Friday, January 16, 2015


I think I'm seeing a pattern with a certain professor.  I've now got them for the third time in a row.  Not that I mind, they are fairly easy for a higher level teacher, and yet they manage to provide a challenge anyway.  I feel bad as I was not only late to the first class yesterday, but my second youngest brother texted me right after I sat down and I'd forgotten to turn my phone on vibrate.  The teacher took it in good part-not calling me out or anything-though a classmate did give me a grin for it.
I've been late to both english classes now, and yet on time to photography. Sigh.  And I don't have the books for early american lit, and they're not at the library-checked today-and the bookstore has them on back order.  They shouldn't be that hard to get a hold of, as right now I just need Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography and Other Writings(the one on back order) and Moby Dick.  Library had Moby Dick as part of a collection, but I'd rather not carry around that size of book when I only need the one story.
Woke up fine and only got stuck at the library for an hour and a half-bad idea to look at the young adult fiction-then walked the dogs when I got back home.  Was talking to my brother and got dizzy and then queasy.  Now I've got a headache, that even taking a painkiller didn't get rid of. I tried lying down but that made no real difference. Not cool.  Wanted to get some homework done today.

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