Friday, January 30, 2015

Age of Extinction?

The last Transformers is in keeping with the other three in my opinion-better than the third at least-but they kind of jump forward in time without giving you a real look at how far they go.  Like a bit of connection there, as they only reference the Chicago thing to give an idea of why certain things are going on.
That being said, school is still going.  Week three and twelve to go. Sigh.  Two big projects, one ten page paper, and what ever comes up in math.  I think there's a big quiz next week but I need to check.
Had a poem pop into my head during class last night, but I'm still working out the wording for it so I won't put it up here.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Can't keep doing the wall sit challenge thing I've been doing for a while.  Best was 3 min 20 sec.  Tried after that and couldn't even get to 3 minutes. Sigh.  My legs just gave out around 2 min 45 sec. Grr.
School's going okay though.  First workshop for photography yesterday, which they told me I need more photos to get real input on what to go for.  Of course that teacher and at least one classmate want me to try and find more dead animals to photograph and make that the project.  Problem being the lack of material there-another classmate is having that issue due to the lack of snow and such-haven't seen a lot of them, in fact the only one I've seen was more of a smear on the road.
Got a raise at work yesterday!  Not sure when it will kick in, either this check or the next one.  But that makes things a lot easier!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This weekend has been crazy.  Don't remember if I wrote on saturday, but I doubt it.  Was a long day regardless.  Had work til 3, so I was gone all morning.  Then I needed to clean, and change my bedsheets.  Put old ones in the wash, but haven't gotten them back yet.  Plus we stayed up til after 1 a.m.(my parents and I) exercising.
Sunday was more normal, though the late night meant we didn't get up til after 9:30.  I tried to make breakfast before my parents went to church but it didn't work.  Made it to choir practice fine though.
Yesterday was babysitting the girls until school, which started at 8:45 and ended just before 1-my sister was still watching them when I left. Parking made it so my early leaving meant I was on time, but not having enough time to get the workshop stuff printed.  Plus I forgot my reading response form that was due yesterday. Had to email it to them(this was for photo, but workshop was english)so I'd still get full credit.  At least I'd read it.
This morning I managed to scratch myself with my own fingernail as my brother in law dropped the girls off this morning.  Then I thought I had work at 10 when I didn't need to be there til 11.
Saw my cousin at work too, which I didn't realize they worked that close to where I now work.  About half my math stuff done, but photo's for critique tomorrow are good, though I wanted to do one more....

Friday, January 23, 2015


I thought the trouble with my grandparents was crazy-did I forget to mention my grandma got the flu, her sister got pneumonia(I think) and her husband fell and broke his hip-my coworker thinks their father in law had another stroke, their daughter's been in the hospital, and another family member may also be having issues.  Not sure after the two.  So they asked me to cover their shift tomorrow to be in the hospital with the father in law.
Tried the ear drops last night, and it worked in that I no longer have a headache.  But my ears still feel a bit stuffed, especially the left one.  So I think I'll do some more tonight-I slept with the stuff held in by cotton wads-and see if it goes away by tomorrow.
I'm thinking stew in bread bowls for dinner...

Thursday, January 22, 2015


a film I'm not sure how old that my brother watched today.  I joined him out of boredom. Got a headache still, which made life less than interesting for the time being.  I went to the bank before that.  But the film is a bit fun, and not scary.  But it does leave you thinking.
No work today, so I'm trying to kill this headache with no luck. Afraid I may have an ear infection that's causing it, but I don't know.
Watched my photo teacher debate with a classmate over a photo of mine.  They want me to print the photo in color, while my classmate is suggesting black and white with cool temp and brown sepia toning.  Another classmate agreed with the teacher about doing it in color, so I figure I'll have to print 3-had black and white sepia with warm temp as another option-and present it for workshop to see what the class says. Should be fun.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Not Good.

