Thursday, January 29, 2015


Can't keep doing the wall sit challenge thing I've been doing for a while.  Best was 3 min 20 sec.  Tried after that and couldn't even get to 3 minutes. Sigh.  My legs just gave out around 2 min 45 sec. Grr.
School's going okay though.  First workshop for photography yesterday, which they told me I need more photos to get real input on what to go for.  Of course that teacher and at least one classmate want me to try and find more dead animals to photograph and make that the project.  Problem being the lack of material there-another classmate is having that issue due to the lack of snow and such-haven't seen a lot of them, in fact the only one I've seen was more of a smear on the road.
Got a raise at work yesterday!  Not sure when it will kick in, either this check or the next one.  But that makes things a lot easier!

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