Monday, January 19, 2015


Got to go to choir practice before church yesterday, and started on a new project while waiting for church to start afterwards.  My brother showed me a job I would like to get, so I just applied for it.  Church was interesting, and the linger longer was funny-macaroni and cheese, microwave pizza bites, tang, and various desserts-so that was fun.
Did have work today, but I got off early anyway.  Cloudy all day, and rather cold.  Got home and helped finish reorganizing-my brothers had been putting stuff in there at random so walking was very tricky-the storage room.  Hence the Yuck.  Lots of spider webs, stuff that was way past its prime-Mulch pile!-and stuff we think mice may have gotten into.
Found empty bottles for canning, and emptied those with the past prime stuff so we can use it later this year. Turned in my first english assignment, a story for workshop-took an excerpt from the story I did for Nano. Still have photo to do, and math.

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