Didn't drink enough water last night while doing cardio with my mom, and I'm paying for it with a nice headache today.  Slept kind of funny thanks to the something in my room thing running through my head.  Tried to take photo's for class so I'd have something to do during the lab time today, now I just have to try and get them on the computer so I can access them better.  Still hashing out a few ideas though.
Work was a bit slow, though I did talk to my manger about their actions-they apologized and told me they are a bit of bully-not in a big way, just a minor one that is a bit on your case about stuff-and not to take it personal.  So I feel better now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Last night was so weird.  I worked out with both my parents, which is hurting me today, especially when I raise my arms above my shoulders. We did a specific workout, then added come core.  That hurt at the time, but felt better after.  Problem was I sat down afterwards and so had issues getting back up.
Had weird dreams last night, and then my dad got up to get ready for work and had the feeling someone or something had just left my room. I was still asleep in my bed, so he woke me up enough to ask if I'd left my room.  Given how much asleep I was, I said no without thinking too much about why he was asking.  He explained when I got up for prayer, and so I was a bit paranoid after that.
Work was busy for lunch, but slow after that so I got very bored waiting to get off. At least I got paid today-yesterday being a holiday meant it was a day late compared to the last one-so that is a good thing.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Got to go to choir practice before church yesterday, and started on a new project while waiting for church to start afterwards.  My brother showed me a job I would like to get, so I just applied for it.  Church was interesting, and the linger longer was funny-macaroni and cheese, microwave pizza bites, tang, and various desserts-so that was fun.
Did have work today, but I got off early anyway.  Cloudy all day, and rather cold.  Got home and helped finish reorganizing-my brothers had been putting stuff in there at random so walking was very tricky-the storage room.  Hence the Yuck.  Lots of spider webs, stuff that was way past its prime-Mulch pile!-and stuff we think mice may have gotten into.
Found empty bottles for canning, and emptied those with the past prime stuff so we can use it later this year. Turned in my first english assignment, a story for workshop-took an excerpt from the story I did for Nano. Still have photo to do, and math.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

So Tired....

Got to bed after midnight, so I guess that might be why.  Had to get up earlier than everyone else save my 4 a.m. working sister, and so I wasn't very patient about having prayer before work.  Plus I was covering a coworker's shift too.
At least it was busy for most of the day.  My manager asked me to come in monday-which my mom says is a bummer as no one else has to work(my younger brother's don't have their job I guess)-so that will help with finances.
Doing laundry and cleaning once I got home seemed to steal the last of my energy.  It's either the late night, or the nearly every day this week workouts and maybe not eating enough.  Plus that nasty headache that threatened to come back when I woke up this morning.  Felt like my ears were draining at work, so I wonder.

Friday, January 16, 2015


I think I'm seeing a pattern with a certain professor.  I've now got them for the third time in a row.  Not that I mind, they are fairly easy for a higher level teacher, and yet they manage to provide a challenge anyway.  I feel bad as I was not only late to the first class yesterday, but my second youngest brother texted me right after I sat down and I'd forgotten to turn my phone on vibrate.  The teacher took it in good part-not calling me out or anything-though a classmate did give me a grin for it.
I've been late to both english classes now, and yet on time to photography. Sigh.  And I don't have the books for early american lit, and they're not at the library-checked today-and the bookstore has them on back order.  They shouldn't be that hard to get a hold of, as right now I just need Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography and Other Writings(the one on back order) and Moby Dick.  Library had Moby Dick as part of a collection, but I'd rather not carry around that size of book when I only need the one story.
Woke up fine and only got stuck at the library for an hour and a half-bad idea to look at the young adult fiction-then walked the dogs when I got back home.  Was talking to my brother and got dizzy and then queasy.  Now I've got a headache, that even taking a painkiller didn't get rid of. I tried lying down but that made no real difference. Not cool.  Wanted to get some homework done today.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Not really, actually.  Looks like things are picking up at work, so I can get more hours-got called in today because things were rather busy-and therefore not feel so panicked about paying for school.  Today was very crazy, as the lunch rush started early and then continued til after 2.  Got off a bit early though, but I got in early anyway.  Tried the new lemon ginger bundt cake, which is very good, though probably not good for you.
Only have photography class today, though I do need to finish the reading assignment paper-just have to fill it out, I read the thing yesterday-and print it off.  though I will admit I'm not sure I need it for today, but it can't hurt to have it early.  Plus if I go in early I can turn in my photo for the student exhibition before class.  That will ease the drama for that stuff by one.  Though I could try to get one of the creative writing ones in this week too...
My sister lost her phone, and her twin located it just now in her diaper bag-guess it fell in or she put it in there while babysitting this week-so either she'll get it if she goes over there after work, or I'll get it on the way home from school.  We'll see.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Did Not Expect That

