Monday, January 12, 2015

Life is an Experiment

and the question is do you experiment on yourself or on others?  I said this to a classmate in my senior writing workshop at the end of the first day today.  They said it was rather deep, but it was also off the top of my head.  And I'm not even that much into science.  Of course the comment came in response to them saying that our group-why we were talking in the first place, we were both part of the same workshop group and discussing our first presentation stuff. Another group member had mentioned trying something-shouldn't experiment.
Funny, as at the start of class the teacher had us introduce ourselves and mention our astral sign.  I'm cancer, the two previously mentioned classmates were both pisces, the final member had left but they were ares.  There was another cancer, which the teacher found funny that we didn't sit next to each other, but we did kind of sit in the same general space: not too close to the teacher, but near the front anyway.  And the two pisces were sitting next to each other until they found out and shifted away a bit. Three were scorpio, and they all sat together.  Lot of laughs with that exercise.  Three I knew from another creative writing class-none of the scorpio or in my group.
Then one of my group had the same photography seminar-one of the pisces-as I did, then I saw a fellow photography student there as well.  Met up with my black and white film teacher, who gave me a compliment and told me about a even I could enter one of my photo's in.  Would count towards the class two, as we have to submit to three total exhibits, and that one counts.
Plus I have to submit three works to journals for the workshop one, or at least send query letters. Fun.

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