Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Had two days of high wind warning, which not only blew snow back onto the driveway-and possibly furthering the ice issue on ours-but dropped the temperature to five degrees last night.  Needless to say my truck did not like moving-only a little trouble starting-in those temperatures.  My dad's big f-150 didn't like it either.  He had to come pick me up from the auto repair place where I had dropped off my truck to get the damage from the accident repaired.  Hopefully it will be done friday so I don't have to wait til monday for my truck.
My cat Midnight decided that since Princess has been gone long enough for her smell to fade from the house, she should be the new house cat this morning.  She ran in while my dad was bringing out warm water to the garage where we 'imprisoned' them(all the cats) during the cold with a heater on over night.  Spent several minutes without managing to catch her, so we waited until she relaxed a bit then my brother-who tries to claim her as his when I'm not looking-grabbed her and put her back in the garage.
Dad had to clear off the driveway this morning, as the wind seems to have stopped, but the ice factor is still very much there. Grrr...

Monday, December 29, 2014

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

All weekend.  Even some this morning.  Cold as usual.  Dad and mom had to shovel the driveway before the oldest and youngest of my brothers living at home got back from their early morning job.  They had to drive through the storm.  Snowed sunday, which I tried to clear off for my parents before they got back from church and it didn't work.  Plus the ice areas are still very much there. Grr.
Went to the new burger place next to my work-my sister and I as she was picking me up from work(tried to get my truck evaluated for repairs before work and my mom dropped me off)-and the man behind the counter reminded me of Westley from the Princess Bride after he's a pirate.  For some reason that really amused my sister.
So far going to take some time to get my truck back to passable condition...

Friday, December 26, 2014


Woke up before 9 to go shovel the driveway in hopes that it would melt before the sun went down and we wound up with a ice sheet instead.  Most of it is now clear, but we do have a patch where I was hoping we wouldn't get one, as that's the hardest place to melt off once it turns to ice. Sigh.
Saw the Penguins of Madagascar today, which is funny, but not what I'd expected.  Had a view point they didn't reveal in the trailers.
Reminded today of a conversation I heard at the Christmas party monday, where a mother was receiving less teasing from her now parenting children about stuff she'd done while they were growing up.  Now they-and my sister-are realizing why mothers and fathers do that stuff: having kids has that effect on a person.  I don't even have my own yet and I get that.  Plus my youngest niece turned her chocolate milk upside down in her lap before anyone realized what she was up to.  Couldn't keep from laughing when we caught on, as she had quite the look of determination as she held the cup.
Might get more snow tonight, but it was very cold last night.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry White Christmas!

