Friday, October 30, 2015


So tired, and with nothing to show for it. Sigh. Stayed up late with my two youngest brothers trying to get the transmission in to no avail. A friend recommended an altered version of my dad's idea that should work-they happen to be an automotive tech-that I want to try, but I can't get it registered today because it's still dismantled. Grr.
Somehow got up on time-will admit my second oldest brother helped by dragging me out of bed for prayer-to get to the bus, but I nearly fell asleep going to and from because I was so tired. Presentation in english went well, for nearly forgetting it was today-but having already got it ready-and so that was ok.  Math quiz is kind of a shot in the dark, given I'm not sure what I was remembering to do. Here's hoping...
Had frost this morning, so it's cold.  Made walking around harder due to energy loss-did not help me stay awake at all-plus the wind was not helping.  Rain last night may have contributed to the cold, but some things were still dripping despite the frost.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Well, this week has its good and bad spots. Tried to get the transmission on my truck monday-may have already mentioned that-and so far it's still waiting for us to get it right.  And everything else can't go on until we get that part in. Sigh.  And everything else should go much faster...
My tuesday-thursday teacher is not feeling so goods we had a sub(cool person with a british accent mixed with an irish lilt-to quote a classmate-that was really enthusiastic) for tuesday and today. they really like to talk about england, so we didn't get as far as we might have-hard to say as the regular teacher is enthusiastic in their own way-otherwise in the subject matter for the week. Hopefully we'll get it done today.
My photo project for yesterday didn't happen due to a printer issue-two were not working and the one that was was being used, there were two others but they were in a locked room and so not useable-so I have to get it done for monday(thank you teacher for letting me do it later, though I'm sure I'll get docked a bit for being late anyway)and am trying to print now.  Printer still isn't liking me, but mainly because the paper is on a roll and likes to skew in the printer. Sigh. Otherwise it's going well thanks to my already having touched up the photos monday.
Ran into a classmate on the bus and we got talking about the final project while the bus took a detour-no idea what was going on, all we saw was a police car with lights going blocking our side of the road just past a traffic light.  It meant my classmate might have been late for their class. I'm just here early so it didn't matter much to me.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Got the flywheel and the clutch in place, and got the slave cylinder stuff ready so the transmission housing can go back on as soon as I get home-and find two bolts for it-which means I might have my truck back today! Granted, I still need those bolts, plus the lock nut and bolt for the support bearing, and a replacement for the one that snapped off in the differential. But it's finally getting put back together, just in time to get it inspected for registration. Go figure.
Have my second assignment for photo to print today-if my classmate doesn't have more car problems again and they remember the paper-plus I need to scan in my last four-six pictures so I can print those too.
Nearly forgot about my presentation friday, Victorian marriage should be interesting. Just have to give them a background to it, no big deal except I haven't started it yet...
Had a laugh at church yesterday when another ward member was complimenting my cross stitch project and mentioned that they always got knots when they tried.  Not fifteen minutes later I not only had a knot, but I'd sewed it into the back of the pattern without realizing I'd gotten it knotted.  Had to unravel a good 10-15 stitches to get to the knot, then unsnarl it. Got to love it when that happens...

Friday, October 23, 2015


My truck finally has the pilot bearing in-after two weeks-so I can get it back in one piece tomorrow I hope.  Just have to get it back from the auto repair first.  But it's finally ready.
Work's been a bit slower, but my coworker's and I have had some fun moments-thankfully nothing involving messes, just playing with each other-during cleaning.
School's getting back on track.  Hopefully this weeks math quiz is good, as I remember how to do both problems while taking it instead of after(thank you lord)and I believe I did it right.  Photography's been interesting, as my dad's been kind enough to run my color film to a developing place near his work all week for me so I have the photo's-most of them-ready for printing.  The poor classmate who ordered paper for us is having car problems again so I don't have any prints ready for wednesday. Sigh.
Got my short essay in and redid my position paper this morning, so hopefully that will put that english class back on track.  Other one has a big project due at the end of the semester, so I've got to work on that soon.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Well, That Helps-And Doesn't.

My english teacher moved our bigger essay back so I have another week to work on it.  Had a subject and was working on it in my head but hadn't gotten it down yet.  So the rush isn't there just yet.  Math is taking a roller coaster on me.  The quiz today was about 50-50 on how I think I did.  Yet the stuff we're doing next week is very familiar.  Why must it be like that?
My truck is still at the auto repair because they've come to understand why I was having issues with the pilot bearing and they don't know how to take care of it so they can get it in there for me. Figures.  So I won't get it back til next week looks like.
Work's been a bit weird, given its a weekend off for schools-not mine, but the lower grades-so they don't have to go in til monday.  Had yesterday off too, and wednesday I got off late due to a last rush before we could start cleaning.  Not that I mind...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So Close...

The truck is getting the pilot bearing in it-if it's not in already-so I might have it back tomorrow! Yeah!  Of course I still need the five bolts and the lock nut, but I can start putting in back together after work today if its done.  Be soooooo nice not to have to bug my siblings and my parents for rides-not to mention having to give them gas money-and be behind the wheel of my truck come snow and such.
School's going as usual.  Still fighting for a pass in math-big surprise-got ready for my next assignment in photo, had a paper due in one english class monday-which I had to scramble on-and another for the same class but much longer due next week. Sigh...
Gotta love midterm, huh?  Of course I don't have any tests, but the paper kind of counts.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Things are starting to get back to normal after the wedding. At least we got the front room back-was full of chairs from the sunroom so it could be used(not that anyone did)as a dance floor-and are working on the t.v. room which still has a desk or two in there.
General Conference! I got to listen to most of it, though thanks to a exposure issue I missed part of the first one. I was able to hear the end of the second-my coworker was rather annoyed at missing Elder Oaks(?) talk as he's their favorite-before I went to work.  Listened to the sunday morning one while making the usual waffles, then we spent the two hour break trying to find a way to watch it on the big screen.  It worked in the end, though I think we wigged out the clearplay hoping to show it through there-didn't work-before we found a way that worked.  My sister is thinking we could do the suggestion by one of the apostles, to 'ponderize' with both parts of it.  Not sure how well the money one will go, but I'd like to try the scripture one.
Had to book it to school early monday-nearly wound up being late to math as I had to develop one last shot for the first project.  Was panicking because I only had one print ready by the time class started, and then found out-with at least two of my classmates-that the due date had changed to today. On the one hand it meant I was able to get the rest of my prints, on the other it was a little annoying to have missed part of conference and spent the morning running around for nothing.
My mwf english teacher had some conference thing so we don't have class today or friday.  Which for today meant I could run back home and get the cell phone I ran out the door first thing this morning without.  Glad nobody noticed, or at least didn't hear the alarms going off.
We also had a downpour yesterday that was heavy enough it 'set off' the fountain in the backyard without the pump.  Also made it so I missed the bus and my sister very kindly took me up to school so I was only 15 minutes late rather than missing yet another full class.  Funny thing was, that downpour woke me up on time for class, the bus just came a lot earlier than usual.
Getting the hang of drive-was on it all night yesterday-at work, and they still say I'm 'killing it'.  I think it helps that I've already got register down, so all this was was learning to multitask(as in talk to someone and remember their order while getting stuff for an earlier order)and work the headset.
Here's hoping the first assignment goes well...