Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This weekend has been crazy.  Don't remember if I wrote on saturday, but I doubt it.  Was a long day regardless.  Had work til 3, so I was gone all morning.  Then I needed to clean, and change my bedsheets.  Put old ones in the wash, but haven't gotten them back yet.  Plus we stayed up til after 1 a.m.(my parents and I) exercising.
Sunday was more normal, though the late night meant we didn't get up til after 9:30.  I tried to make breakfast before my parents went to church but it didn't work.  Made it to choir practice fine though.
Yesterday was babysitting the girls until school, which started at 8:45 and ended just before 1-my sister was still watching them when I left. Parking made it so my early leaving meant I was on time, but not having enough time to get the workshop stuff printed.  Plus I forgot my reading response form that was due yesterday. Had to email it to them(this was for photo, but workshop was english)so I'd still get full credit.  At least I'd read it.
This morning I managed to scratch myself with my own fingernail as my brother in law dropped the girls off this morning.  Then I thought I had work at 10 when I didn't need to be there til 11.
Saw my cousin at work too, which I didn't realize they worked that close to where I now work.  About half my math stuff done, but photo's for critique tomorrow are good, though I wanted to do one more....

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