It hardly stopped snowing all day.  Not much accumulated because it was warmer earlier, but we still have a few inches at least.  Supposed to snow through to tomorrow anyway.  Made traveling around a bit interesting, as my sister's car had newer tires and still slid around a bit after dark.  No connections, so we're all okay.
Work this week was crazy busy, which is good because I never had to hunt for something to do-more like try to find ways to get cleaning done with a seemingly never ending line-both days I've worked so far.
Spent yesterday with my older sister hunting for a few last minute gifts and avoiding the long lines at some of the stores-walmart wasn't too bad, but the grocery store was-to the cash registers.  Not much luck finding stuff, and so I just helped keep my sister from spending too much and trying to stay awake-strangely tired until the line at the grocery store-until we got back home.
Didn't sleep well last night-who does on Christmas eve?-partially due to sharing a room with my older sister and three brothers watching a movie til we fell asleep.  Both the oldest brother there and my sister took turns snoring, and then my youngest brother slid between the couch and ottoman they were balanced on and that woke me up.  Plus my oldest brother came by with his fiance before 8 when we'd gotten to bed around 4 and he kept stomping around upstairs.  Good thing I was already awake, but not wanting to be.
But we had fun, despite the knowledge that a few presents are going to be late this year.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Well, it may not be snow, but it at least made things busier at work.  It kind of felt like tides, with an ebb and flow you couldn't predict because you can't tell when the line stops or is going to start up again.  But I never really had a slow time long enough to get bored.  And my manager was happy.
Though the other manager told me to get on the register and stay there, then the two supervisors came in-or the basket wrappers did this too-and kept kicking me off.  Plus they told me to not bother with grabbing more than one pastry for an order-which before they said three-and just stay on register.  Made for a bit of confusion to me.
Still haven't got to finish my Christmas shopping, which a lot of people seemed to be doing today.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Princess was my dad's nearly 20 year old cat up until this morning.  No, she did not do anything to get herself taken to the pound, nor did she run off or get hit by a car like two of our other cats.  She apparently went to use the litter box as usual-being the only cat to consistently do so having earned her the right to be the only indoor cat in our house-and just dropped and never got up.
We didn't find her til she had stiffened up, but hadn't started to smell yet.  My second oldest brother noticed her 'sleeping' there as he first thought she was.  Both he and my youngest brother thought they could see her breathing, but upon petting her she failed to move.  My second youngest brother picked her up to show that not only was she now stuck in that pose, but her eyes were still open.
Needless to say, my dad seemed okay with it, but he set me off when I got back from running to the bank to find him crying by the garbage can as he cleaned out the litter box we'd found her after burying her.  Of course she was old but she was a nice cat.
And I got the check for fixing my truck-why I was running to the bank-so I needed to get tithing for my last paycheck anyway.
Work was busy, but my coworker told me it was still slow for this time of year.  Need to finish Christmas shopping...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Come on!

Can't we get more than a skiff of snow so it lasts longer than it takes for the sun to rise?  Granted, driving in my truck would not be fun, but I can handle that.  Other drivers not so much, I will admit.  And I should probably not hope for it before I get my truck fixed.  But I want it to feel like December with snow, not just be cold because it snowed lightly overnight and then melted by noon the next day.
Nice sunset today.  Wish I had a camera I'd trust to capture the picture the way I want to.  Too bad I can't afford a good camera at the moment.  I can still enjoy the view anyway.
My brothers had a panic moment this morning before heading to work, so that was interesting to hear about.  they made it okay though.
A coworker commented that I seem to be getting less hours than I should despite the holiday rush-today was crazy and kept going right up til 4-and so they are trying to help me get more hours.  Downside being they have to go through the manager, so they know as well.  Just wish they'd stop giving me a long week followed by one day of work the next.  Trying to save for school here, and the less hours is not helping.
Cloudy, so we might get more snow tonight, and I can hope it sticks better.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


What's up with the racism stuff lately?  Why is it that people can't let something just be the harmless thing it really is? Like that police man who's getting in trouble for doing his job?  Can we not just let that stuff go? sheesh.
And of course my still working truck is now declared a salvage, so I have to get the title adjusted for that.  At least they are giving me enough to fix it and letting me keep it.  How else would I get to work?  All the other cars are in use by my respective parents and siblings, so that wouldn't work.
Cold today, so while the insurance guy was here I had to thaw my truck out so I could see to drive to work.  Might make things easier to do when school starts up though.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Feels weird when someone you know has very little ambition and it bugs you for some reason.  But there's only so much you can do about it.
Candy night went well, as we had all my siblings in attendance, but not all the grandkids.  Made fudge, chocolate pretzels, and toffee.  I wound up distracting the oldest of my nieces most of the time.  Then I talked  my youngest brother into doing just dance with me.
I wish it would really snow...

Monday, December 15, 2014

It Finally Snowed!

And melted.  sigh.  And made things very cold.  Had to thaw my wind shield before work today.  Which that was crazy with an order of all 23 loaves of orange cranberry-all the loaves we have left at the time, so the poor bakers had to start making 200 more-bread, plus three or four orders of multiple gift cards each.
The Evening of Music was fun, and my friend made it down so I was able to have my dad meet him.  they gave me a ride home after the evening ended.
My mom stole the last of the four banana bread loaves I'd made for breakfast yesterday.  There was one last night...
Now dealing with the insurance stuff regarding the damage to my truck.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Roller coaster Day...

