Friday, October 23, 2015


My truck finally has the pilot bearing in-after two weeks-so I can get it back in one piece tomorrow I hope.  Just have to get it back from the auto repair first.  But it's finally ready.
Work's been a bit slower, but my coworker's and I have had some fun moments-thankfully nothing involving messes, just playing with each other-during cleaning.
School's getting back on track.  Hopefully this weeks math quiz is good, as I remember how to do both problems while taking it instead of after(thank you lord)and I believe I did it right.  Photography's been interesting, as my dad's been kind enough to run my color film to a developing place near his work all week for me so I have the photo's-most of them-ready for printing.  The poor classmate who ordered paper for us is having car problems again so I don't have any prints ready for wednesday. Sigh.
Got my short essay in and redid my position paper this morning, so hopefully that will put that english class back on track.  Other one has a big project due at the end of the semester, so I've got to work on that soon.

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