I wasn't really happy with a present I ordered online before Christmas, as I paid extra to get it on time but still got it the week after Christmas-mentioned it at the time-and so did not give them a favorable review.  the site was one of the most reliable and so took it to heart.  They got together and gave me back most of the extra charge to help make up for it.  The reason I felt bad was due to the fact that I wasn't really annoyed at them, just the shipper.  Well, I do kind of need the money though.  So I went back and gave them a better review.
Started a a family competition to try and lose weight this year.  I've gained more than I really wanted too, and I will admit that my dad is right in wondering where most of it is.  But my mom got a nice new scale, so we can all keep track.  This should be fun.
And thus begins the homework.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Life is an Experiment

and the question is do you experiment on yourself or on others?  I said this to a classmate in my senior writing workshop at the end of the first day today.  They said it was rather deep, but it was also off the top of my head.  And I'm not even that much into science.  Of course the comment came in response to them saying that our group-why we were talking in the first place, we were both part of the same workshop group and discussing our first presentation stuff. Another group member had mentioned trying something-shouldn't experiment.
Funny, as at the start of class the teacher had us introduce ourselves and mention our astral sign.  I'm cancer, the two previously mentioned classmates were both pisces, the final member had left but they were ares.  There was another cancer, which the teacher found funny that we didn't sit next to each other, but we did kind of sit in the same general space: not too close to the teacher, but near the front anyway.  And the two pisces were sitting next to each other until they found out and shifted away a bit. Three were scorpio, and they all sat together.  Lot of laughs with that exercise.  Three I knew from another creative writing class-none of the scorpio or in my group.
Then one of my group had the same photography seminar-one of the pisces-as I did, then I saw a fellow photography student there as well.  Met up with my black and white film teacher, who gave me a compliment and told me about a even I could enter one of my photo's in.  Would count towards the class two, as we have to submit to three total exhibits, and that one counts.
Plus I have to submit three works to journals for the workshop one, or at least send query letters. Fun.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

That's Done.

First payment for spring semester is in progress.  This is going to make things very tight, as I only have enough in my savings for one more, and no big expenses-not sure I can pay for gas to get to school and work, but I hope I can work that out as soon as I get paid in two weeks-for the time being.  Good news is I only have to go to school three days out of the week, and work only one day.  Both good and bad in regards to cash flow.
Got the safety inspection done, and the follow up of changing the truck title.  Going to get a new one next week from the sound of things.  Think I finally got the last of the grease out of my fingernails and skin, which the men at the auto repair place that did the safety were teasing me about doing it all by myself.  I can take that as a compliment, given my dad's joke about recording the whole process.
Cloudy and smoggy today, which makes me want to avoid going outside-cold with smog makes breathing very interesting.  Don't have asthma otherwise.  My sister has even more of a problem than I do when it's like this.  Supposed to get snow or something by monday, so that should clear it up for the start of school. Yay...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Not Such a Good Day...

