Monday, July 31, 2017

Two Down

And several more to go.  But so far I'm keeping to my goal of getting my master's done in a year.  But I passed the final for my second class saturday so I started the new class today.  Instructional strategies and planning for English, meaning it's not more(I hope)repeated reading.  So far it's not, but I'm only just starting.  Certainly more to this class than the last one. More 'modules' than the first one too, but they are briefer than the last two classes. Maybe that's why it's still a 2 credit class instead of four.
Being full time means getting put on drive through at work a lot and that's hurting my eyes.  Given the suns starts overhead(meaning I'm getting reflections off the cars)or it's slanting down and into the window until it sinks below the building next to us.  But it means I'm back to feeling tired because my hurting eyes take a lot of my energy. Figures.  Granted I managed to avoid being on drive most of Friday and it was slow during the daylight part saturday so today's not so bad.
Big thing coming up is that I need to get a background check(unless I find out that I can use the one the district did last year for my substitute teaching)a basic skills test(keeps bringing to mind Lean on Me as that's the test the students need to pass) a district approval thing, and other stuff I haven't had time to look into yet.  Didn't hear from my mentor friday like usual, so I wonder if they decided I don't need a weekly check in anymore given I'm on track for my goals.
Ah well, I have to get all the pre student teaching stuff done before the end of August along with this next class. Then I have classroom observation(sixty hours) that I'll have to do around work before November(I think) while saving to pay for the next semester.
And still fighting to reclaim the garden from the weeds, only one full row clear and working on two others. Sigh....

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