With events I mean.  Got to choir practice a bit late, but they hadn't started yet.  Then during the practice I got a text to come in at 11 instead of 10, so I got to stay for the full practice-with the whole four other women who stayed that long-and then eat a much better breakfast when I got home.
Was headed to work a bit early, and had to stop a bit quicker than normal to avoid rear ending the car in front of me.  Then a car behind me swiped a red car and took out my driver side rear brake lights and that side of the bumper.  The tire well isn't much better...
Had to get to work nearly an hour late thanks to filling out a police report-they were already there on the other side of the road clearing up an earlier accident that required a tow truck-and waiting for them to finish with my info.  Managed to text my manager before I was late to let them know what was going on.
Work was nice and busy, so I never quite felt bored, though three of my coworkers and my manger wanted to make sure I was ok-no injuries to me thanks to a lead foot on my brake at the time-when I finally got there.  Got off late too.
Digging out my insurance wasn't fun either, but it meant I didn't get in trouble.
Then I got a text from a male friend asking to go to lunch next week.  I invited them to the evening of music tomorrow, and lunch tuesday.
Like I said, roller coaster.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Headache for about three days now, though it's been different each time.  Not helpful at work though, as I had a hard time focusing and remembering stuff.  I managed, but it wasn't much fun.
Went to Kneaders for breakfast yesterday, but wound up not working.  Kind of good and kind of boring.
Supposed to snow tomorrow, which would make it feel like winter for once.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ow, Not Cool...

Went to donate blood last night and had something happen that I'd never gone through before.  They started with my right arm-per my request-and it went about a second and stopped.  they fiddled with it(really hurt going in, and every time they touched the needle) but no luck, so they pulled it back out-of course it starts bleeding then, and got the tray with it-to switch arms.
Left arm went much better, but they had to clean things up first so it took longer than normal anyway.  Still hurt, and I've got a bruise on my right elbow now.
Did not help when I'm trying to help my sister babysit our nieces...

Monday, December 8, 2014


Yesterday we all had some kind of throat bug, but my dad's on the mend.  Made for an interesting fast sunday though.
No work today, so I cleaned a bit, and read while my brothers slept.
My oldest brother and his girlfriend came by for dinner, so my dad was tormenting them by threatening to get them sick.
Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, so we watched the movie Pearl Harbor with dinner.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Phones...

They look cool, but at the same time I have to adjust, as my old phone was a flip phone and this new one is more like a smart phone.  Not intending to use the internet on it though.
We got covers for them as well, I just need to put my contacts on the new one.
Work was busy and steady, so time went by rather quickly.  Got off early so now I'm doing laundry.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Went for a walk while my brothers slept off their first day of training at their new job, and got a bit more than I'd planned for while looking for a gift for my sister.
My mom also had a delivery of vitamin type pills, which was a large box.  And we got our new phones too.  Transferring the numbers is taking a bit though.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Long day at work, given I worked last night til 8 and today til 3. And having a headache did not help.
Saw a friend who's getting married today both last night and tuesday evening.  They and their fiance came by to order food. Not sure they recognized me though.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Watched my nieces this morning with a little help from my brothers.  the older one was just fine, but the younger one was extremely cranky and so that made it interesting.  Had to get up early to get ready for them to be dropped off too.
Yesterday at work went fine, though my brother bought pizza right before I left.  Cloudy with a bit of rain today.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hating My Phone...

It is now barely lasting at all with texting, and calls most certainly kill it.
I made 50,000 words by 7:30 saturday!  Had to try twice on the site to turn it in for confirmation though.
Rained most of the day yesterday, with a change of snow for a bit that didn't stick at all during church.  Tithing settlement was yesterday, and my sister woke up with barely any voice at all.
Today was yet more babysitting for the time being. Trying to get stuff done when I need my phone for it is most annoying when my phone is killing itself so much...