Thursday, December 18, 2014

Come on!

Can't we get more than a skiff of snow so it lasts longer than it takes for the sun to rise?  Granted, driving in my truck would not be fun, but I can handle that.  Other drivers not so much, I will admit.  And I should probably not hope for it before I get my truck fixed.  But I want it to feel like December with snow, not just be cold because it snowed lightly overnight and then melted by noon the next day.
Nice sunset today.  Wish I had a camera I'd trust to capture the picture the way I want to.  Too bad I can't afford a good camera at the moment.  I can still enjoy the view anyway.
My brothers had a panic moment this morning before heading to work, so that was interesting to hear about.  they made it okay though.
A coworker commented that I seem to be getting less hours than I should despite the holiday rush-today was crazy and kept going right up til 4-and so they are trying to help me get more hours.  Downside being they have to go through the manager, so they know as well.  Just wish they'd stop giving me a long week followed by one day of work the next.  Trying to save for school here, and the less hours is not helping.
Cloudy, so we might get more snow tonight, and I can hope it sticks better.

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