Monday, October 26, 2015


Got the flywheel and the clutch in place, and got the slave cylinder stuff ready so the transmission housing can go back on as soon as I get home-and find two bolts for it-which means I might have my truck back today! Granted, I still need those bolts, plus the lock nut and bolt for the support bearing, and a replacement for the one that snapped off in the differential. But it's finally getting put back together, just in time to get it inspected for registration. Go figure.
Have my second assignment for photo to print today-if my classmate doesn't have more car problems again and they remember the paper-plus I need to scan in my last four-six pictures so I can print those too.
Nearly forgot about my presentation friday, Victorian marriage should be interesting. Just have to give them a background to it, no big deal except I haven't started it yet...
Had a laugh at church yesterday when another ward member was complimenting my cross stitch project and mentioned that they always got knots when they tried.  Not fifteen minutes later I not only had a knot, but I'd sewed it into the back of the pattern without realizing I'd gotten it knotted.  Had to unravel a good 10-15 stitches to get to the knot, then unsnarl it. Got to love it when that happens...

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