Thursday, January 8, 2015


Well, my truck's working again, but it meant spending most of yesterday getting the starter motor I purchased in November of 2013 back out and then trying to get a new one from the parts store I got it from in the first place.  That took longer than I'd expected, given I got the part, got the old one out, and discovered that the new one wasn't the same.  So I had to go back, found out they didn't have the right part there, drove to another part store, got the right part, then went back to the first store to get a refund of the 'deposit'(basically paying for it until they knew for sure that it was theirs)from the first try.  Then I was able to find out why the back up lights weren't working: the fuse had blown.  Got that replaced-owe my dad for the new one-so now that's better.  He joked that he should have video recorded it, as I did all the work, save a few little parts that he had to help with and he just held the light and handed me tools.  Pulled a stupid and forgot to unhook the battery before removing the starter.  Given I'm typing this, no bad stuff happened, but I removed the battery before putting in the new one.
Safety inspection to get my rebuilt repaired title is tomorrow, and I hope to get the title and then get the oil changed too.  Going to be busy...
Work was better in terms of the lunch rush, so I wasn't bored until the last hour.  They're featuring a new version of the french dip sandwich for the month-I think-which looks rather good.
Set up a payment plan for school, but I think things are going to be tight unless I can get more hours at work. Much as I like working there, it's not quite fitting the bills right now.

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