Thursday, July 20, 2017


Had a someone  call me that yesterday and while I'm betting they were trying to give me a compliment, for some reason it bugged me to have them keep saying it every time I spoke to them. Sigh.  Probably because they are most likely ten years younger than me and don't know it(I don't call this 'teenage looking college student' for nothing after all).  Pity that they might flirt with me but they aren't interested beyond that.
Got my class up to 60% yesterday and took the first pretest(didn't pass, but I wasn't expecting to)to see what I'm solid on and what I need to focus on. Hope I can get this one done early rather than late like the first one.  The annoying thing is that so far it's kind of a repeat(I may have mentioned this before)with the only difference being the videos they want me to watch.  But it makes it rather boring and I have to force myself to do the 'assignments' otherwise I'd just skim through it and most likely miss something that will help me pass the final test the first time as I did with the other class.
My work put me on full time now, which means I'll be keeping the 32+ hours a week.  While it cuts into my free time it still gives me plenty of time for school and other stuff.  Might make it tricky to get sub jobs, but as I'm approaching my observation and student teaching stuff I won't really have time for it anyway.
Got weeds in the garden but no further sign of deer.  I have discovered another invader that I'm not sure how to deal with: mushrooms.  I didn't think we watered the garden enough to support them but they're in there, especially around the tomatoes.  Corn's getting big and I need to thin it as I didn't get to it earlier.
So on to studying....

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