Got the oil change done, but it took too long so I had to change the safety inspection time to later, so I still haven't got the title changed.  I can tell that it runs better now with the oil change though, so I'm glad I did it.  It was way overdue for it anyway.
Worried about how my finances are going to play out for the semester.  Things are going to be very tight unless I get a break somehow.  Maybe I'll get a good tax return...? We'll see.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Well, my truck's working again, but it meant spending most of yesterday getting the starter motor I purchased in November of 2013 back out and then trying to get a new one from the parts store I got it from in the first place.  That took longer than I'd expected, given I got the part, got the old one out, and discovered that the new one wasn't the same.  So I had to go back, found out they didn't have the right part there, drove to another part store, got the right part, then went back to the first store to get a refund of the 'deposit'(basically paying for it until they knew for sure that it was theirs)from the first try.  Then I was able to find out why the back up lights weren't working: the fuse had blown.  Got that replaced-owe my dad for the new one-so now that's better.  He joked that he should have video recorded it, as I did all the work, save a few little parts that he had to help with and he just held the light and handed me tools.  Pulled a stupid and forgot to unhook the battery before removing the starter.  Given I'm typing this, no bad stuff happened, but I removed the battery before putting in the new one.
Safety inspection to get my rebuilt repaired title is tomorrow, and I hope to get the title and then get the oil changed too.  Going to be busy...
Work was better in terms of the lunch rush, so I wasn't bored until the last hour.  They're featuring a new version of the french dip sandwich for the month-I think-which looks rather good.
Set up a payment plan for school, but I think things are going to be tight unless I can get more hours at work. Much as I like working there, it's not quite fitting the bills right now.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lost and Found...

Tried twice today to find my title and finally found it this evening.  I spent the morning sledding with my nieces-they had loads of fun-and taking videos of it.  Haven't tried to upload them yet, but hope I can soon.  They were loads of fun.  Of course the camera is shaking because I was laughing so hard...
Turns out the starter motor in my truck is going bad yet again.  They could start it fine yesterday-I could start it with a little effort last week when I dropped it off-but today they tried to do the safety inspection I asked them to do yesterday as required to change the title, and it wouldn't turn over.  Just the click and a bit of a cough which it didn't do last year when the part died at the mall.  Should be under warranty, but I can't find the receipt or the box, so I have to take the part out and take it over to the part store so they can confirm and replace it-won't charge me for it though.
Of course it will push start, unlike last year, so I can roll it down the driveway and pop the  clutch so it will go. that won't help at work though.  And I can't get the safety until it starts with the key. Grr...Well, better now than during school I guess...

Monday, January 5, 2015

End of the Cold...

But it's been cloudy since saturday.  No snow though, and the ice on the driveway is steadily melting off so we can park with less issues.  Babysitting again today, but the girls aren't dressed for snow so we can't go sledding now. Sigh.  My youngest niece found her sister's minions robe(from Despicable Me)and put it on her head so she could wander around like a ghost.  Took a video of it-right before she encountered the dinning room table I forgot she couldn't see and fell down-but can't figure out how to get it in my blog...
Then she was following my second youngest brother around, and trying to close the garage door with his head in the way.  Got a video of that too.  Her sister has a cute outfit that I took pictures of, but once more I can't put them up here yet.
Work on saturday ran almost an hour and a half late, so I got home around 10:30 and didn't bother finding something to eat for dinner.  My dad was rather annoyed because yesterday was fast sunday-first of the year-so I would go longer than everyone else before breaking my fast.
Celebrated the earlier mentioned brother's twenty-first birthday yesterday too.  My oldest brother and his fiance came by, as did my grandma.  We played phase 10(my grandma claims she doesn't cheat and yet gave hints to my brother who was seated next to her about what he could discard so she could get what she needed-right)until they all needed to go home.  Those cards are about to bite the dust, as all of them are threatening to split in half just with normal handling and shuffling.  they are several years old.
School doesn't start til next week, so the panic went out the window about transportation.  I still want my truck back....

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's 2015.  And I stayed up later than usual on New Year's Eve.  Made work interesting yesterday-not to mention the late lunch and breakfast rushes we got sporadically-but I managed well enough.  Still, doesn't feel like a new year but then it never really does anyway.  At least I can get back in school now, and finish before the next time this thing comes around again.  At least I hope everything goes well so that happens...
My truck's still in the shop, and I'm waiting for news on that after I called them a little while ago.  Would like to have it back today and not monday, as monday is when school starts and I'm very limited on cars due to everyone else-my brother going back to regular school-going back to work.  Those at home during the day might be a little lonely for a while...