and challenging.  Had a student who refused to follow the rules about cell phones during a quiz and then refused to give it to me.  Then they nearly ran out the door despite my having told them to stay behind.  So I got some insight into troublesome students. Fun.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


11. Abstract seems to be another way of saying, vague, confusing, and often really doesn't make sense.  In a lot of cases it leaves the viewer/reader to make their own interpretation.  And is very favored among art teachers for some reason.
12. Airborne is very nice for colds and such as long as you start taking it as soon as you notice you're getting sick.  I know it might seem like another thing people want you to buy, but it is very handy for helping get rid of illness fast.  Not to mention the old standbys-rest, lots of fluids, and staying warm.
13. Cat litter and ice melt can help if the roads are icy and/or snowed in.  Especially if your car has old tires that don't grip when things get wet.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Things I Learned in the Past Six and a Half Years...

1. the world likes things to be complicated and difficult regardless of what the subject, object, or person is.
2. I don't know if Institute is supposed to be a lifesaver, a Lifeline, or a sanity preserver, but I'd rather take an institute class than a college class for a few reasons. A. no expectations. B. any homework is less than the most basic college class and can be done in less than a half hour for most of it. C. no big books and big words. D. if you don't make it due to whatever reason, they won't dock your grade and they let you make it up.
3. Some things in photography turn out the best when they are made the 'old fashioned' way as digital can't do it justice.  Plus hands on is way more fun than sitting at a computer trying to achieve the same effects.  And film is fun to develop yourself.
4. Writing is hard mainly because all the big ideas are used and in some cases over used and so new writers have to find a new way of saying the same stuff.  Doesn't help that the good authors keep raising the bar all the time too.
5. Having your own car may make your day a little easier, but riding the bus means you can read on the way to school.  Kind of makes me wish we had some form of a subway station here...
6. Once you get far enough along, you either can't wait for it to be over or you can't see yourself stopping. Sometimes both.  In my case what started as a simple Associate's degree-which I didn't actually get-turned into a Bachelor's that I now have and I'm working on going on to a Master's of teaching.
7. It is so weird to graduate and realize that you don't have to go to school the next semester.  And you get bored very easily.
8. Classmates might seem imposing or out to get you, but when you get settled into your program and see the same faces over and over, they turn from strangers fighting you for the same things to friends that can help better than some teachers can.  Plus it's more fun to talk to classmates about assignments than it is to talk to the teacher.
9. Take criticism as the individual's opinion and not as fact, even if it's a teacher giving it.  They are also not usually out to make you fail, they just want to push you to the best you can do.
10. It's not the teacher's fault if you don't do the work and so fail the class.  But if you talk to them about it they usually try to give you the best grade they can.  They won't bite or anything.
11.  Learning can be addictive, and this is one that I'd be happy to grow.
Bachelor's done, on to graduate school....