Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry White Christmas!

It hardly stopped snowing all day.  Not much accumulated because it was warmer earlier, but we still have a few inches at least.  Supposed to snow through to tomorrow anyway.  Made traveling around a bit interesting, as my sister's car had newer tires and still slid around a bit after dark.  No connections, so we're all okay.
Work this week was crazy busy, which is good because I never had to hunt for something to do-more like try to find ways to get cleaning done with a seemingly never ending line-both days I've worked so far.
Spent yesterday with my older sister hunting for a few last minute gifts and avoiding the long lines at some of the stores-walmart wasn't too bad, but the grocery store was-to the cash registers.  Not much luck finding stuff, and so I just helped keep my sister from spending too much and trying to stay awake-strangely tired until the line at the grocery store-until we got back home.
Didn't sleep well last night-who does on Christmas eve?-partially due to sharing a room with my older sister and three brothers watching a movie til we fell asleep.  Both the oldest brother there and my sister took turns snoring, and then my youngest brother slid between the couch and ottoman they were balanced on and that woke me up.  Plus my oldest brother came by with his fiance before 8 when we'd gotten to bed around 4 and he kept stomping around upstairs.  Good thing I was already awake, but not wanting to be.
But we had fun, despite the knowledge that a few presents are going to be late this year.

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